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As Giuliani Declares 'Collusion Is Not a Crime,' Does He Know That Conspiracy Is One?


As Giuliani Declares 'Collusion Is Not a Crime,' Does He Know That Conspiracy Is One?

Julia Conley, staff writer

President Donald Trump has spent more than a year deflecting accusations that his 2016 campaign colluded with Russia to win—but his attorney, Rudy Giuliani, employed a new tactic on Monday by declaring he's not sure if collusion with a foreign power during a U.S. presidential campaign is a crime.

"Rudy Giuliani is a former prosecutor. He knows that conspiracy is a crime." —Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.)


He said He wasnt sure if it was a Crime. Any decent lawyer would sure know it was. A dumb ass just like his boss!


Ghouliani is senile. Whenever he’s on TV I only watch for the comedy effect. I know it’s “wrong” to laugh at senile elders, but with him I just can’t help it. And, I seriously don’t think ANYONE really takes him seriously anymore.


And, you have to remember that he was a Federal prosecutor for how many years and Mayor of NYC for two? terms. Forget about “merit” and trying hard to get ahead, the elites have NEVER had to try, from Ted Kennedy to Rudy Ghouliani.


Giuliani is perfect for Trump… both idiots.


Giuliani is guilty of high crimes himself…namely, allowing the destruction of crime scene evidence from the WTC collapses, selling it quick for scrap…not to a higher US bid offer reportedly, but to China, India, and others! Get rid of the evidence! Any prosecutor worthy the name should have known that it all was evidence until examined and released, unless they were complicit or incompetent. In either case Giuliani is a pathetic joke and incompetent mouthpiece for the criminal trump regime!..birds of a feather…



Common Dreams Staff Writers Conspire To Make All Americans Cops And Prosecutors In Some Lame-Brained Attempt To Rehabilitate Hillary Clinton


Well when you recall what an enemy he was of the homeless ticketing them in the parks while doing nothing to alleviate the causes of such poverty, and then being directly responsible for Amadu Diallo’s murder by cop, I can’t personally laugh at him. He did have one inexplicable shining moment and that was after the Twin Towers came down in how well he handled the affair.


The whole affair is one big dog and pony show, the only lawyer who’s not in their click, is Michael Avenatti.


There must be dirt on Giuliani connected to trump somewhere, why else would he be verbally blowing him every chance he gets,he knows what they have on trump, and he is scared he is going down with him. Giuliani calling anyone a liar is the height of hypocrisy.


CD should stop publishing this nonsense. Waste of space.


Rudy is proof, that with enough speed and cocaine, anyone can get through law school. Makes you wonder why someone isn’t looking at the cases he tried as a federal prosecutor!


Giuliani’s mayor office was in building 7 of the WTC. He knows exactly why the towers were taken down and who carried out this unsolved crime. Millions around the world know it yet the truth remains stonewalled. In a debate Dump accused Jeb of his brother being in office while it happened but has not mentioned it since. The whole lot of them in D.C. from A-Z are treasonous criminals and deserve headchopping. This scum is atrocious and a threat to our existence.


Giuliani is so full of himself he gushes. The fact that he seems so harmless makes it easier to make fun of him. And everybody does so. G