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As GOP Hides From Voters, Sanders Rallies Trumpcare Resistance


Pretty twisted. What have we done to deserve this shabby treatment? I certainly don’t know.


Conyers did it as a swipe at Pelosi, possibly. Thee ol’ shot across the bow on possible cuts to Medicaid, perhaps. Nancy will pray on all of it, I’m sure, and get back to us on The Uniparty & Jesus’s answer during the final negotiations, no doubt.
If the bill passes in the Senate, it goes back to the House. Then, the bill will change yet again.
The final product will resemble a jackalope. One of the most feared animals I’ve never seen. Except, mounted on walls in wateringholes; bars, taverns, roadside diners, and the like. We’ll finally get in healthcare, what the gullible always get from the tellers of fearsome tales of the jackalope. Which is, of course, getting our legs pulled so hard they’ll pop out of our hip sockets.
And, lousy healthcare to pay the bill for all the pulling, too. Because in America, healthcare is not about getting people well, about starting children ( even the pre-born;-) ) off on the right foot, about getting people to use less prescription drugs and especially opiods, about ending medical bankruptcies and all the rest of it. Heavens, no!
It is fundamentally about making money for some folks at the deadly expense of most of the other folks. And, we Americans can all certainly agree on that point. It’s the only fair thing to do, right?
Same as it ever was.


The only way to single payer is to repeal Obamacare. Then the whole corporate health care edifice collapses. Out of the disaster single payer becomes the only option. Everyone then sees the class war waged by global corporate elites on the American people. Obamacare is corporate driven.

Yes, people will die. We have reached that point in history. You can choose to die in cowardice or courage. Change will only occurs with courage…Keep the faith.


Bernie could do it as a swipe at Feinstein, who has stated a very negative opinion of single-payer and who also lives in CA, which came as close as anyone in this country to passing it. Another benefit of this is that Feinstein will likely not run again, whereas Pelosi has the momentum (and funding) of an incumbent. If Bernie brought single payer into the Senate spotlight, it would force anyone running to replace Feinstein to make it a central issue (whether for or against). Another reason I foresee introducing such a bill to have greater impact in the Senate.


You, Lrx, have been shilling for the Democratic Establishment since early in the primary, constantly denouncing Bernie and promoting Hillary. It is the dishonesty and misguided views of people like you that have brought us Trump. Indivisible ™ is just part of the Soros/Brock generated McResistance ™ astroturfing, and not genuine. Bernie’s movement is where the momentum is, where supporters have the passion, and where change will occur from the bottom up, not from the top down as in these faux McResistance ™ organizations that you mention. Please stop with your Establishment narrative. It did no good in the primary, and it doesn’t help during this critical period either.


I am sorry, if I hurt your patriotic feelings, but I have done nothing but pointed out facts.
If there are that many people (you assert, that it is a majority), then why have we not done anything to change that pattern, which has prevailed every since the founding of or nation, but has accelerated during the last few decades.

The people in the other civilized countries did not have their social structure for much more than 100 years. Though Germany started its social security net already in the 1880ies with provisions we are still trying to fight for.

They did not sit on their asses and let themselves be duped with such mantras like: “We are the greatest country in the world.” Or “Everybody wants to emanate what we have.”

As long as we ignore the bitter facts, we will not be able to change them, in our quest to build a better nation


We sat there being duped, while other people were changing their systems
Look at me other post, #27 in the line-up.


[quote=“Golestan, post:27, topic:43100”]“I am sorry, if I hurt your patriotic feelings, but I have done nothing but point out facts.”[/quote] And you got at least one of them wrong.  Maybe dead wrong:

[quote=“Golestan, post:15, topic:43100”]“To help us understand, what is un-American, let us look on what is typically American
  Among all the thirty or forty wealthiest nations we are unique in:
•   Having militarized police attacking peaceful demonstrators.
”[/quote] Unless the MSM really is peddling “fake news”, even “peaceful” Germany cracked down very harshly on Anti-G20 demonstrators a couple of days ago. Turkey, Russia and, IIRC, Poland have been among those thirty or forty wealthiest nations whose militarized police have attacked demonstrators in the past year or three.  And let’s not forget Tienanmen Square in China . . .

Not that not being unique is an excuse for such behavior, but let’s not get too carried away lest we lose our credibility.


