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As GOP Attacks Voting Rights, Federal Court Rulings Enable Suppression Days Ahead of Midterms

As GOP Attacks Voting Rights, Federal Court Rulings Enable Suppression Days Ahead of Midterms

Julia Conley, staff writer

Federal judges in two states confirmed civil rights advocates' worst fears in twin rulings on Thursday, both declining to block voter suppression efforts that could disenfranchise tens of thousands of voters—revealing that under a weakened Voting Rights Act, Republican-led states intent on keeping Americans from voting can do so with little fear of intervention by the courts.

I sense the heavy hand of the Federalist Society in these rulings (see Jane Mayer’s “Dark Money” and Nancy MacLean’s “Democracy in Chains” for details).


Really disappointing that judiciary is abdicating its legal responsibilities. It’s no excuse to say that making just decision will just be too confusing for people regardless of when that decision is made.

Also disappointing that legal actions by plaintiffs are not taken sooner. In some cases, the plaintiffs are acting as quickly as they can. But in others it seems like they wait until the last minute to take action. We have to cover all the bases.

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In case some people do not know, flying the U.S. flag upside down is a message of distress – not disrespect!

Please see this article – which is one of many available online:

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It’s also become necessary to establish something on the order of a truth squad to hold those accountable that bear false witness to the nation. In particular elected officials. Fines and jail time after a first offense unless the lie endangers the safety of someone or the country.
At other places or in other times tongues were cut off for such an offensive behavior.

It’s the lust for power–why the GOP cheats at elections.

From Chase Iron Eyes of North Dakota:

"They didn’t need an address when they took our children and rounded them up into boarding schools, and they didn’t need an address when they conscripted us to fight in the military and make a worthy and honorable sacrifice," Iron Eyes said. "But now they need our address when we want to exercise our right to vote."

But after Heitkamp won in 2012, the state’s Republican-led Legislature decided stricter rules were necessary in the event of voter fraud. Republican state Rep. Dan Ruby told The Nation that his party’s loss “shined a light” on the issue of strengthening voter ID registration and made it a priority, but denied any bill was introduced in order to suppress the Native vote. Yeah. Right.

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Really interesting how both judges cited “confusion” as a reason in their ruling. How fucking condescending.


This fascist judge expects us to believe that they can’t handle TWO polls? The remedy is simple. Accept ballots at both locations. But we all know the true motivation of this judge.


It appears that the fix is in.

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Hello Jim Crow. Didn’t know you would sneak your dirty way back into American life.

Some democracy. We have the most corrupt elections in the world.

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Where are the elections police. They have had six years to clean up their act and everyone allows them to drag their feet. I like the line in National Treasure by the FBI guy: “Someone has to go to jail.”

This isn’t a country ruled by law, as evidenced by the liars, bad hair, and deceivers. This is a country fed material for the likes of George Carlin and Lewis Black.

“Condescending” is right!

The “confusion” rationale is also bogus. Confusion is easily fixed on the spot by communication and signs. It’s not a real problem.

On top of that, “confusion” is so vague and subjective that disputing it is difficult. How do you prove in advance that the confusion would not be severe enough to undermine the election?

Even worse, this decision essentially prevents a remedy for the disenfranchisement. If enough voters are blocked from voting, the election could be considered faulty, but the only remedy would be to conduct a new election. A Republican legislature would never order that if the Republican candidate won, and their excuse would be the expense. Courts would never order it because a second election clearly would make people wonder what’s going on. “We have to vote again? Why? What happened? Where do we vote this time? Are the times the same?”, etc.

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