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As Flint Suffers, Big Pharma Slammed for Lead Poison Drug Price Hike of 2,700%


As Flint Suffers, Big Pharma Slammed for Lead Poison Drug Price Hike of 2,700%

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Outrage is growing this week amid revelations that the pharmaceutical company Valeant raised the price for its critical lead-poisoning treatment by more than 2,700 percent in a single year.


Unregulated capitalism has been (and still is) shoved down our throats. This is just one of the unpleasant outcomes of allowing exploitation.


So why is Bernie Sanders the one who is bringing this up?

Where is Hillary Clinton? Chatting with her pals and donors at BigPharma about her "private" position on this?

NeverHillary #JillStein2016


This is just like a surgeon taking a knife and slashing someone in the belly and going "Ok, a million dollars for me to sew you back up".


Further evidence that the real Obamacare entails loading up on insurance and drug company stocks so you can use the dividends to pay for inflated drug and medical costs.


All fall down to their knees and worship the "free market" at 27000$$ a dose.

The Zealots are still "believers". We used to have a few of them here which makes me wonder whether they have finally lost faith, or just given up trying to convert the rest of us "blasphemers"

I was one of those "believers" until I was around 16. Then I grew up.


The word I would have used is "extortion". Essentially, they're saying give in to our demands, or we'll let you die (or whatever other medically horrible fate.)


Raygun indeed gave it away for free and launched Murka into being the world expert at blaming and persecuting victims while rewarding perpetrators...precisely what we continue to witness in Flint.


That Big Pharma and health care need to be nationalized should, by now, be obvious. In the meantime, to apply pressure, we threaten the powers that be by total non cooperation, direct actions, mass voting with our feet.


When gas stations jack up prices during/after a hurricane, they get in legal trouble for price gouging. But this is acceptable price gouging? I work in public health. I see these children and work with our Lead Prevention Team. This is just wrong to do to these people. Its usually low-income people who live in old houses slathered in lead paint. They can't afford to be ripped off like this.


Come on this is only supply and demand capitalism, we don't need regulations or oversight.


Hillary took huge sums of money from Big Pharma to run her campaign and to build her own personal wealth.


Nationalize Pharmaceuticals, and Health Care! Otherwise, more stories like this one.


Right - because they can. They have the choice. That's the "beauty" of our system.


1. an evil spirit, phantom or Big Pharma supposed to rob graves and the ill and feed on dead or dying bodies and their families
2. a person, "Doctor" or corporation in the "health-care" field morbidly interested in death or disaster ... for profit ...

Their motto: "Your money and your life." ...


Actually, in this case, we have monopoly capitalism. If other companies were allowed to compete the price hike would be checked. But somehow, for life saving medications, the "magic" of capitalist "free market" competition is not allowed to work in the USA. International borders do not exist for iPhones, but they do for people and for medications.



And while we are about that, nationalize weapons production also, thus eliminating the profit motive of the killing business.



I suspect your post is tongue-in-cheek, but this is supply constrained monopoly capitalism.



Interesting...jack up the price of a lead poison drug when the majority of people exposed to lead poisoning happen to be low income to poor and predominantly people of color...so just how many could possibly afford that drug therapy? Guess Valeant feels that they will make mega profits on selling fewer of these drugs at $27,000 a pop when it only costs them $7 a pop to make. Big Pharma and all its greedy, grasping, ghoulish entities look only to profit with almost total disregard for the humanity of prospective patients needing their pharmaceuticals. Ahhhh, who doesn't like the stench of greed in the morning? (Remember the movie, "Apocalypse Now" and Lt. Col Kilgore played by Robert Duvall?)


Drug companies are part of the extremist neoliberals and capitalists who fervently believe that human deaths caused by the free market are NOT A CONCERN.
In fact, they are so averse to regulation and democracy, that they likely put their campaign contributions towards the corrupted politicians who continue to ensure that poisoning people's water is fine, because it lowers taxes and government expenditures and involvement. Then, there is another market opportunity for profit in water poisoning medicines. It's all good in an ideology so disconnected from reality that it deserves the title - Psychopathic.
Still looking for real humans to take over the planet.