At the same time you pose the ?, " what is American and what is Un-American ", you seem to want to speak for most of us. On a small planet, what is increasingly clear to most of the world’s population, is American Exceptionalism is a cancer.
That the hegemony of American elites is unproductive, that nuclear bullying is unhelpful, that endless war is immoral, that criminal negligence at home doesn’t sell well around other democracies and would-be coalition partners.
" The only real god in America is money ". Malcolm X. With some notable exceptions, that’s what some Americans think history teaches us, about most of our shared history.
Your dismissive remark is part of the problem. For the world to survive America needs to first sweep in front of their own door. Then there’s a lot better chance the whole street will be clean, so to speak.
But, only fools are betting that’s going to happen anytime soon. We’ve got an Empire to care for, after all.



Sorry, don’t see numbered posts.
Perhaps in other countries, people are treated as adults and given more leeway to change their systems.
This one, not so much.


He’s first swiping at the tax cutters, especially McConnell’s duplicity in courting the libertarian wing of the Republicans and so-called Independent voters who call themselves Libertarians.
The partial answer to this would be the Democratic Party’s embrace of left libertarian policies on militarism and tax subsidies to the Corporate State. Also, acknowledging the negative impacts of the Police & Security State on minority communities, too. Probably a pipe dream, though.


The anarchists that the German police had to deal with are very violent. Those protesters expect a harsh response from the police. They looted stores, set cars on fire, and wound up injuring quite few police. Many of the protesters were also injured. There are a lot more of these violent anti-capitalist protesters in Europe then in the US. However, quite a few of them have been trying to shut down free speech on college campuses recently whenever right wing extremists have been invited on campus to speak. And now neo-Nazi groups are organizing to fight back against the anarchists. This is creating a lot of problems on campuses of state schools that can’t bar outsiders from their campuses.


It’s time to take the ‘private’ out of the healthcare system to ensure all Americans access to affordable care. Make the ACA better, or better still, introduce single payer and guarantee care to all. It’s only the week willed politicians caving to the greedy profit vultures and their lobbyists whilst the little guy suffers. HR 676 needs to put forth in the Senate, Bernie?

  • Nobody attacked peaceful demonstrators in Germany but if riot and looting breaks out it has to countered and was, with police force.
  • The Dakota Access Pipeline protests were peaceful throughout.
  • Last time I looked the National Guard was military.
    As far as Poland is concerned, you will have to come up with evidence that
  • it was used against peaceful demonstrations
  • that any military was involved in suppressing it


You seem to think real change and winning against the corporatocracy and corrupt R’Con’s and Dem corporate-whores can be accomplished 0-60 with nothing in between - no building our strong opposition - and I don’t mean the "incrementalism BS either - It’s fantasy to think people will change over-night and bashing the only politician who is out there fighting in a direction to educate and inspire the people needed to change is a form of being a shill.

So Sanders is a sellout and “sheepdog” right? WTF are you doing to build change?
What do you propose other than bashing? Who is your champion for radical change? How do people fight the power - the corrupt system -to effect real change without building a coalition?


This is what the world looks like in terms of providing Universal Health Care. You have to remember that this covers multiple systems in the U.S.


If you look to the right of these posts you see a scale with today’s date on top and a thermometer like scale. on which the number of the post on the bottom of the current page is indicated. Scroll the indicator up or down to the desired post number and then read it at the bottom of the open page.


Also, who are the 28 million without a health care plan?

Note the people in the orange states should be protesting to say the least.


I can’t argue with your examples of negative views of America (or really the historically enacted policies and actions of the American government and business related to so-called economic interests) from around the world - and btw you indicate that I “want to speak for most of us” yet go on to do a good bit of generalizing to the group yourself. But are these policies and actions the only thing that defines what it is to be American? Are these what Americans want and have wanted (knowing of course that many Americans have been wittingly but more likely unwittngly propping them up with their way of life)?

I don’t disagree with you that “America needs to first sweep in front of their own door” in addressing these issues. Yes, all Americans should. What is troubling though is then you go on to comment on how “that’s not going to happen anytime soon.” That is just a defeatist statement.

Yes, America has used its power through government and elites for selfish reasons to the detriment of many both Americans and other people and environments around the world. On the other hand, America has many worthy ideals related to justice, equity, fairness, etc. that many Americans believe in. I would say that working for those ideals is as American as the negative examples you state. That is not a defeatist attitude.