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As Final Tax Scam Vote Looms, Demands for McConnell to Seat Doug Jones 'Immediately'


As Final Tax Scam Vote Looms, Demands for McConnell to Seat Doug Jones 'Immediately'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Alabama voters deserve to have their voices heard in this fight."


Dean Heller, Susan Collins, Rob Portman, etc. would be wise to rethink and vote against tax scam bill.

This is a good time for Jeff Flake and Bob Corker to stop the repub party from destroying itself by voting down the tax scam too.


What’s the downside of the R party destroying itself?


What does the constitution say about this?


Of course, had Moore been the winner, he would have been seated immediately. Such craven behavior ought to be shocking and beyond what is acceptable but instead it is business as usual. WTF???


The counties have until December 22 to certify results. Meaning that the state would certify between then and year end.

I wonder how many of the people demanding instant seating (especially in the face of a potential recount) would have supported:

a) Immediate seating of Scott Brown to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat, when the Democrats passed Obamacare between the time he was elected and sworn in?

b) immediate seating of Norm Coleman in MN in 2008, when he “won” before all those recount votes mysteriously appeared for Franken?


John Conyers’ former seat in the House is vacant also and the governor is not going to fill it at all…until the next election.


I don’t understand this article at all. As far as I know, Luther Strange’s term ends on Jan 3, 2018 and he has not resigned. Why does anyone think that Mitch McConnell has the authority to seat anyone he wants in the senate?

He does, of course, have the authority to time when legislation comes to the floor for a vote and I’m sure he will be using that authority in the next three weeks to pass as much stuff as he can. I hope he fails in that.


Make sure to call your reps and senators to call Ajit Pai at FCC to save New Neutrality. FCC vote is tomorrow!!!


Just for information’s sake, the guiding law is 2 USC §1a which says:

“It shall be the duty of the executive of the State from which any Senator has been chosen to certify his election, under the seal of the State, to the President of the Senate of the United States.“

So until certified under state law, Jones cannot be seated. Democrats are arguing the Majority Leader under Senate Rules should not delay his seating beyond the time he’s certified. Here’s the rule:


This is deep in Senate Manual weeds, but the Majority Leader ultimately sets the schedule of the Senate. By fiddling with the schedule, the Majority Leader could delay seating Jones.


No - he can not be seated just because he is certified. The very rule you point to says that his term would start on Jan 3 when the current Senator’s term ends. There is no period between certification and term that is at all controversial.


The Democrats supported immediately seating Brown.

They dragged their feet on Coleman, but Coleman lost, remember?


They wouldn’t have needed to seat Roy Moore immediately. They hold the seat, or they did until Doug Jones is sworn in.


True - but Massachusetts law was very different from Alabama’s and Mark Kirk’s temporary appointment ended with Brown’s certification. The Democrats shot themselves in the foot with the Massachusetts law when they changed the law to keep Romney from appointing a Republican when Kerry became Secretary of State.

Changing election law strictly for partisan advantage is never an idea I can get behind - unless it clearly levels the playing field not tilt it … whether it’s restrictive rules about third parties or restrictions on registration and voting rights or gerrymandering for that matter.


For anyone who wants a link to letter to TELL Mitch McConnel - NO VOTE UNTIL JONES IS SEATED!




The Democrats did not support the immediate seating of Brown. They waited until the election was certified. Just as Alabama is doing.

They also proceeded to rush through Obamacare, just as the Republicans are rushing through TrumpTax.

Coleman lost because of a number of extremely questionable ballots, including the votes of convicted felons, missing and double-counted ballots. That election was no cleaner than the Cook County votes for JFK in 1960.




For the record, I am not asserting that he can be seated prior to State certification and that’s why I cited the code. My suspicion is Democrats are just making a political hit against MConnell to help gin up hostility to the tax bill. I also think they are a little worried he’ll play with the schedule after January to avoid giving Democrats the same courtesy they gave Scott Brown. If I wasn’t clear, hope this helps.


I know - but the point is that he can not be seated even after certification until Jan 3 when Luther Strange’s term ends. Being elected does not and can not start a term - no matter what the senate wants to do. It is Alabama law that determines that. Also, on January 4, Jones will be a Senator and there is nothing Mitch McConnell can do to stop it.