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As GOP Deploys 'Nuclear Option', New Reports Detail Damage Done By Trump's Far-Right Takeover of Judiciary


As GOP Deploys 'Nuclear Option', New Reports Detail Damage Done By Trump's Far-Right Takeover of Judiciary

Julia Conley, staff writer

As Senate Republicans rammed through a rules change enabling faster approval of President Donald Trump's judicial nominees, two advocacy groups released reports on Wednesday showing the far-reaching and long-lasting damage his confirmed federal judges have already had on the nation.

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Thanks for nothing Green voters and super purist voters. If democrats ever do take over the Senate, it’s up to us to scream at them to totally eliminate any kind of minority power, because republicans are telling us plain and simple that the majority means POWER and republicans will use that power to accomplish their goals.

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Trump, as President, has to nominate these people for the nominations to be official, but “da brainz” behind the operation is Mitch McConnell. We’re in Dick Cheney’s fifth term, with McConnell playing Cheney’s role.

When the Republicans control the Congress, they change the rules to get what they want. When the Democrats are in control, they use the rules to let the Republicans get what they want. Ergo - vote Green.



emphasized textSorry, there will never be a political solution to brutality and ignorance. We are wasting our time. Only a resurgence of compassion and real empathy across the board will solve our problems.
Meanwhile…”Goin’ Up the Country “!



The Democrats had there chance in 2009 and 2010 and all they did was put through GOP dream legislation. You want to blame somebody, learn your history.



The only good thing that can be said about this miscreant is “Trump defeated in landslide, All at risk Republican Senators and Representatives follow his lead.”

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They have effectively declared war against the 99%. Unfortunately some of the 99% can’t see what is going on and think Trump is great. It makes me sick to my stomach what is being allowed to happen to our country. Hateful, evil people have taken control. We are in a very, very dark place.



Democrats give health insurance to 20 million and that does not mean shit to you. And it would be more if republican governors had not blocked their citizens from getting insurance. Yes, some kind of medicare for all would be better, but sometimes it’s best to take something good instead of throwing it all away for something unavailable at the time. And, yes, you can call it a GOP plan, but that was long ago. Republicans are no longer the same. They were pretty much crap. Now they are despicable.



10 million American’s went bankrupt the last 10 years for not being able afford their Deductible my wife and I being 2 of them., The Dems gave us Libya, Syria, and Yemen. Obama started the sanctions on Venezuela because they were some kind of threat to our security. Where is my Single Payer. Obama did such a good job America decided to go with the Orange Cretin.



. . . and $20 Billion per year of our tax dollars – or more – to Big Insurance and Big Pharma, and they blocked any possibility of a “Public Option”.  O’BummerCare has helped a lot of people a little bit, but the bottom line is that it’s a huge scam benefiting mainly the Fat Cats in the Health Care Industry.

O’Bummer & P’Loser let Wall Street and War Criminals off the hook in 2009, and gave huge amounts
of our tax dollars directly to the Banksters instead of helping the victims of their sub-prime mortgage schemes.  Mnuchin and Prince, among others, would be in prison today instead of swimming in the swamp if O’Bummer & P’Loser had done their jobs in 2009.



The “public option to keep them (insurance companies) honest” that Obama campaigned on, did not even have a seat at the table. Obama was given a huge amount of $ from the industry to assure it wasn’t.
Many millions of people still have nothing, and millions more can’t afford the co-pays and deductibles for what they have. Easy for someone who has insurance to say “better than nothing”. The only reason that healthcare for all isn’t “available at the time” is because the insurance and pharma industries are paying ‘our’ legislators to make sure it stays that way. Time to demand what is financially cheaper (according to all studies) and a moral imperative. Healthcare is a right that no one should have to go without in the richest country in the world.



Republicans primary out their “Rino’s.” We liberals can’t seem to get our shit together. It’s easy to blame corporate donors or anybody other than ourselves.



Haven’t you heard the new DCCC policy? They will now blacklist any consultant who helps someone that primaries a sitting Democrat. Gotta keep those establishment Dems who will fight M4A and free tuition and a living wage.



We lost our democratic representative here in Minnesota when he ran for governor and won. However, now we have a republican prick as our rep. He has sent out one mailer so far, warning us that liberal democrats are trying to lower drug prices on Medicare Part D. The BS and utter audacity was astounding. Chances are my mind addled rural neighbors were either impressed that their rep is kind enough to send them something or they don’t give a shit anyway.



We have a McConnell because we’ve suffered assassinations of liberals all along
the way – begin with Dag Hammarskjold at UN – a long runway of right wing violence
and return to Nazi propaganda practiced in Nixon’s White House again.

And because of Nixon’s, Bush’s, Allen Dulles, Jerry Ford and others who didn’t put up
targets of JFK but who actually moved to do it. And many more. Only total corruption
and voters dropping out in acknowledgment of it has brought us to where we are.

But the system was set by Our Founders when they established not a democracy but a
Elite-Patriarchy and set them up with land grants, great influence and control over our
people’s government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources.

Saved the system of slavery for Elites like themselves – which GUARANTEED the Civil
War which further split the nation into two camps of hatred which still echo today.

All in the same ways they destroyed the native American with violence and Papal Edicts
to “Enslave or Kill” them and Africans already enslaved here.

All of that would only lead us to the fascism we see now.

Plus 50 years of voting on hackable electronic voting machines which immediately
began to deliver very unlikely and unbelievable right wing results – now not only hacked
by right wing here – but Russia and many other nations.

Recall FDR’s Henry Wallace was removed from the VP’cy and replaced by Truman just
45 days before FDR’s death. Who but Truman gave us the CIA and real fascism which
began playing out in 1943 with Mockingbird, Paperclip and Gladio. Their drug running
and gun running began right then. With Vatican laundering the drug money then used
by CIA to create fake “insurrections” to be blamed on Italian government – all to move
and keep right wing in place.

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Yup, most people, especially Americans, don’t know their history. Germany did indeed win WWII. The entire ethos of the Third Reich was simply transferred across the Atlantic where, let’s say it’s “final solution” would be implemented by the Americans instead.
We are witnessing the end game of the grand plan to establish fascism on a world wide scale, this time without firing a shot. Modern fascists use PCs and pens instead of bombs and bullets.



What we are witnessing is the culmination of plans put forth by Powell, wygant, Fred Koch, and others back in the early 1970’s. They had seen. Giant middle class rise worldwide in the years following WWII. With that rise came a transfer of wealth not before seen, as money and ownership of society actually moved downward for arguably the first time in human history. The oligarchy had to stop it, reverse it. Slavery had been used since the Iron Age as means for the oligarchy to produce cheap goods and keep the “rabble” at bay. However the 20th century saw slavery practically disappear, and thus power, both economic and political, was transferred to the working classes. For this movement towards “equality” to be reversed, slavery had to be reestablished, without the potential PR nightmare of shipping actual humans from the third world to the labor in the first. Thus “global free trade” was invented. Western society, which was built on the backs of real and wage slaves, could then be slowly transformed back into the feudal system that it was always meant to be.



Then we have those hired to obfuscate, the smoke screen generaters. They stand on the sidelines waving their hands saying, “If you only had not been such purists!”



And PACs.



Read the OTHER article in this edition of CD, where many DEMOCRATS in the Senate are HELPING to PUSH THROUGH these right-wing extremists judges. Don’t talk about “purist” progressives when we CAN’T

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