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As Fires Engulf West, Democrats Not Running on Trump Climate Failures Called 'Political Malpractice'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/11/fires-engulf-west-democrats-not-running-trump-climate-failures-called-political


The big problem it seems to me, is the wild fires narrative: IT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED TO CLIMATE, CRISIS FIRES.


Articles like this are pure nonsense. The fires and climate catastrophe were baked into being long before Trump sat is fucking fat fascist a$$ in the White House. The Democrats have done NOTHING for years to address it. Obama and his henchwoman Clinton actively promoted fossil fuel fracking around the world. And even the current Democrat governor in California has encouraged and helped to increase more fossil fuel extraction. The truth is we are way beyond being able to change what is now coming down the road with climate catastrophe. ALL fossil fuel burning and extraction needed to stop happening a few decades ago. And here we are, still burning more of them every fucking day. And now nature with all the fires is pouring more carbon into the atmosphere on top of it all. The feedback loops will be ramping up in ways we can only imagine now.


I love the framing of these types of articles, “And for Biden, the spreading fires are a reminder to the party’s progressive base that he doesn’t embrace some of the most liberal elements of the Green New Deal, the grand plan for tackling climate change.”

Okay, first off, what is a liberal? Secondly, why exactly is dealing with societal collapse only something “liberals” or “progressives” care about? I mean, the GND is not perfect but gets a lot right. A systemic analysis and alternative is needed, not piecemeal quarter measures that everyone knows is not enough in the time we have (which is, at most, what Biden will do). There is a such a disconnect with this language. Liberal is a meaningless term, but an accurate term about people prioritizing this is science-based, non-sociopath responsible citizens. They look at societal collapse and say, hey, let’s try to avoid that and not wed ourselves to an unsustainable system that cannot properly address this issue.



Mr. Obama told the audience at a gala for Rice University’s Baker Institute that he was “extraordinarily proud of the Paris accords” before saying “I know we’re in oil country and we need American energy.”

“You wouldn’t always know it ,but it went up every year I was president,” he said to applause. “That whole, suddenly America’s like the biggest oil producer and the biggest gas that was me, people.”

Just an illustration as to how mealy mouthed that prick was. Trump has no use for things like the Paris Accords or what he calls the “Chinese Hoax” of Global warming. He has an excuse as he a stupid man and his Presidency is on the stupid people that voted for a stupid man.

Obama on the other hand claims in one breath how he was happy to sign the Paris Accords to deal with AGW and then in the very next sentence boasts about boosting US Oil and Gas Production to record levels? His excuse? Was he stupid? No he was an outright fraud just saying what the people wanted to hear.

At the end of the day these Journalists looking around horrified as to what is happening in the USA have to stop referring to it as “Trump’s America”. They create the illusion that if Trump goes away all will be well. The reality is that this is the AMERICA of the 1 percent and its Corporations and if people want to address that it the 1 percent and the Corporations that have to be removed from power.

Journalists that are unwilling to do that are just spreading propaganda.


Whenever you hear/read the words “a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face…,” please understand that you’re getting bullshitted. It’s even worse when prominent environmentalists blow that smoke up your ass.

And when an environmentalist tells you that Biden’s plan is the Green New Deal “in all but name,” what he’s leaving out is the part about Biden not fully embracing the actual Green New Deal because he cannot/willnot agitate fossil fuel interests.

Here’s an example: The Green New Deal specifically calls for ending government subsidies to fossil fuel companies – the new Democratic platform specifically calls for continuing those subsidies.


It’s past time to move past the party line here.

Joe Biden has worked against remnants of the New Deal all his time in office. He has cast strong commitments to do so with people who respond badly to being crossed. Any Deal that he supports, new or old or green or otherwise, will be pre-usurped–not a compromise, but a misdirection.

The fires burn, and we get this janky woohoo. “Political malpractice” is a way to look at it, I suppose, but the image seems to imply that the patient has a doctor rather than a torturer and extortionist. The image conveys some element of good will. That is misleading, and it is dangerous.

It is important that we not let the customs of collegial debate dampen our critical processes with respect to hacks who present themselves as comrades. It works just fine in a classroom to set aside the character and history of the individual making an argument and concentrate on an idea. It is genuinely fallacious to make a conclusion about an idea based on observations of the person who espouses it. But it is just as fallacious to make positive judgments of a candidate with a history of lying just because he decides to associate himself with one or another idea in a 30-second spot around campaign time.

Despite the labels and his tendency to quiet, Biden is not centrist and not moderate. He was the DNC assurance to the dark money, the financiers, the MIC that Barack Obama, the party’s PR talent, would execute a neoconservative presidency on schedule. He worked his way into that position by working against racial and fiscal equality, backing the Cheney-Bush wars and false flags, the universal surveillance measures, the persecution of journalists, the renewal and extension of the nuclear threat to the planet by pushing NATO east.

It is not malpractice. These people are not on your side.


