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As 'Fury of Virus Illustrates Folly of War,' UN Chief Calls for Global Ceasefire

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/24/fury-virus-illustrates-folly-war-un-chief-calls-global-ceasefire


Just excellent! This pandemic’s central lesson is that if we and Life as we know it are to survive then we must need unify.The existential threats of ecological collapse and nuclear war need solidarity.

War solves nothing and we all will die eventually and this is why it is folly and serves nothing. We must be about the business of living and providing for the welfare of all that lives.


There’s no money for the “defense” contractors in a cease fire. Their customers will never go for it.

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There are lots of lessons for community and solidarity. But plutocrats, imperialists, and their minions in government, will struggle to hold on to status quo capitalism and imperialism.




Agree Giovanna. It would be wonderful if we could all focus on “life” itself without the interference of religions, race, colour or semantics.


Hi Giovava_Lepore:
And the skies, the air, and the water appear to be clearing in areas without constant war.
The Pandemic of 1918 did well with armies and fighting too, and likewise this 2020 pandemic ----which seems to spread so easily too
In fact, I read that without all the big tourist ships invading the waters of Venice—that the water is clearing and dolphins are seem again. : )

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How about calling for a global end to sanctions, while you’re at it?


But “we oligarchs” live for Satan, our everlasting King. So, let the wars carry on!

And, apparently, neither will the U.S. military:

At Moment UN Chief Urged ‘Global Ceasefire’ To Stop COVID-19, Pentagon Held War Games Aimed At Iran

On the very day the UN chief called for a global ceasefire, the Pentagon went so far as to conduct major war games aimed at Iran with UAE allied forces in Abu Dhabi’s desert region . Named ‘Native Fury 20’, the war games involved some 4,000 troops along with armored units and choppers attacking a mock city.

It’s pure insanity! Unlimited tax dollars for endless, murderous wars, while Congress nitpicks over how much to spend on Coronavirus and takes few serious steps to address life ending climate change. Why do we continue to pay these people’s salaries and put up with their illegal insider trading? There was an old term, “off with their heads” which surely applies to today.

US wars,refugees, regime chang and sanctions are the only pandemic.threatening the world. Ditto for malaria.


U.S. Military Continues Cultivating Friendships in the Middle East
In northeast Syria, where U.S. forces are busy stealing Syrian oil for der Amerikanisch Führer, Syrian villagers supported the Syrian army in blocking 4 U.S. military vehicles from passing through their village, by throwing stones. The Americans promptly fired at the protesters, killing one and injuring another. This angered the villagers, who then attacked and damaged the vehicles. The U.S. forces called for support to help them leave the area. A short while later, in an American version of a “proportionate response”, three U.S. fighter jets launched airstrikes against the village.

RESISTANCE NOT FUTILE: SAA and the Syrian People in Northeastern Syria Expel US Forces

The leadership of the U.S.A. will NEVER give up its role as chief warmonger; it’s what the US is all about. Concentrated $$ controls elections and the two main Parties and therefore all policy; and there’s too much $$ to be made controlling markets and resources and on the weaponry, etc. used to do so.

But thanks, Mr.Secretary-General, for pushing a bit of sanity. If only we had a democratic society here, including objective, honest news reporting to inform them, perhaps the citizenry here would heed your call and make it happen. Maybe someday, if we survive the meltdown.

Americans ARE weak minded. TPTB fool us time and again and we never learn. As you say, we never had a war that we couldn’t be badgered into, tricked into, or just plain lied into.
We are a weak nation and have no answer to the war mongers because they have all the money and power.
In trump’s case it took a lot of work to eliminate anyone who wouldn’t bend to his will, install toadies only, and do it in three years while being investigated and impeached for dirty dealing.

PS The article’s photo is the same sign about “War” that I’ve seen most of my life it seems.

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hey, don’t dis Satan like that! A lot of these wars are in the name of God!
Crusades… Jihad… Manifest Destiny… Chosen People…
Nobody ever went to war because they thought it was Satan’s will for them to do so.

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And, you are sure of this, because…? —history books? -grin-

What? Do you know of any examples, smartass? What nation or king ever said Satan wanted them to go to war? fu.

Oooh, what bile! Hope this social distancing keeps everyone safe from you… -grin-