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As Global Military Spending Hits Nearly $2 Trillion, These Weapons Are Useless Against Biggest Threats We Face

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/30/global-military-spending-hits-nearly-2-trillion-these-weapons-are-useless-against

Invest in our People, not in the Pentagon. With all of the $Trillions thrown at the military, they could live off the fat and excess they’ve accumulated.

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Worldwide military spending is outrageous, but it is most abhorrent in the US which is accelerating the militarization of space, the development of ‘usable’ nuclear weapons, and the development of lethal autonomous weapons systems. I imagine that President Trump would probably defend the military spending with some quip like: ‘You know, the novel coronavirus can’t survive a nuclear bomb’. But this is more than just Trump’s stupidity. Democrats and Republicans are complicit. Even Democrats taken to be progressives, including Elizabeth Warren, have been strong proponents for US military spending.

Expecting “leadership” from the US on this issue is like expecting the fox to zealously guard the hen-house. It is up to us, one and all, citizens of the US Empire, to demand change. Calling current policies “misguided” suggests they are well-meaning. They are not well meaning. They are parasites who rob the US treasury via systemic corruption. They are criminals who enrich themselves on the backs of the US taxpayer. The situation is criminal, and has been for a long time. Pentagon spending is essentially a massive, enduring welfare program for a parasitic, greedy investor class. The Pentagon has carefully distributed projects throughout as many Congressional districts as possible, making it hard for Congressional representatives to resist further spending increases without costing their constituents jobs.

We are entering a period where the growing contradiction between this massive, wasteful spending, in the face of greater and greater austerity for the average American, is going to lead to unprecedented protests, strikes, and non-violent civil disobedience. If the nation is to have any chance of handling its most pressing problems–climate change, income inequality, poverty, and rapidly increasing unemployment unparalleled since the Great Depression, We the People have to stand up and insist on at least a 75% cut in “Defense” spending, and an end to all these pointless regime-change wars.

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If the powers that be cared it would have already changed. It won’t and a lowly virus may do us all in.

Hi PonyBoy:
Yes, the military has too much money, and doesn’t even know where that money has gone.
Bush and Cheney , and the RUMfilled man should be in jail for their phony wars–or maybe they should be in Guantanamo----where the people there have no rights and seem to be tortured a lot That seems fair for all the death that those 3 warmongers have caused. : (

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It really says something that during a global pandemic the thing that the U.S. wants to ‘reassure’ us with is that our nuclear weapons are still ready to fire whenever.

The U.S. at least. Seems many places in the world are already getting control of this pandemic. But then again they have governments that at least slightly care about the people.

Jail would be too good for them Stardust. Their actions deserve far worse punishment.

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Note the irony - of a couple of multi million $ war ships that couldn’t defend their crews from a - virus … That, it seems to me, should say it all …

What moron put a panzer 3 and a mig 29 above the white house?