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As GOP Aims for Massive Cuts, Support for Progressive People's Budget Soars


As GOP Aims for Massive Cuts, Support for Progressive People's Budget Soars

Jake Johnson, staff writer

More than half of House Democrats voted in favor of the People's Budget, which is "truly designed to represent the values and needs of the American people."


Meanwhile 10 billion dollars has been approved by the senate for Mexico wall


It is so very odd that we have to write bills of sanity…for as long as I can remember, 10 years?, their budget has been presented and ignored, just as is noted in the piece; and every year it quietly dies a silent death. It is also very odd that we love getting robbed, WTF!!! and since they just cannot get enough, they wanna sell american treasure’s like the national parks WTF!!! can you imagine China owning the Grand Canyon, WTF???


Luckily, that isn’t true. So far, the 10 billion h as been approved by a house committee and may very well pass the full House - but approval by the Senate is very unlikely.



Glad you caught that. Was about to mention the same thing. Too many people don’t fully read/understand what is in an article.


More than half of House Democrats voted in favor of the People’s Budget

So why exactly are the rest even members of the Democratic Party?


The only thing that the existing wall did was force Mexicans further into the desert to cross into the United States, causing many more deaths.


Hey, when Der Arnold was Governor of California, Der Arnold was trying to pull a fast one on California by attempting to sell off California State Parks to his cronies, Chinese business men, and so on. Der Arnold claimed California was broke, and selling off state parks would fix the problem. Like magic, Governor Brown fixed the deficit problem with proposition 30 to prevent a $6 billion cut to California state schools, a temporary tax hike on people earning over $250,000/year for 7 years, and a sales tax increase of .25% for 4 years. Like magic,Governor Brown blew up Governor Der Arnold’s talking point you can’t tax your way out of a deficit. The right-wingers are like characters in the film Night of the Living Dead, Their immoral ideas, and ways just won’t die.


Why are any politicians associated with either part of the Duopoly?



Actually, Many people cross through tunnels, rope, and so on. Just east of the San Diego/Tijuana, Mexico customs crossing.


" So why exactly are the rest even members of the Democratic Party?"

Because they are the fake opposition!


Excuse me for noticing, but you just skim over all of the humongous spending issues Republicans have had in office when they have been in control of congress and when they have had control of both the White House and Congress, they absolutely invariably give sickening tax cuts, breaks and loopholes to the super rich, rich and huge corporations as if there is or ever was “trickle down” to stimulate the economy. Studies of decades have exhaustively reached the conclusion that trickle does not happen. Why? The money is hoarded or invested offshore or saved offshore in foreign bank accounts. Trump is the worst case example by being invested heavily in shell companies offshore in order to not pay taxes at all. What type of role model is that for the president to not pay taxes at all due to legal loophole tax evasion?. Trump’s name is mentioned in the Panama Papers about tax evasion and tax evaders over 3,500 times!!! With tax cuts to the rich, the middle and working class increasingly bear the brunt of the tax burden for the nation.

Yes, too many of the veteran Democrats that should be the leadership for change but are simply the Republican Lite Party.


Why does this process get so little attention???This is corporate media screwing working people. Lets talk about Russia,or gun control that will go nowhere----but don’t pay attention to what’s going on behind that curtain----its just the complete destruction of the safety net in the US. Paul Ryan held a news conference on the house budget just passed----I think one question dealt with the budget.


It figures build a wall and everything goes under ground with architecural precision. And. at a much lower cost.


I love the headline:

“Support for Progressive People’s Budget Soars”

Slightly more than 1/2 the minority party in the House supports it. I guess the sky’s the limit. Cynical morning…