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As GOP Moves to Cut Medicare and Social Security, 60% of Americans Say Repeal Trump Tax Scam Instead


As GOP Moves to Cut Medicare and Social Security, 60% of Americans Say Repeal Trump Tax Scam Instead

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As President Donald Trump and Republican leaders make clear that they intend to enact deep cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security after next month's midterms in a supposed effort to rein in the soaring deficit—which has ballooned largely due to Trump's $1.5 trillion tax law—a


Just another redistribution from the many to the few –

How many of GOP supporters even know that Social Security is something that
every American pays for – and the government has never contributed anything to it???


And here Trump wanted us to believe that our $4,000 tax cut could pay for the tax cut AND help shore up social security. Apparently lie number 5,001 and 5002.


A tax cut dreamt up by and for people who don’t know taxes work. And the alleged “representatives” of the people won’t do a damn thing to address the people’s needs.


Congress critters, keep your hands off. This is our national savings account. Our national pension if you will. Our retirement staple. What the hell are you thinking. And don’t for a second tell us there isn’t enough fricking money or we will tear your ears off.


Prepare to die…


Social security is a tax, and WE contribute to it. Where do these idiots come up with these ideas? Make sure to call your rep, and not just vent on this site.


Johnson sez: “… a survey published on Friday found that nearly two-thirds of Americans would prefer repealing the Republican tax cuts over slashing the safety net.”

That would be great, if congress represented “nearly two-thirds of Americans”.


Too many young people are dipping into this and saying they are too depressed to work. Many get approved. Some of these people have never worked. This is not what our ss retirement is intended for.


Congress only reps the rich because they ARE the one percenters.


It’s more fun when one starts that quote with, “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya …”


Yes, the population is that stoopid and then some- some actually believe that ss is a scam meant to keep the elderly alive. Silly young people actually believe that they should get their tax “cut” now even if they never worked- only to them it will be a tax cut that eliminates ss .


Don’t crawl under a rock- then they win.


I’ve actually heard GOP “reps” say that ss retirement is welfare.


Some of us don’t simply want the tax cut repealed but that the wealthy should be taxed every penny above what they refuse to share. Begin with removing the cap on SS. Period.


Well, this will be the one thing that drives REAL conflict, the kind no one wants but the only kind that seems work in times of political upheaval. We can thank the NRA/GOP terrorists for making certain that we are so well armed.


I don’t think social security disability is that easy to get for that (mental health)


Then any 401k or savings account or insurance policy could be construed likewise, as welfare. Dumb


It’s time to join Bernie and insist that it is time to expand social security to catch up to real inflation, not the arbitrary colas.


The first paragraph misses the damn point. The point is, that the deficit argument is moot to begin with no matter if you are arguing for the cuts to Medicare, etc, or arguing that the tax cuts should be repealed for that money to be available.

The point is of course that this has been a long designed and practiced scam to eventually kill those programs and privatize them, and there are both Corporate Democrats and all Republicans who want this. Corporate Democrats would just do it a little bit at a time, but are secretly okay with this in-your-face leap frogging past otherwise incremental steps like chained-CPI, etc.

When the clucking deficit has been many many many trillions of dollars for many years now, ANY argument that mentions the deficit is only cogent to someone who has no concept of how large an amount of even one trillion dollars is.

If such were widely understood, then these arguments that this nation can’t afford these programs would have been rendered ineffective long ago.

Sadly, even arguments to save Social Security, Medicare, etc end up being couched in the deception as well.