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As Florida Sets Daily Record for Covid-19 Deaths, Sheriff Bans Deputies From Wearing Masks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/12/florida-sets-daily-record-covid-19-deaths-sheriff-bans-deputies-wearing-masks

Trump stooges are some sum dumb fukn sumbitches are they not?


Let the lawsuits commence.


This piece of shit cop gives the rest of them a very bad name. If cops are this moronic and arrogant they deserve nothing less than to be defunded.


Apparently insanity is just as contagious as covid-19 in Florida.

We had 4,000 deaths on 9-11. We have memorials every year for that event. We sent every able bodied soldier, Guardsmen, and Reserves to fight in the middle-east for twenty years and counting.
We have 41,000 times more deaths at hand today from covid-19. Where are the troops now.

How come these kind of fools never seem to get this virus?

Billy Woods needs jobs for his nephews.
And they are about as good as he is.
Only government will employ them.
And only sherriffs dept will have new openings.
by losing a few deppittees.
They will retire, resign, go on sick leave, die.

Now Billy can save the family double wides.

he and the sheriffs like him are proving without a doubt --that they are nothing but killers on the public payroll–willing to make victims of anyone who does not believe as they do-just to prove that they are manly??how pathetic, wimpy, and fragile their machismo must be to act the fool and put lives at risk over wearing a mask–truly pathetic

um…we legalized torture.