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As Global Youth Demand Climate Action, Trump Heaps Praise on Coal-Obsessed Aussie Leader

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/20/global-youth-demand-climate-action-trump-heaps-praise-coal-obsessed-aussie-leader

Greta Thunberg and global youth I apologize for our country electing Trump as the president. Only a total moron would think clean coal is more important than clean air!


Top ten worst countries for carbon emissions per capita per year:
#1 Saudi Arabia 16.3 metric tons per person
#2 Australia 16.2 metric tons per person
#3 United States 16.2 metric tons per person
#4 Canada 14.9 metric tons per person
#5 South Korea 11.6 metric tons per person
#6 Russia 9.9 metric tons per person
#7 Japan 9.0 metric tons per person
#8 Germany 8.9 metric tons per person
#9 Poland 7.7 metric tons per person
#10 South Africa 7.4 metric tons per person

It really is a tight race for that #1 spot - and as he often brags - Trump is giving it his best effort at making the good old U.S.A. # 1 in the world.


Thanks for the info. The denialist whataboutists should take note that China is not even in the to ten…


The image of the trumpenfuhrer is one of an utterly depraved, ego-centric nutter on drugs - NEVER trust anyone that ever allows themselves to look like that! point?

The fact that the orange service-evader salutes the flag (and wearing that axe-murderer psychotic mug) should cause every service member and retired vet to send a message to the WH that only current and military vets may rightly salute the flag - of course the idiot of orange may ignore such niceties and protocols as he is above the law and such trivia as he is the most stable genius on earth.

As far as the Aussies and coal, they seem to have elected some real winners over the past several decades methinks.


We are forgetting carbon emissions from Trump’s Strongman in Brazil burning down the rain forest

Over 100 climate activists have been killed this year in countries with right wing controlled governments. Renee Juliene Karunungan, began speaking out back as a student like Sweden’s Greta Thunberg, except fears for her life if she ever goes home to the Philippians with Duterte in charge.

Brazil’s strongman c defiantly turns down European aid in fighting the Rain forest’s now endless fires.

Donald Trump is putting an economic squeeze on Venezuela, sending its fragile economy toward collapse, somehow Canada and Europe accepting Trump’s claim that Nicolás Maduro is illegitimate instead of Brazil’s strongman Jair Bolsonaro.


Well, Emphyrio, I might get flamed for saying this but: In today’s circumstances (and u.s. stances) the only way to salute the flag is when it is hanging upside-down.

*Disclaimer: I am a Vietnam combat veteran and once believed the propaganda and lies and enlisted and volunteered for combat because of it. Well guess what:


Hello Andrea Germanos Staff Writer and Everyone, It’s time to praise Herr Dumpf, the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison as well as all the other countries extracting and using coal. Thank goodness that they are doing their part in destroying the planet for human and all other living animals and plant life much sooner than expected. They need to consume coal for their last meal since it is so clean!

Hello Emphyrio, He’s probably under the delusion that the title of Commander in Chief makes him a military person who is entitled to salute the flag instead of putting his hand over his heart (I apologize if I gave the mis-impression that the Dumpf actually has a heart).

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He’s delusional all right…

Except Obama also touted clean coal.

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Trump is carrying on the Obama squeeze against Venezuela. Obama is the one who certified to Congress that Venezuela is a “threat” to the US, something he was required by statute to do in order to impose an economic embargo. But of course Obama, like Trump after him, was just doing the bidding of his paymasters in the oil industry.


Scott Morrison is an organ grinder monkey for Torquemada Trump. They discussed Australia’s help against Iran and China but never discussed climate disruption. You know Morrison is a toady as he never brought up the USA pushing the UK to jail one of its citizens on false charges. If Trump is an embarrassment, what about the man who licks his boots?

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In my travels this summer I’ve seen the clean coal technology with my own two eyes. It’s also known as wind farms, allowing coal to cleanly remain in the ground. Now if now could harness the power of the regressive lies, true progress would grow by leaps and bounds…


Rich conservatives want to kill us all, including their poor supporters. Trump is just more out there about it. The Aussie is a copycat killer.

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Actually, Australians (thanks to their horrific media) got there first with Tony Abbott -sort of a combination of Bush II and Trump, in late 2013.

Note that Australians have had rank choice voting for over a century.



Do those numbers include our Military’s footprint? And, China?

  • Between 2003-2007, the war generated at least 141 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e)(4), more each year of the war than 139 of the world’s countries release annually .

(thanks to their horrific media)

= Rupert