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As Fires Surge in Brazilian Amazon, Bolsonaro Strategy to Battle Deforestation Blasted as 'PR Stunt'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/18/fires-surge-brazilian-amazon-bolsonaro-strategy-battle-deforestation-blasted-pr

I think a requiem for humankind is in order because with pathological psychopaths such as the leaders we have today are murdering any chance for human survival. I’m thankful I decided to never have children back in 1973 because I could see what’s happening now in real time, taking place in about 2050. Well it’s 30 years earlier than I predicted based on intuitive assessments and accelerating at ever greater rates. I have little hope for human survival at all after about a century or less, sorry.

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Nary a week goes by in which either me or the better half will turn to the other and say “the best move we ever made was not having kids.”

And that’s held true for more than 30 years, and never truer staring tomorrow.

Trump Clone.

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Yes, they lie in similar ways.

Celebrated my sons 41st birthday today. Wouldn’t wish him into the cornfield for anything.

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The similarity is that they both deserve straight-jackets for the rest of their miserable lives, so they can never again hurt another single person.

How are you and the wife doing up there G?

Are you a “CheeseHead?” I have always heard a lot of good cheese comes from your state.

The wife loves her cheese and wouldn’t be without some in the fridge. Has us stopping for fresh cheese curds from time to time. Not me. I like a slice of American on a sandwich though.
Won a grand at the casino yesterday, and came out about even the last few visits after many hours of entertainment.
Moving things out of moms house as it closes at the end of the month. Also moving my sister back into her home at the same time. She was a live in caretaker for the past three years.

Trump’s inane comments about how he thinks if he loses, it must be some sort of rigged election. And of course he is setting us up for a weird coup of sorts.
How you doing?

The wife and I are enjoying cooking together a lot and she has allowed me to overdose on one of my passions which is films, movies.

Saw 2 today, “Little Women” the 2019 latest version, which we both watched, and I finished watching a 2014 Scarlett Johansson film titled, “Under The Skin.”

I can only recommend the first one as the second was pretty damn weird, and I usually don’t mind weird.

Sorry again about the loss of your Mom. You’re lucky to still have your sister. The loss of my older brother in 1990 wrecked me for nearly 15 years.

Covid deaths down this way are much higher than in your area so we’re always cautious everywhere we go.

Not sure when I’ll feel confident about taking a real trip.

I hate feeling that way. I love to travel particularly to New England.

Well, going to sign off now brother. Sending you and your better half love from above.

If you eat moo meat this what you get…

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Happy birthday to gandolf jr.

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