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As Florida Gets Drilling Exemption, Former WH Ethics Chief Accuses Trump of Creating 'Banana Republic'


As Florida Gets Drilling Exemption, Former WH Ethics Chief Accuses Trump of Creating 'Banana Republic'

Julia Conley, staff writer

"If it looks to you like the administration is using federal policymaking as a campaign tool, you're not alone."


Blatant, in-your-face cronyism. More lawsuits! I am wondering how much all these suits are costing us. Money that could be used to provide medical care for indigent children. Maybe a lawsuit about how the Trump administration is stealing from our children?


Scott probably pointed out that Der Gropenfuhrer would be able to See some of the drilling rigs from the Mar-a-Lago 7th & 12th holes. Not to mention the aroma and noise when the wind was blowing in the right direction.

He may have also reminded the Pimp-in-Chief that a lot of very expensive oceanfront property if Florida is now owned by Russian Gangsters.


And have you heard about Miami Momma - a Russian agency that allows rich pregnant Russian girls to have their babies in the US so they can become citizens. Taking advantage of old US birthright law.


Is it wrong of me to lament Florida’s exemption on the basis that now a group of merry pranksters can’t erect a potemkin oil drilling platform off of Mal-y-Loco?


Last month’s inequality exacerbation act disguised as tax reform unequivocally increases taxes paid by blue state taxpayers more than it increases taxes for red state taxpayers. Unless the courts push back, Trump and the GOP will continue to apply this business model.


Trump is now building a wall: his golf resort in Scotland is facing rising sea waters, and they are having to build levees to protect the property.

But he doesn’t believe in climate change and doesn’t care if our waters are totally polluted with fracking waste, or if our shores get washed away by the rising oceans. Go figure.


Skullduggery at its finest. Douchebaggers Republican style in your face "nah nah boo boo thbbBBBbssbbsss!!


Great God in Heaven, I hate the fat-assed Orange Bull Elephant Seal. I have waterfront property located in North Carolina in an area that is pretty isolated, and when I need soul-soothing, that’s where I go, where wildlife is still plentiful, and you can still fish and crab or go oystering, though not as much as when I was a child. If oil drilling rigs are placed off-shore, it will be a terrible loss to the State and to me personally. Let’s just hope Mar A Lago falls into a 200-foot sinkhole with Orange Butt in it. If that’s what it will take to get rid of Trump and his destruction of America, so be it.