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As Florence Threatens 'Catastrophic' Destruction, A Reminder That North Carolina Passed Law Mandating Climate Warnings Be Ignored


And look what is happening in Florida and Caribbean islands—massive algae growth—but this is happening because of pesticides------


As Florence affects the Carolinas, and Mangkhut heads towards the Philippines and Hong Kong, my thoughts go towards those:

— who are homeless or had no ready means to evacuate due to personal circumstances, and

— who had the means to get out, their arrogance, and now are “crying for help” because they are in danger


Don’t mow. Plant tress and shrubs.


The one in my neighborhood is much much more powerful. And like with Puerto Rico, people in islands areas, Philippines, Hainan, and others, cannot easily just drive or bus to another state.


Bring the soldiers home and have them build the proper infrastructure to deal with overflowing oceans, lakes, rivers.
Redesign building codes to disallow coastal housing and flood plain residences.
Start shaming extravagant energy usage.


The Appalachian Mountains are just hills.

I lived in the high Rockies for many years so whacha talking about Willis? 8600’ 10 miles south of the WY border-in the winter, it could snow 25’ and clear nights the temps were 30 below or more. It was beautiful, sometimes it would snow continuously for 4 or 5 days. Great hunting & fishing and the snowboarding was unreal.

What is it with REgressives and their non-stop need to wag their fingers? If someone wants to live on the coast what’s your problem? If they get blown away, isn’t that want you control freaks want anyway?


As with the people of Texas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kansas, Ohio, and Florida, North Carolina now joins the pantheon of states that were purchased by the Koch brothers. No public services, faulty infrastructure and gross stupidity are a lethal combination when a fiscal crisis or natural disaster are on the horizon. Oh well…
Elections matter. Choke on Carolinians.

Oh, and despite the fact that their states politicos constantly scream about how evil bog government is, they will of course be the first piggies wailing at the trough “come help us! Where’s FEMA? Where’s my federal assistance?”


Pitifully gross characterizations but typical. Texas has superb infrastructure, excellent K-12, world class colleges, it’s own electrical grid, looked at as a country, the 3rd largest energy producer in the world, no state income tax, state of the art LNG ports and DFW alone is the recipient of over 10,000 relocations/month as world renowned Corporations move their headquarters here from failed, high tax states like CA, MA, CT, IL…

yeah, faulty infrastructure my ass.

FYI the Koch are globalists, not Republicans, not dems-just like Soros, Ryan, Obama, Stenyer, Pelosi, McConnell…they’re all equal opportunity fu*k pee-ons like us.


Only if she is a woman of color or speaks Spanish of course…


Plus, it is still true that the corporate media RARELY mentions the link between these increasingly dangerous storms and global warming. That is a disgrace when the huge majority of climate scientists say otherwise. One of the biggest myths spouted by right-wingers is the supposed “liberal media”. We have regressed back to the time when, although it was obvious that the Earth revolved around the Sun, there were still idiots who maintained that the Earth was the center of the universe. Nowadays, there are still morons who believe the Earth is flat and they come up with preposterous “proofs” to support their view.
As the great Einstein said - “There are only two things that are infinite, the Universe and human stupidity - and I’m not sure about the Universe.”


No cure for greed.


Trumpo the Klown got a “twofer” when he selected right-wing North Carolina Governor Nicki Haley as the hopelessly incompetent U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. because that meant that the Lt. Governor became Governor and he is a Tea Party asshole. Rethugs are taking us step by step back to the 19th century.


Hmmm, you may be right about the infrastructure but Texas consistently delivers up the biggest asshole politicians and regressive legislation. Just one example - they keep re-electing Louie Gohmert who has been called the “stupidest man in Congress”. There are many other examples from the Governor’s mansion on down. Remember that it was the great Texan Molly Ivins who said - “Texas? It’s just like Mississippi but with better roads.” Infrastructure is just fine but when it is overshadowed by such regressive politics and social attitudes I would look elsewhere. Plus the global warming that so many Texans deny is making that place increasingly insufferable during a big part of the year.


That last sentence says a lot about your attitudes. Also, your attempt to change Progressive into REgressive falls flat. Our country has many, many faults and they have increased in the last few decades. “Wagging our fingers” is a cheap way of trying to criticize attempts to wake this country up and change what is wrong and getting worse.


It has now come to this - a handful of men are “worth” as much money as the “bottom” half (165 million Americans) of this country. Something is very, very wrong with this massive and shameless inequality. BTW, the loathsome Bezos who seems to regard his underpaid employees basically as robots, is actually worth about $140 billion.


Not to worry Carolinian’s. Pat Robertson has commanded the Lord to not allow any damage from Florence. Besides, the Cheeto-in-Chief says this is all part of a Chinese hoax. Move along, nothing to see here.


More like $155B, probably more. At last check, he ‘earns’ about $240M per day.


Wow, the press can’t keep up with his massive wealth. Wasn’t it his Seattle “fulfillment center” that had an ambulance parked outside to take people to the hospital in case they fainted from the heat due to the lack of air conditioning?


If Texans are so stupid, why do we elect pols that have made the state an economic power house? How come us hicks can do what practically every blue state is failing to do, that is put our citizens first while at the same time making the state a magnet for the best and brightest?

Pols that you consider the biggest assholes are in fact politicians that we’ve trusted to do what they were elected to do. And they’ve delivered. Big time. There are pockets of lunacy in Austin and Houston but most of the state is composed of hard working, level headed Americans.

I only need point out that we’re gaining seats in the House due to the huge population inflow because of the policies Texas has in place vs failed states like IL, MA, NY, CA…some of whom have already lost seats because of the massive exodus.

I’ll add CA would be among those states losing House seats except for the fact that millions of illegals have been unConstitutionally counted. It’s estimated that they should lose 5! seats because of this.

Molly Ivins? Great??? HAHAHA And it’s not the possibility(tiny) of a slight increase in the earth’s temp, although I’ve read convincing unbiased reports that the earth’s temp is slightly cooling, it’s that you’re not only blaming it on humans but you actually believe humans can do anything about either a cooling or a warming earth.

That’s thinking like the true Overlord you REgressives aspire to be.


She is an illegal immigrant as well. We should also send all of ICE out to Florence post haste.