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As GOP Officially Re-Nominates Trump, Poll Shows 68% in US Disapprove of President's Pandemic Response

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/24/gop-officially-re-nominates-trump-poll-shows-68-us-disapprove-presidents-pandemic

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Worth mentioning here:

Latest batch of Republicans disavow Trump on first day of RNC

The 27 former Republican members of the US Congress are encouraging support for Joe Biden in the presidential election.


What’s frightening as hell at this point is that 32% group.

They need to be in the FEMA camps for reeducation : - )



If you ain’t indicted, you ain’t invited.

Anybody know which night Putin is speaking?


That was precisely the stat (32% think Trump has handled the pandemic well) that frightened me too. Successful revolutions have occurred throughout history with far smaller percentages behind them, usually ushering in a violent and repressive regime for years and years.


It doesn’t surprise me that there is bipartisan support for Biden. There has been bipartisan support for Trump as well when it comes to pushing pro-corporate policies through. There will also be bipartisan support against anyone who stands up tot he Establishment as well.


and Mnuhin did him no favors by promising (I know, cough cough) another stimulus check in August at the beginning of the month. I live in probably the prototypical Trumpy cesspit: and that’s what they’re grousing about the most: didn’t get their free money and most of them were counting on it. Before they got evicted from the shotgun shacks, that is.

It’s like Donnie wants to go to jail or something.


It is now clear to everyone, including the bigots themselves, that the GOP is no longer the conservative Republican political party, but rather an openly criminal bigoted, pro-corporatist, pro-fascist cabal of opportunistic oligarchical anti-democracy domestic enemies. They are also the very definition of openly and purposeful ‘domestic enemies’. The fact that they are still “allowed” to be in control of what’s left of “our” government speaks volumes - - - It’s the ‘allowing of the allowing’, that is the main problem. It, (the allowing), must be stopped.


His narcissistic myopia only allows him to see 5 minutes ahead of the present moment.

I think it’s a real and rare service to political honesty that the Biden campaign hails its Republican support while openly scorning progressives, At least we all know where we stand:

Suburban Republicans wanted.
DFHs need not apply.


The Trump campaign is based on “Things were going great until Covid19 – forget about the present.”

Which is kind of like Biden’s appeal to the left: “I can be a change agent – forget about my past.”


Well, the Democrats used up the unindicted Republicans criminals at their convention.


It is also clear to those paying attention that the Democrats are now the conservative Republican political party, rebranded.


One might say that conventions of either side are parties for rich criminals to propagandize their followers.


It’s always about people forgetting, going back to sleep.


The DNC/Clinton/Pelosi/Corporatist wing - Yes. The progressive/AOC/Sanders wing - No.

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By naming that “wing,” you’ve accounted for 30% of the entire progressive group within the 280 member elected contingent. To be a progressive one must have voted for more than one progressive initiative. Who stands up within the party and upholds progressive policies? I may have overstated the size of that wing.

The product was corrupted in the 1980’s as exemplified by Mike Dukakis taking credit for the success of Ed Kings policies and the coincidence of the tech boom beginning early in Masschusetts; and the Clinton’s scoured the last bit of populism from the party’s agenda with the help of Biden Pelosi and other K Street favorites. All that’s left is the embarrassingly inappropriate party name. Today’s democrats are the lowest information voters of any group bar none.

USA has about 4% of global population, 1/4 of global COVID cases and 1/5 of the deaths. This means we’re 5 or 6 times more likely to catch COVID and die, just because we live here in the land of the free (free-range microbes, that is).

How are y’all feeling about hordes of maskless covidiots gathering to shout “that’s right!” whatever our dictator-for-now says? (Cripes, some of these call-and-response sound clips – I think I’m listening to a traditional black-church sermon!) I know it’s awful that Homo sapiens individuals continue to give the bug a leg up among us. But if some group of US Americans inevitably has to step up and historically exemplify classic thickheaded dipwadditude, perishing like lemmings, I suppose this bunch’ll do.

Notre Dame University in South Bend Indiana has 450 student cases.
Michigan State University is on e-learning.
Masks worn and a clean spare required in the local high school.
Outside, close gatherings of friends without masks.
what, me worry ?? Alfred E. Neuman

Expecting shut down within a week as some student is going to test positive.

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They sound like Darwin Award winners to me. Let them eat Covid.

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