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As Florida Braces, Aerial Footage of Virgin Islands Shows What Irma Capable Of


As Florida Braces, Aerial Footage of Virgin Islands Shows What Irma Capable Of

Common Dreams staff

As Hurricane Irma continues on its "frightening" course towards the Keys and mainland Florida, a series of aerial videos taken from the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean are offering some of the first detailed looks at what the storm's wrath is capable of and the scale of the damage suffered from those exposed to her historic size and strength.


As a veteran of many hurricanes in the past, I’m struck at how much of the damage is wind damage. Very small surge for this strong of a storm.
To those of you in her path, batten the hatches and good luck. Those of us who have been through it before feel you’re pain and our prayers are with you. For the people who will have to deal with the aftermath, it’s hard to imagine, but it will get better.


The most frightening thing about living on an island:
You pack up your car/truck and flee from this deadly fury to WHERE?!

Unlike Texans people of southern Florida, have a much longer way to travel to safety, But at least they can do it, given enough warning.


The video seems to be mostly of resort areas which are generally better built than private homes. Good luck Florida.


Living in St. Pete a mile from the gulf I have adopted a hurry up and wait attitude as the track has moved west in Florida. Tomorrow is drop dead decision time. I just may pack my small vehicle and try to drive out of range of the highest winds either north or east. If I can outrun the worst of the storm I can then return to see what is left standing.


Via con Dios. Growing up in the tornado belt, I saw houses 30-40 yards apart, decide the life or death of things. It’s a crazy, mixed up world.


Nature is now making clear how dangerous, destructive, murderous and suicidal
our systems of Elite Patriarchy and Capitalism …
of “Manifest Destiny” and “Man’s Dominion Over Nature” and its lies based in exploitation,
not only of Nature but of other human beings according to various myths of “inferiority.”

It is not Nature we need to defend ourselves against, but the insanities of our economic
system, the social order, the judging of everything by the yardstick of a dollar bill.