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As Fires Engulf West, Democrats Not Running on Trump Climate Failures Called 'Political Malpractice'

Comments like this are why I like this site :slight_smile:

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I realize that voters must choose between a Lying Bigot who is unraveling the Constitution and a career Politician who has a 50 year record of Always supporting War and Always siding with Corporations over We The People.

I honestly have a major problem of Choosing the Lessor Evil.

Despite Biden’s affable smile he is a Blood Thirsty Warmonger who pushed for the Invasion of Iraq and the Massacre of Innocent Civilians when we Bombed Baghdad in our Barbaric Shock & Awe murderous mission.

Therefore, as I said I honestly cannot decide, which of these 2 Candidates is really the Lessor of 2 Evils?? I dislike them both intensely.


During Hurricane Katrina, an entire section of New orleans was wiped out because the dreding equipment had been sent to iraq, despite a grill the year before that indicated a category 5 hurricane would literally wipe NOLA out, despite this they sent the dredging ships to Iraq.

Now I read that Trump sent fire fighting helicopters to Afghanistan that were needed in the US…


I noticed that too (although it may have been in the Counterpunch link) that over half of Oregon’s firefighting helicopters are in Afghanistan. I do have to wonder though, whether Trump actually sent them there, or if they’ve been there since the Bush Administration and he’s just the latest warmonger to fail to bring them home.

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Nah, I feel it is relevant, if a real long read. Criticize the movie if you want, it doesn’t make things look good that the reaction to the ‘demoralizing’ of that movie wasn’t to actively try to refute its points but try to censor the movie entirely. Frankly it comes across at best as such people wanting to avoid mass panic by burying the truth about how fucked we truly are.


I live in CA, am living through it, although I am south of the worst of it. Have family in the middle of it. In a sane world, we would not only all be serious about this crisis, but serious about ditching the system causing it. But, we aren’t. Collectively, we are irrational and ignorant. Not just on this, but in things like healthcare, where we are off the spectrum. Luckily, people my age and younger want structural changes, but our grandparents and parents seem intent on voting us into the grave (largely, I know there are exceptions, and I know many older people have tried to fight the good fight for decades).


Neoliberal presidency of BHO, not neoconservative. The latter was the GWB administration. Scratch the surface of both and you find the same thing underneath - a corporate hack.

But despite strikingly similar goals, the lip service and rhetoric of a neolib is the opposite of the lip service of a neocon, as are the political leanings of their respective bases. And if things couldn’t get worse, along comes 45 and his political base, whatever that is. Neofascist?

The game is fixed and the only sure winners are Wall Street and the oligarchs.

I’d like to think that between the pandemic and the damage that 45 has done to the country that it just can’t be the same neo-business as usual after Biden wins. That he’ll step up to the bar like Bo would have wanted. Nah.

He can convince me by rescinding the corporate tax giveaway from a couple years ago as one of his first acts. Nah.

I believe the majority of “thinking” people know how fucked we truly are. But the rest of the herd hamper us.

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Hi heath4aII:
I Ieft CA recently–as the golden hiIIs of CA were burning much too often. So, here I am in Oregon and today I shocked when towns are burned to the ground—and aII these forests of green trees go up in smoke. Today, I saw the sun actually it was Iate afternoon---- and finalIy I saw a break in he ashy sky and where the sun , with a red ring around it was burning bright —but the smoke, the smoke is awful. The sky is turning a light yeIIow but the mornings are so dark and brooding red that the birds didn’t get up until Iate.
AII 3 west coast states on fire—I am wondering Iike the governor of WA is ----how are these many diverse fires and locations possible? He believes and I concur----no lightening at aII, but fires spring up magicalIy and humans spring to mind as fire setters. : (


Either way, Steam. Biden was part of Bush’s war council.

Lip-service changes with the party, since that is what makes different voters become must-sell.

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That’s just the thing. Like David Brock’s blatant “Correct The Record” in 2016: if you spoke actual TRUTH (on KOS, MoJo, HuffPo, C&L, Wonkette, Alternet) you’d be trolled & banned. Actual journalists fired & black-balled, whistleblowers outed & prosecuted. Frequently, the churls wouldn’t even bother to change their K Street troll identities, simply paste decades old Hill+Knowlton, SKDK style claptrap diatribes (like Hillary shrilled for TD Bank and TransCanada, about how we eco-terrorists were Rooski agents: verbatin from Rick Berman). Obama fracked 12,222 wells in PA (19 giant fracked gas/ oil and Dilbit pipelines & 1,800 new leases in the Gulf that BP destroyed) Fuck Biden and his Clean Coal, Fracked ethane…






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Guess which kind of humans would be fire starters in the blue states?

Now if we get a couple hundred million end users in Magamerica, and a couple billion 1st whirlders worldwide to lay off the carbon junk, like so yesterday ago, arctic/antarctic might end up a tropical paradise.
Think backpacking and bicycling as positive lifestyle role models, heroic visionaries of the New.
We all have to let go of the toxic power at our fingertips to hold on to what we are losing as we are finding it, that greater connectivity that critically depends on balance.

Powering down is not turning off.

Browning out IS


“It is from understanding that power comes; and the power in the ceremony was in understanding what it meant; for nothing can live well except in a manner that is suited to the way the sacred Power of the World lives and moves.”

  • Black Elk

Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty.

  • Socrates

In wildness is the preservation of the world.

  • Henry David Thoreau

The amount of “thinking” people voting for Biden anyway refutes that claim. Or they don’t care. This country and its citizens deserve nothing less or more than the most violent barbaric collapse.


Hi devi rama:
According to the recent news the Q -Anon peopIe are bIaming the Antifa peopIe—and posting untruths on facebook—whie facebook employees are quitting in anger and despair because of facebook’s Iack of concern about how rumors and lies can take down society
I wonder— do peopIe not under tand what fascist means? Do they not know that anti means against?

Especially suspicious when 6 of 10 of Oregon’s Chinook helicopters were sent to Afghanistan by #45’s DoD. Noisome. Noxious. Heartbreaking…


Might it be cheaper in the long run to buy fossil fuel as mineral rights to shovel money at extracted prices to our too big to fail fossil fuel firms to keep their shareholders rich than to actually extract and then burn as fuel the fossil fuel deposits?

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You know why I’m crying right now?
Because that actually makes sense.