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As Florence Threatens 'Catastrophic' Destruction, A Reminder That North Carolina Passed Law Mandating Climate Warnings Be Ignored




Actually, no. Texas sports one of the worst performing education systems in the nation. Businesses are not moving to Texas (with the exception of Austin, the only liberal enclave) because there are not enough educated workers. Their transpiration infrastructure is barely adequate in its cities, and outside the urban areas it’s like a third world country. Only Louisiana has a more polluted state than Texas. Texas lags behind most states in wages and benefits.
In short, it’s a shithole. And an example of what your heroes the Kochs would like the rest of America to look like.


Dude, if your news sources are telling you that…and you buy it?

Texas K-12 has the 4th highest graduation rate in the country.

It has world class colleges. It has the highest credit score of any state.

Ignorance, thy name is BigB

Over 10,000 people A MONTH are moving into the DFW metroplex. It’s one of the hottest real estate markets in the country, I know, I’m buying & selling there.

Austin, a magnet for creepy REgressives is experiencing the same rot that has turned large swathes of Houston into no go zones. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful city with a happening young people zone.

Are you speaking from experience, IOW do you live in Texas or are you here a lot doing business. Or are you talking out of your ass?

Can I guess?



Why are Carolinians suddenly so up in everyone’s face? Don’t they have conviction in their hubris? They both went for Trump, right? And he has most assiduously assured everyone he’s ready for Flo.

Recent News Release from earlier this week by one of the Resident P’s Press Gang:

"Not to worry! No need to panic! Relief and comfort are on the way.

"Special Alert!!! There are at least five semi trailers on the way, chock full of the Gratest’s own Signature Paper Towels coming to sop up all this damp wettish water. You shall know their arrival by the boldly-gilt trailer-tall nom-de-goon Gratest logo on their sides. Plans are in the works to drop by similarly logoed helicopters additional rolls on the Barrier Islands to add to their wavy-blocking natures. They were ordered to load up with some of the Most Worthy’s warehoused Signature assets* in Fort Wainwright and Elmendorf AFB (in Alaska – Hair Herr never could distinguish AK from AL from AR from AZ) and should be on their way by the end of the month … of October … next year, seasonally snowy weather and ongoing wildfires permitting, of course.
“Stay tuned, FOXNews is on the Take.”

*Said Signature Assets sold to the Federal Government at a Grate Discount. Never let it be said The Art of the Deal can’t drive a profit (especially when it’s the taxpayers footing the other side of the deal)!



Karma 2018

Bigger, badder, and bolder than ever.


This is one more example of the conservative signature…bullying people having been so effective, why not try it on the natural world? One wonders exactly what it is they think they are conserving…but of course, if we think about it, the answer surfaces.

The money making, people ripping off free market. Capitalist expansion of McMansions on prime beachfront properties.

The good life. To the end of the world.


Even more than grossly ignorant, the NC Republicans are too stupid to be real! Surely there can’t be a more mindless group of fools anywhere else in the World!


You really are a piece of work. You seem to equate being an “economic powerhouse” with intelligence. What crap. BTW, Texans ARE stupid. Try and deny this, dipstick.The Texas State Board of Edu-ma-cation has been responsible for dumbing down school textbooks all over the country because of what they will not allow in those pesky sciences and stuff. Texas has a large enough population that other school districts suffer. The idiots on the TSBE insist that things like “creation studies” are just as relevant as evolution. Textbook publishers relent and publish books that will be accepted in your regressive state. That is just one example. AND, just yesterday I read that good ole Tex-ass will not longer allow any reference to Hillary Clinton in their history books!!! You are pathetic in your boosterism of that red state and I hope that right-wing gun nut Ted Nugget, who loves it there, runs for governor. Hell, with assholes like George W. and Rick Perry being elected he could possibly win. Oh, and one more thing. Years ago there was an anti-litter campaign with the slogan “Don’t Mess With Texas”. Well, guess what? Texans took that to mean some kind of state’s rights agenda and a slogan to remind people that Texans aren’t to be trifled with. The bumper sticker remained for many years long after people had forgotten that it was only about litter.
You couldn’t pay me enough to live in that place.


I would like Common Dreams to issue an apology to the entire nuclear industry after their authors issued multiple articles claiming that multiple reactors were going to suffer the same incident as Fukushima due to the hurricane. They should also issue an apology to the NRC for their author’s blatant lack of research regarding NRC risk assessments for nuclear reactors in the threat of hurricanes, flooding and storm surge.