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As Flake Demands One-Week Delay, Warnings That Key Senators Could Use FBI Probe as 'Political Cover' to Confirm Kavanaugh

As Flake Demands One-Week Delay, Warnings That Key Senators Could Use FBI Probe as 'Political Cover' to Confirm Kavanaugh

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In a move that could give fence-sitting senators from both parties "political cover" in a full Senate vote to confirm U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) called for a one-week delay so that the FBI can probe sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh, even as he voted with 10 other Republicans on the Judiciary Committee on Friday to advance the nomination to the full chamber.

not relevant

Feinstein looks more and more like an idiot every day.

A single brief phone call with Dr. Blasey Ford. Un-effin-believable.

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It’s at stake because the d-party is such a lackluster option for voters, they’ve been yawned out of relevance.

I follow politics closely, and I don’t even know what they stand for.


Why would they do something different now? They’ve been raking in plenty of $$ simply from their passivity and acceptance of the corporate status quo. Any political action that could be seen as displeasing to TPTB would risk that easy cash flow.


Another week for, potentially, more shit to hit the fan. I’ll take it.


The only thin ray of hope in this for me, is that in his testimony yesterday, Kav consistently became nervous when asked to consent to an FBI investigation. As much as he knew how important it was for him to save face and say yes, he always sidelined the answer.


Oooh, “most dangerous pick…”
Oooh, Flake gets to be a Republican with a conscience, yet still votes along with The Don.
Don and crew have us chasing our collective tail, while they continue to do untold damage to our country.

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Vidal observed that it’s a one-party country with two right wings.


Whitewashing the black robes

I have my fingers crossed that Kavanaugh will fold before witnesses are allowed to talk to the FBI. After all, he’s got his current judgeship at risk here.

If he does, he’ll likely claim he’s doing so to protect those people from having to undergo an FBI interrogation, while declaring his innocence and blaming the “vast left wing conspiracy” led, apparently, by the Clintons.


It seems you hate d-party more than r-party

I’ve never voted for a Republican in 40+ years.

My last vote for a Democrat was 2008.

More to the point, I hate the perpetuation of the outmoded system that has resulted in oligarchy.


If you’re hiring a chief financial officer and one particular job applicant might or might not be a bank robber, do you then hand him the job on the grounds that he might possibly be innocent and in America you’re always innocent until proven guilty? No. You find somebody else.

Justice Kavanaugh is scheduled to teach a law course at Harvard this winter. Nobody, students or faculty, wants him handing out passing or failing grades to young female law students, not because he’s a proven rapist at this point but because he might or might not be serious trouble.

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If there is anyone here, who really believes that the FBI will find nothing, more than currently exists in their background checks of Brett Kavanaugh, then you have shown that you too believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford lied for 3 hours yesterday in front of the Senate Judiciary Comittee, as well as the other 2 women who have come forward.

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Help! What does ‘procedural vote’ mean?

Why are people saying it’s unlikely the FBI will find new information? Just meeting and interviewing Judge, the Leland friend, and the others at the party and all the people who spoke to how much
Kavaunagh drank, and the polygraph guy, and hell , why not…Kavanaugh’s parents…should bring in new details and corroboration. No?

Is the JC issuing any subpoenas now out of the question?


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You’re reading Skeptic wrong!

Agreed. It’s yet another of my talking points. I would not be surprised to see more women come forward. I wonder what drinking Mr. Squeaky Clean Choir Boy does these days. And the “certain looks, like a model” female staff?!? Do tigers change their stripes?

In fact, I’m sticking with my opinion about he doth protest too much, especially in his tantrum at the Committee…and in more fact, I wonder if he came IN under the influence. He really lost it and the behavior was too over the top, meaning almost out of control.

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Agreed. If he had any sense and real concern for his kids, he’d withdraw.

As for his refusal to opt for FBI investigation…is he too beholden to Dump and McConnell (or someone else)?
Does he know he really IS guilty and he will be exposed (no double entendre intended)?

Senate says FBI gets to determine what is credible accusation and they have hit the ground running:

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