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As Five States Head to Polls, Sanders Vows to Fight 'Until Last Vote is Cast'


Fourteen to Go: Sanders Set on 'Transforming Nation'

With a leader of such courage, energy and integrity as Bernie Sanders, how can we possibly do less? We have committed to the support of the issues he champions for us - we will never fall for the lesser of two evils con as they expect - we will never support the lesser of two evils that is still very much evil......

While some of lesser character and integrity and commitment drink the Kool-Aid Clinton lies and "inevitability" we stand tall and strong for the issues that drive us! By the Mass, our hearts are in the trim, and we will continue to fight the good fight!


Bernie Sanders is trying to run an honest, people oriented, campaign, based on truth and the needs of the people and the world.
* He is opposed by the most vicious, greedy and cruel people the world has seen. Their idol and candidate is a woman who's record is one long list of greed and cruelty, payoffs and endless lies. She will say anything to anyone, make any promise to garner votes. Her record in the past, and present, shows the value of these promises. Her backers own the banks, the press, the MICC and their sole target is to have it all. All of the power, all of the money, and virtually everything that money can buy.
* If these bottom feeders continue their illegal and unconstitutional methods to get Bernie off the ballots, my suggestion is, write in Bernie's name on every ballot you get, regardless of party. If, after closing and changing precincts, changing the rules to eliminate voters, Diebolding the the computer read ballots, Bernie's name appears on virtually every ballot, written in or checked, We the People will have finally spoken. If we are ignored, then the 0.001% will feel our wrath!
* "We're mad as Hell and we aren't going to take it anymore!"


Bless you Bernie Sanders for having the continued courage to tell the truth each and every day of this magnificent campaign. You have already made a huge difference for millions of us and for the future of this nation and all those who give a damn about everybody on the planet. I will continue to do voter registration tomorrow on the campus of UC Berkeley because it is for the young that we must stay the course of change! GO BERNIE GO AND GO VOTERS GO TO THE POLLS AND VOTE FOR THE ONLY PERSON TELLING THE TRUTH TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND INDEED THE WORLD. Even the Pope likes him. As a Jewish American elder, I am especially proud that he has spoken out for the lives of the Palestinian people. What other American presidential candidate has had the courage to speak this truth?


I think he's aware of it, though. If not for all that corruption, I think Bernie would have taken NY state AND AZ. We're dealing with rampant corruption in this country -- the Oligarchy has no intention of letting the people have their way. This election is about the MAJORITY of the people. So when the media or Hillary puts down Bernie -- they put down the PEOPLE of the US and showing their contempt for us.


Tad Devane and the Sanders campaign need to get on the same page. He's been blowing some funny smoke signals, of late. Jeff Weaver and Bernie need to have a sit-down with him, possibly. If this political revolution is really not about Sen. Sanders, then it certainly isn't about Mr. Devane, et al, either. Sounds to me like there's a mouse in the kitchen. Where's the darn cat when you need it, anyway?


I can't understand why Bernie keeps making statements that the last votes will be cast in California when he knows Washington DC will be holding a primary the following week. Doesn't anyone care about accuracy anymore?


The reason he is not addressing it is there isn't any massive election fraud and corruption. If there were of course he would have his lawyers on it. One thing that I know for sure is that man wants to win.


Keep at it Bernie. Don't stop. We are in this for/with you through the National convention, thru the election. Please don't Al Gore us/US. YOU/WE can win this. The future demands it.


Goddammit, we need more passion like yours. Viva la revolutione'


I think in couple of hours re-evaluation is coming



No, it's just the fact that town is so corrupt that no one cares about it anymore. I feel for the honest Americans who have to live there. They should fence in the corruption, it's a gated barricaded bastion anyway, and put up signs for tourists, US > THEM!


does anyone have a link to bernie tv? thanks..


thanks, but I don't see live steaming, am I missing something?


Win or lose the nomination, Bernie owes it to us to carry on! And we owe it to him to support him and keep the progressive wave going through the election and beyond, if necessary via a new party to run in 2020.


Don't go to: Bernie2016tv(@Bernie2016tv)

Instead go to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpVhqCnd6iz3gfJUuGM1r7g (recording)
and then starting 8 pm Eastern or 5 pm Pacific switch to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6FZ2KnsDJU (presumably live transmission as it happens.)


And after the last Dem primary vote is cast after California,

I think Bernie should consider taking over the Green Party since they are already on the national ballot and Bern wouldn't have to spend all his time in court in 50 states trying to get his name on the ballot like Ralph Nader did.

Bernie's email list of doners (us) is coveted by Hillary and others, since it raised nearly 100 million dollars.

Apparently the Greens have similar ideas:


Don't go to: Bernie2016tv(@Bernie2016tv)

Instead go to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpVhqCnd6iz3gfJUuGM1r7g (recording)
and then starting 8 pm Eastern or 5 pm Pacific switch to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6FZ2KnsDJU (presumably live transmission as it happens.)


Much of the problems and mistakes made in the previous primary elections is a result of incompetence and a seriously messed up system, but also there have been numerous examples that can't be explained away by them. If enough resources were put toward investigating these examples, they would surely be exposed or they would be quashed in such a way as to make it obvious that fraud had occurred.