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As GOP Block Covid Relief, Experts Warn of 'Wave of Despair' and Devastating Anecdotes Show Crisis Already Here

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/13/gop-block-covid-relief-experts-warn-wave-despair-and-devastating-anecdotes-show


The weird mean spirited, jealous and vindictive attitude of trump McConnell and the rest of the rich elites is indicative of their empty souls and lack of imagination. The $600 per week amounts to equivalent of 40 hours of pay per week at $15/hr. This is what the progressives have been demanding to become the federal minimum wage. Unemployed people cannot pay rent, car payment car insurance, health insurance, utilities, groceries, etc, etc… on anything less. The corporate party fights to give the billionaires billions more in tax relief and covid -19 handouts only to buy back their own stocks and offshore more jobs but get really stingy when it comes to helping the average hard working American.


It’s unbelievable really. What will they do? I think they should all go and camp out at the pentagon. (They have heaps of money.)

Spot on, timebr. You just left out the fact that these same, shameless elites will spend August on their yachts or luxury retreats.


We need leaders like this:


dont worry joe and kamala are to the rescue … cough … cough …

The article is on-focus. The bottom 50% of the United States economy is crumbling away.

One general once described crumbling as “like a donut that has been sitting in the coffee too long”. The problem is, first, these are people crumbling. Second, these are entire extended families crumbling. Third, these are entire communities crumbling. Cities and states can’t borrow much more money. All of this is coming on us at warp speed in combination with the still-rising covid-19 pandemic, which is going to get worse for 99% of us as the lower 50% of the USA collapses.

The other 1% will go off and vacation in tourist traps where, curiously, the locals will all look at them like they are almost certainly carrying the coronavirus.

There’s an election in 80 days or so. I expect massive redneck state political reaction on the progressive side and violent redneck state political backlash in the white nationalist direction. I expect the Democrats to have absolutely zero clue that the nation is collapsing this next week. I expect the Republicans to stick to core issues like complaining about the White House water pressure and spewing hurtful comments at women and anyone who isn’t white.


There might be too much to fix by then and if.

I hope nobody thinks things would be like this if Clinton, the LOTE, were president.

The czar pushed
The czar partied
Good food
People suffered
The Bear was tired
Tired of the whip
No food
An imperialist war
The rich got fat
The Bear got angry
The people rose
March 15, 1917 the czar fell
July 17, 1918 the czar entered hell
The religious leaders have failed
Politicians with empty words yell
No more cake
No more lies
Let’s rise.

“Only after disaster can we be resurrected. It’s only after you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything. Nothing is static, everything is evolving, everything is falling apart.”

Chuck Palahniuk, [Fight Club]


Soon to be hibernating/hiding in their “bunkers”.

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Donny and the GOP Senators ripping the wings off of the bald eagle, just like the flies they did in their youth.

sorry my intent was to be sarcastic. i guess i missed the mark … i expect when joe and kamala take over that nothing will fundamentally change b/c those words came right out of the horses mouth err lying dog faced pony soldier … anyway i take joe at his word and i believe him … so well you know the american public has been fucked for a good 40 years now … i think the oligarchs quite like it really


This is such an important piece---- one that brings into focus the results of our malignant, Ayn Rand-like culture.

I know and have worked with some “elites” that believe (really believe) they are better than everyone else, especially those that are not wealthy. The covid relief money is a joke to them. They think nothing of spending $600 on a bottle of wine (several times a month or week!) or 1,200 on a pair of shoes that they may only wear once. They have no clue about nor do they care to understand the pain and suffering of others.

Same can be said of those that aren’t wealthy, may in fact be struggling too but support trump because they carry deep seated hatred and prejudices towards people of color or people on welfare (the horrific, hateful generalizations). We’ve discussed all of this many times . .

Of course there is despair and very few places (if any) to turn to for help in this culture. It is only going to get worse. Thus, this is a very important article.

I agree with Craig Collin’s depiction of the u.s. in a state of catabolic capitalism where: “Social benefits, legal and regulatory protections and modern society itself will also be sacrificed to feed the profit engine”

For people to come out of despair and depression that is situational ----which this is----- a great deal of support is needed. A sense of belonging and purpose is needed.

