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As Franken Steps Aside, Nurses Endorse Keith Ellison to Fill Senate Vacancy


As Franken Steps Aside, Nurses Endorse Keith Ellison to Fill Senate Vacancy

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Keith has been an outspoken advocate for nurses and other working people in his distinguished service in the House, and has shown a broad national reach and worked to build coalitions across the country."


After the Obama/Dem elite sabotaged the candidacy of Ellison as DNC Chair in favor of their chosen lap-dog/houseboy Perez, the appointment of Ellison to fill the Senate vacancy will add a strong voice for real change we can believe-in…If only Gov Dayton has the vision and integrity…


The odds on Dayton appointing someone to Franken’s left are just about nil.

In any case, those nurses have been one hell of a voice for progress.


The whole situation is sad and disappointing in so many ways. Ellison would be a great choice though in my opinion.


GREAT idea. Let’s see if the corporate Democrats agree with that. Those scum suckers ran Al out of office.


I think the fact that Tina Smith was Dayton’s chief of Staff before she started serving as his Lt. Governor gives her the inside track. Dayton can do surprising things though so you never know (e.g. his proposal to establish a cabinet level Department of Peace and Non-violence when he was a Senator).


I live in MN. Ellison is far and away more progressive than any of the women mentioned (most are careerists and/or DFL political hacks) and Walz is an off-the-charts “centrist.” In all likelihood, since Dayton is on the way out, he’ll take the “safe” course and appoint a hack who fits current identity politics’ requirements (even though Elliison sort of does too).

This is what happens when parties become totally corrupt and abandon class politics, programs and principles. The The Farm/Labor Party was once an amazing political organization; but when the capitalist Dems became involved, the corruption began to take hold.


Our government has paid out actual taxpayer funds to accusers. Let’s see who cost us taxpayers money with their misbehavior, and deal equally with all of them. Those who used our money to shut their accusers up should not emerge as winners here.


Ellison would be a great choice.


Not to worry we are going to get Improved Medicare for all once it is gutted and medicaid eliminated along with the defunding of public health care. A gift to the most expensive health care in the world at the highest price. Wake up,


Ellison would be a great choice for a number of reasons. First and foremost, he is a TRUE-BLUE (not blueDOG) DEMOCRAT, which Al Franken tried his best to be, but Al was a little too cozy with Hillary and Israel and big money to pull the party and the country in the direction they need to go. Keith Ellison is the most progressive of any names I have heard so far, and Minnesota IS a refreshingly progressive state. Like Bernie, and Paul Wellstone, before him, Ellison has so much true Democrat flowing in his veins. He won’t try to screw his constituents, like so many “Democrats” do, by rolling over to play “Republican Lite”, once in office.

Another reason I favor Ellison is that if Trump lent aid in any way to the bringing down of Al Franken, then Trump deserves to have to contend with a replacement who is MORE liberal, MORE black, and MORE Muslim than the guy he helped push out! Ellison is a scrapper like Elizabeth Warren, but not so Mainstream. He could be the Republicans’ worst nightmare.


The Democrats exist to stifle leftists by subsuming them within a big tent.

They’re paid handsomely for it.


Yes, Keith Ellison would be a great choice and I think this is a battle progressives can win. We should put our energies behind his nomination and say in no uncertain terms that centrist democrats are a dying breed. I hate to harp on this point but the only way to break the corrupting influence of centrist democrats is for progressives to stop voting for them. Yes, Republicans will win in the shot term but we have to play the long game. No more compromise with the corrupt.


Fight on Al. This false moral outrage is costing the Democrats votes every day it continues. Women called in to Thom Hartmann’s show today, and Thom is all in on Diversity, with the thought that getting rid of progressives for allegations of impropriety without due process is not how it is suppose to work. Many women said they were leaving the party. Obama’s drone wars are war crimes, Clinton’s massacre of Libyan’s is a war crime, but no outrage or calls for them to resign? No trials? Yet Garrison K. touches a persons back and 50 years of progressive work are thrown out the window on the word of an anonymous accuser. Due process. Reason. That is what is needed. Democrats are missing the target once again. People in DC and Berkeley love this stuff but people in the Mid West both men and women find it ridiculous. Talk about raising SS, raising the minimum wage and have a minimum SS check equal to the minimum wage. That increase demand and will grow the economy and make peoples lives better. This Diversity witch hunt is exactly what the Republicans have done for years by using RWR and Fox to feed the monster of moral outrage and stoke feelings of righteousness, indignation, anger and mean satisfaction when they get what they want. Wrong plan Dems are losing votes every day with this nonsense. See how it had no effect on Trump and closely watch the race in Bama. Hopefully the good people there will elect a well qualified Dem over this nut job, but all this stuff is hurting and only Joe B is there campaigning. Where are the corporate Dems? Taking down progressives for something that may or may not have happened twenty years ago. In AL’s case look at the pictures of his accuser humping soldiers without their permission, grinding it out with a country singer and practically going full Amazon on Robin Williams, yet Al’s pranks are with making him resign? His humor is crude but so was her act deal with it.


Our dreams have been answered. Keith will be a thorn in the heart of the Republican monsters.


I certainly agree with your analysis. Corporate democrats hide in the weeds and trot out identity politics when they need to cover their tracks. Losing strategy and people see right through it.

The day the democrats lay down concrete proposals that deal with the serious bread and butter issues that impact the lives of average Americans is the day they stop hemorrhaging votes. It’s as plain as day.


Does Keith Ellison take corporate and special interest campaign money?

The actual donors’ names supporting the PACs are not given.


Yes, Keith, by all means! But please vet every Democrat from here on out. We have to be cleaner than the Repugnicans.


It costs the Democrats close to nothing. Franken will be replaced with an appointed Dem, quite likely a safe establishment slave to the corporatocracy. Why do you think they’re doing this?

And the slut shaming? Really?


I guess we’re dealing with the short term now.