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As GDP Data Shows Economy Still in a Deep Hole, Trump Denounced for 'Trying to Mislead the Public by Claiming an Economic Miracle'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/29/gdp-data-shows-economy-still-deep-hole-trump-denounced-trying-mislead-public

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Admitting that we are in the throws of a pandemic, and not an epidemic, that millions have lost their jobs since the first of the year, and the stock market is taking a dive would be a good thing. One better would be to have, and announce viable plans to fix everything, or anything.

USA’s outbreak has been stomping along at 1.5 million new cases per month since July, people! It strains credulity that all those high-powered Wall Street banksters haven’t noticed until just a bit ago (if they have) that there might be a problem for “the economy” when people are falling ill at such a breakneck pace that we’re definitely running out of doctors and nurses now (hello?!). I may never figure out how “the economy” works and what it has to do with humans, but if it likes the progress of this plague, it’s a vulture.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  02/19/2020          13          13
>  18.  04/22/2020     828,428     828,441
>  27.  06/24/2020   1,545,841   2,374,282
>  36.  08/26/2020   3,424,764   5,799,046
>  45.  10/28/2020   3,035,347   8,834,393

Right. Tell that to all the small businesses that have closed. There are stores closing everyday. So many restaurants are struggling to stay open. Cities are wondering how to make up the budget shortfalls. Some industries will not bounce back. Schools locally keep closing for deep cleaning because of positive cases of the Corona virus. They reopen then close again. A village idiot with no national strategy for keeping the country healthy and safe says we are in good economic shape and the virus will magically disappear. Let’s not be fooled. The other shoe will drop. Evictions are starting. And all he cares about is saving his ass from all his evil doing. Off with his head…


No, but trump asserts that the market is all powerful and spreads that like manure on a farm field.

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Sadly trump not only disregards the pandemic, but in conjunction ignores the economic recovery thinking ending the virus is a cure all.
You are supposed to work on both Donald, not neither one.