“If you set aside the most attention-grabbing left-wing programs included in New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s 2019 Green New Deal resolution, like Medicare for All and a federal job guarantee, Biden’s plans broadly align with an approach advocated by the left-wing of the Democratic Party.”

Biden’s climate plan is like the public option - a pretended compromise designed to ensure that reform never happens, or if it does get passed in some form, it will be a failure.

If you strip universal health care and a job guarantee from the GND, what you end up with is a plan that screws over fossil fuel workers and unskilled workers. Those are the folks who won’t be able to transition out of old jobs and into new ones because they don’t have health care or job security. So it splits the labor community, which means it probably never gets passed. If it does pass, everyone but the most skilled workers and the biggest, nimblest business owners are left out to dry.

This is why universal programs are important. Neoliberal Democrats will pit environmentalists against labor and privileged workers against the rest every chance they get. Without health care and jobs guarantee, the GND fails. That’s not even reaching the point about Biden’s plan maintaining fossil fuel subsidies, which is pure insanity. And all those people left behind by this plan will be looking for someone like Trump to “save” them the next time around.

This is an example of what progressive policy is “possible” under Biden/Harris. You’ve already got progressives backing Biden’s bullshit which, at best, can only destroy possibilities of left/liberal solidarity and leave a lot of people behind.


The only action that will be taken in the near term will by from the Movement for a People’s Party. The Democrats are dead, and fully committing to their neo-republican agenda is why they deserve to be.


Global capture is the real problem.

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It is time we single out the corporate dems who are funded by fossel fuels and medical industrial comples, and bankers and rank them by the amount of money they receive and make it public and on airwaves. Sick of corporate dems screwing the planet and people for their own wealth.


This does not seem to be a matter of conscience for republicans. It appears to be planned and wanted, which makes it sinister.

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trump needs to form a rake brigade out of his ignorant supporters. Hell, if they all got out there with their rakes and raked up the leaves and pine needles, we wouldn’t have any devastating fires. Of course, this would take them hundreds of years. Any idiot who grew up in the West knows that trump has never set foot on anything but pavement and golf courses and knows nothing about public lands or wildfire behavior. If you handed him a shovel or a Pulaski and told him to help with the wildfires, he wouldn’t know which end to use.

Oh, to be the one to tell Trump which end to use, and exactly where to put it.


Corbett gets kudos, imho, for shining a light where the “parties” don’t care to. Interesting angle!

You’ve probably heard that CA is now at 3 million acres burned – the previous record, in 2018, was just under 2 million. Here in the Bay Area, we’re on our way toward 4 straight weeks of bad-air days, doubling the previous record (also from 2018, with the Camp Fire) of 14 days. Statistical aberrations like this are characteristic of trends which are falling off a cliff, off the chart into terra incognita.

No wonder dollar-drenched Dims can’t see, or say a mumbling word, either. It was hard enough before this incredible smoke set in (most hazardous yet, here in the Bay Area today).

Out here, we’re directly experiencing hyper-impermanence: a very dark cave to descend into. Places we always thought would define not only ourselves, but also our dearest ones with whom we’d go to such places – holy places, family places. Not momentarily blocked by a temporary mishap, but permanently erased from the reality of Earth’s surface. Not there anymore. Not ever coming back.

What do I say to youth in my family about such places, smoldering dust pits today? It’s a very delicate subject for older folks, who have some splainin’ to do.

Is it too rude to link this article here?



In your speaking and writing, please join me in honoring the memory of the thousands of journalists and activists around the world, many of whom worked at risk of being murdered for exposing the hypocrisy, treachery and illegal tactics of the political hacks, most notably this year in Central and South America. Please honor the integrity and courage of Julian Assange, our digital-age journalist who must sit in a glass cage unable to confer with his lawyers this entire month as he faces exradition charges to the United States, Empire of Impunity…

Here are 14 of the most recent:


As is often the case, Al Jazeera provides a depth to their reporting that is not commonly found in our MSM.

As an Oregonian, living through this prologue to hell, it’s more than a tad gut wrenching to read, tearing at your soul.


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Your fellow Oregonian Jeffrey St. Clair reports today of his need to evacuate, after his evacuation center needed to be evacuated yesterday.

"Meanwhile, Trump has diverted Oregon National Guard helicopters for use in Afghan War: ‘Six of the state’s 10 firefighting helicopters, the CH-47 Chinooks, are not available because they have been deployed to Afghanistan at the request of the Department of Defense to aid in military missions.’”

He includes photos in his weekly Friday column on Counterpunch, “Roaming Charges: Under Furious Skies,” (which I am amazed he had the journalistic fortitude discipline and courage to get out on time):

" Leah Sottile: “As I’m packing up my home, preparing to evacuate, I’m thinking about how the eyes of the national media were on Oregon for one square block of protests. But now? When the state is actually on fire? Barely a mention by most media.”


They should have raked the forests