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As Gazans Massacred, Trump Team's Celebration of New Embassy in Jerusalem Illustrates US Support for Israeli "War Crimes"


As Gazans Massacred, Trump Team's Celebration of New Embassy in Jerusalem Illustrates US Support for Israeli "War Crimes"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Human rights advocates are shattering the characterization of the U.S. embassy's opening in Jerusalem on Monday as something to celebrate—a portrayal put forth by President Donald Trump, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Senate's top Democrat, among others—and are instead decrying the move as one that violates international law, further legitimizes the occupation, and makes yet more clear the U.S. can be no honest broker in any peace process.


If nothing else, moving the US embassy has driven a stake through the heart of the “two-state” solution—which was always a mirage, always receding the closer one seemed to be.

Now a one-state solution, with full and equal rights for all citizens, can be pursued in earnest.


There is no way these people doing this killing have a conscious or are human. More like they are related to snakes. Because snakes they are.


Elitist Entitlement to International Annihilation through Political Malfeasance.


Time to #BDS the #USA


Ivanka and all those others remind me of the Hunger Games. These plutocrats celebrate while the rabble die and suffer around them.


All dressed in black as in a funeral for the displaced millions.


Israeli government never intended to abide by UNSC Resolution 242, adopted November 1967. Instead, it pursues the one-state solution by land grabbing, so-called settlements, suppression of its internal dissenters, and oppression of the Palestinian people…


Hey Schumer, go Chuck yourself jerk.


Turkey and South Africa have recalled their ambassadors from Israel to protest this genocide. Hopefully other nations will stand up to the axis of evil that is the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.


So, this is Jared’s idea of bringing peace to the Middle East?

When Jared stands there bold faced and announces that the US and Israel stand for human rights what Hannah Arendt described as moral inversion certainly should come to mind. Heinrich Himmler, speaking to a group of SS officers, assured them that despite what the Nazis went through exterminating so many millions of Jews these same SS had remained “decent” and had become “tough”. The collective trauma of a people is rapidly inverting its morality and every precept of Judaism, that of the sanctification and preservation of Life.

As far as the US goes, that inversion of the “Christian” ethos and ethic began with the first boatload of invaders to Turtle Island.


You are correct. And if you are a U.S. citizen, you should look in the mirror.


Trump and Netanyahu: Linked by sadism, murder and corruption.


Yet again, an attempt to deflect the U.S./Euro (now Israeli) non-stop agenda of patriarchal, white supremacist, property-owning imperialism. It is sickening that som many so-called “progressives” continue with this diversion, alleviating them (they think) from the responsibility of living in the belly of the beast.



Some examples of my “Mark”



As ReconFire suggests, below, as long as Bernie stays with the Dems, he is their tool.

PS: this was an attempt to respond to jujudahl about being off the “Mark” in terms of Bernie’s militarism/imperialism


Little Jared snot boy Kushner is a real winner…/s.
The wacked out looney-tunes armageddon driven Dominionist christo freaks are simply glowing with joy over this Jerusalem embassy move. It is all official now, The Gates of Hell are now fully operational and Open for genocide and worse…


I don’t condone the War crimes by country is doing.


Thank You. That is always worth saying publicly. More importantly, we must all work to change the beast itself.



Time to call our oligarchs by their real names, terrorists.


Duh, I thought Netanyahu has a dump truck full of charges against him for corruption. Just like in the US the rule of law does not exist for the criminals at the top.