How can a sense of belonging be achieved in this cruel, sociopathic culture? (insert Krishnamurti quote)

The only way support can be found for those that are struggling financially, physically and emotionally now is through family or small community and not everyone has that. I’ll go further and surmise that very few people have that. Many people were born into narcissistic and/or other forms of pathological families which only make matters worse!

Think about it----you’re immersed in a pathological family that is embedded in a pathological culture-----of course there will be attempts to numb the pain and opt out.

I’ve pointed out the Go Fund Me phenomenon before----- the fact that so many people need “go fund me” pages that are sent out to cyberspace so they can literally survive speaks volumes----- and it does not speak well of our culture, obviously.

It’s only going to get worse with more neoliberalism/trump/Biden/Harris along with the fact that earth’s once relatively stable climate is gone and ecosystems are dying.
Life as we knew it (those of us older especially) is over.

Even for those who are still sort of comfortable financially and have some semblance of “health care” there will be despair and depression due to the collapse of ecosystems on earth and what I believe to be a legitimate feeling: solastalgia

Who wouldn’t be depressed (other than personality disordered people like trump, McConnell etc. etc.) over what is happening in the lagoons of Mauritius where:
“Thousands of species around the pristine lagoons of Blue Bay, Pointe d’Esny and Mahebourg are at risk of drowning in a sea of pollution, with dire consequences for Mauritius’ economy, food security and health”?

The only thing we can hope for (if I may use that iffy word) is to be able to channel this despair into legitimate rage against the machine and break it apart and tear it down.
Depression can go inward or outward. Hopefully, collectively we can project it in an outward direction with a goal toward a movement that is based in compassion. A movement that makes it unacceptable for cruel sociopaths/malignant narcissists/psychopaths to be in any positions of leadership in this country.

And speaking of leadership . . . we could use some leaders right about now to help those that can’t quite get themselves up and out yet . . . leaders to help those that are left alone to suffer, those who are exhausted (understandably) and don’t have the energy or strength to even know what to do . . .


The republicans are desperate to stay in power, the only way they can do that is by cheating and causing enough chaos to side step the election.

Meanwhile, our pet microbe happily feasts on fields of human flesh.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    35 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   5.  02/19/2020          13          13
>  10.  03/25/2020      68,427      68,440
>  15.  04/29/2020     962,219   1,030,659
>  20.  06/03/2020     811,442   1,842,101
>  25.  07/08/2020   1,205,570   3,047,671
>  30.  08/12/2020   2,128,347   5,176,018

This is cut & dried, and all disease stats are suspect – except that it’s safe to assume no reporting agency exaggerates the carnage – minimization pressures have been rampant everywhere. So the numbers tell me “It’s at least this bad” – with the final 5-week segment stabilizing at about 60K new cases per day.

We’ve had more than 40% of all cases diagnosed in the past 5 weeks. The wave of despair in USA continues rising to new heights, at this writing.


Its simple, why give the peasants money to pay their rent or mortgage when republican Big Donors are waiting in the wings ready to Foreclose and make a fortune re-selling houses and raising the rent on new tenants.

Valuable homes where people have been paying their mortgage for years and making repairs and improvements will be taken over by the Banks because the owners missed one or two payments.

This is Capitalism at its best, the Banks and Money Lenders are rubbing their hands together ready to swoop down and evict people from their homes, continuing the Unemployment benefits would only deprive republican donors of the opportunity to make a Killing.

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We are already raging Caroline. As long as people are filled with hatred, misconceptions, propaganda, jealousy, contempt, religious fervour, denialism, stupidity, fear and loathing, the machine will continue to run until its last breath. And we have allowed the machine to reach this control by our electing to suspend our animation in fantasies and brainwashing from repetetive slogans and insulting television/cimematic crap.
(Plus the mass produced food and antibiotic/steroid/hormone/preservative filled hapless creatures killed in their millions every day. And which now are contributing to “humans’” undoing.)
Nevertheless the people making money on all these schemes are not about to realise the errors of these practices.

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Hi Aleph. Wondered where you got to. Spain has new daily cases of nearly 3000. Strict face mask measures in place. Even in bars etc and beaches.
France has 2600 cases in 24 hours.
I’m sure i read (guardian) today the US had 53,000 cases in one day but cannot find it now. Did i mis-read?

I expect that you’re a Republican and it’s in your blood.