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As GOP Hides From Voters, Sanders Rallies Trumpcare Resistance


As GOP Hides From Voters, Sanders Rallies Trumpcare Resistance

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the congressional recess—usually a time for lawmakers to interact with their constituents—is set to end on Monday, many Republicans are working extremely hard to avoid voters angry about the Senate GOP's historically unpopular and potentially deadly Trumpcare plan.


Sanders is one of many voices opposing Trumpcare. Organizations like Indivisible and Organizing for Action are going all out to stop this attempt to take healthcare coverage from millions and give large tax breaks to the rich. There is broad opposition to this legislation and an I doubt that McConnell has enough tricks up his sleeve to deliver this gift to the very wealthy.


Props to Sanders for stumping publicly in red states to fight this abomination of a “health” bill. That said:

Why doesn’t Sanders introduce companion legislation in the Senate to the House single-payer bill HR 676?

Seriously, what’s the downside? How would having that bill proposed in the Senate, stop us or weaken us in fighting the Ryan / Trump “Let Americans Die” AHCA?

It would only strengthen us, rally us, inspire us.


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:43100”]
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is set to speak in two deeply red states—Kentucky and West Virginia[/quote]

I know that it is increasingly unlikely, but I really, really, wish the US Left would recognize the enormous strategic importance in reclaiming the color red. Blue is the international color of conservatism, and red the color of the left, even just center-left - like the Canadian Liberal Party. But like so many other things, the US is alone in the world in associating red with conservatism.

It should be obvious that this color change - which began with the election of Bill Clinton, was deliberate. How useful that the Democrats are now associated with the color that evokes calm and passivity, while the extremist right takes claim to the color deeply associated in the human psyche with the ardor and agitation of the down-trodden!


McConnell, Ryan, and Trump promote WEALTHcare not healthcare.

Millions kicked off Medicare or lose their health insurance just to give tax cuts to the rich. Heartless. Simply Un-American.


I disagree. This is very “American”. The plutocracy has ebbed and flowed since the founding. The haves always want more from the have nots. Sometimes they have been successful…


Love ya Bernie.

But we don’t want to fix the ACA. We want the Single Payer bill promised.

If you don’t have the time to draft your own bill, take the Medicare For All bill HR676, paste it into a draft of a Senate bill, and introduce it.

Thank you


If anyone is as sick as me of hearing the phrase “the July 4 recess” without any announcement of when this actually is, the Senate is back in session tomorrow. The House, on Tuesday.


Why don’t you try flapping your arms really hard and maybe you will fly. The reason that Sanders is not introducing a single-payer bill in the Senate right now is similar.


Then why did Conyers introduce it in the House?

In his own words:

“to build on our momentum” of defeating the Republican bill, which did not actually happen in the House, only in the Senate.

“it is immoral for health care to be a for-profit enterprise”

“it is [a message] that many of my colleagues in the Democratic Party need to hear as well.”

“28 million Americans will still be without insurance even under the Affordable Care Act”

“the time for those excuses [from Democrats about not supporting single-payer] has passed”

These reasons hold at least as well (I would argue better) in the Senate.


IMaybe this has been the pattern historically. But I am an American and I know many many other Americans who care about and for others. I don’t think those who have been wielding power in America are for America or for people. They are for themselves. Therefore, they are un-American.


Continue to focus on the positive - on what can be.


Push the posiitve vision first. Dwell on the negative less.


To help us understand, what is un-American, let us look on what is typically American
Among all the thirty or forty wealthiest nations we are unique in:
• Not having universal health care
• Not having paid parental leave
• Not even having statutory paid annual vacations
• Not having free post secondary education
• But: Having the world’s highest rate of incarceration
• Having a for profit prison system
• Having government sanctioned torture
• Having police with a de facto license to shoot minorities as long as the where holding an object, which with a lot of imagination could be assumed to be a weapon
• Having militarized police attacking peaceful demonstrators
• Taking licence to attack other nations at will
• Having the most costly Armed forces in terms of actual size as well as GDP
• Having more than 100 oversea bases, compared with Russia’s 3 and China’s 1
• Having by far the highest rate of mass killings
• Having by far the costliest health care system but are rate 37th in service (WHO)
• Having elected a President, who thinks grabbing female genitals is a privilege that comes with wealth

So tell me again, what is un-American, but let me help you out with a few suggestions:
• Peaceful co-existence among nations is un-American
• True democracy is un-American
• Looking after the poor and underprivileged is un-American
• Looking after and supporting returning war vets with PTSD and physical handicaps is un-American


Wasn’t that supposed to happen last May?


Lead the way, Bernie! Still feel the Bern!


Alternatively, the reason might be that corporate puppetmasters in Pharma and Insurance have threatened to withhold payouts to Dems who stick their necks out by advocating for something their (former) base wants.

And really, we haven’t seen Dems stick their necks out for anything except corporate-friendly policy in years.


You have told me what has been America’s practice historically. And in a very condescending manner to boot. You have not told me what is American. What has been practiced has been dependent on differential power. Those who have the power have successfully pushed the long list you have generated that you describe as being American. There are many many people, I would venture to say the vast majority (and poll after poll back me up) are opposed to most if not all of the items on your list and would like to see that change.

Your talking about historical patterns in America. I’m talking about what the American people want and what can be. Who’s to say what is American and Un-American. You seem to live in the past. I’m looking into the future… Here’s to the future.


Yes, indeed. It would be a nice twist on conservative ideology. Time to raise The Red Flag.


Wonder when the oxymoronic “Trumpcare” is going to fall out of use.