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As GOP Readies All-Out Assault on Social Safety Net, Viral Video of Billionaire's Son Shows Who Benefits From GOP Tax Scam


As GOP Readies All-Out Assault on Social Safety Net, Viral Video of Billionaire's Son Shows Who Benefits From GOP Tax Scam

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The young Koch spends his springtime "playing tennis at Mar-a-Lago" and runs a business selling shirts "festooned with actual money bags."

Wyatt Koch


The American Revolution can be seen, in part, as a repudiation of hereditary monarchy. One of the most important tools we’ve developed to prevent its return is the estate tax, which the new tax bill seeks to end.

Given SCOTUS decisions such as Buckley v. Valeo and Citizens United, inherited wealth now equals inherited political power—REGARDLESS OF MERIT AND APTITUDE. In other words, one person/one vote democracy has morphed into a one dollar/one vote system.

The tree of liberty is dying of thirst.


May this fat fuck drop dead from a heart attack playing tennis at Mar-a-Lago. There is no way he actually plays tennis unless it is on a video game as he stuffs his fascist face with an all you can eat buffet. Wyatt is a perfect example of the rich a$$hole$ inbreeding among themselves. In his case greed is genetically passed along. These rich folks and their progeny need to go once and for all. Send them all to mars on a one way trip and see if they can survive without all their citizen slaves.
Yeah I know, I shouldn’t be attacking the Koch Kid, but sometimes my anger just can’t help itself.
P.S. Actually I could hope that Wyatt grows an awareness of all the suffering in the world because of people like him and gives all his inherited money away to the poor. That would be a fitting thing to imagine at this time of year (A Christmas Carol) as a perfect example. Now that would be amazing. But of course that will never happen except in a Charles Dickens novel.


The coup is pretty much complete. Now for the cuts, and people dying like plants deprived of water and sunlight. Little simpletons like this Koch kid, who is sublimely unaware of how he comes across in this national emergency, will thrive and feel that somehow they represent America and capitalist success. Well, the only way capitalism has actually thrived historically is through exploitation, genocide, and a Hobbesian approach of dog-eat-dog (which they euphemistically call “healthy competition”). Slavery in the past, now low wages and depriving people of the few safety nets left…ick. Seems any country is better than the US now, almost.


The GOP is transferring money away from fighting air pollution and into exacerbating heir pollution.


He should make all Americans proud.


Obviously Wyatt Ingraham is morally superior to the rest of us. NOT because he is super-rich, as the Damn-o-crats would have you believe, but because he actually works for a living and isn’t just a drain on the system.

The lesson from this article shouldn’t be to attack and criticize others because they are better than us. The lesson SHOULD be that any one of us could be just as wealthy if only we had applied ourselves. I mean, look how easy it could have been. Anybody could come up with the idea of a shirt with money bags on it, except for liberals, who would rather bitch and moan about how people like Wyatt Ingraham owe US money.


WTF? He works for a living? Bwwaaaaahhhhaaaa! Do you actually believe that nonsense? Wake the fuck up! The only time I’ve seen that much bullshit in a paragraph is whenever Trump tweets.


I’m throwing up now


I believe that nephewsam’s post was sarcasm.
I thought it was actually quite funny.
(But then again, I AM warped.)


A dick selling shirts to other dicks.

Is this country great, or what?


This asshole is dirt poor compared to Jeff “The Jerk” Bezos who adds
$2,000,000 AN HOUR to his wealth!

Nothing is ever going to change as long as people continue to support the robber barons and their corporations. We can do all the writing, pissing and moaning we want but only DIRECT ACTION (Or IN-action) can make a dent in the Greed Capitalism machine.

Boycotting Wal-Mart, Verizon, AT&T, Amazon, etc. etc. may make a dent but ONLY if our numbers follow through. For that I will not hold my breath. That would be like expecting voters not to re-elect the same corrupt scum who leads them to the poor house and an early grave.


This article, well its accompanying pix and video ,… just tickled my funny bone!! The thought of this semi-brain damaged looking little fattie actually PLAYING tennis gave me a much needed laugh break in a depressing political week. How embarrassed the Kochs must be at their :clown_face: progeny…


Another SOB that never has or will do an honest day of work. Just like trump, he thinks the world owes him a life of luxury. These people have never seen a military budget they don’t love. They don’t care how much is spent in wars to defend their right to stay in the 1%…just as long as they don’t have to pay for it.


Just as some people start looking like their dogs, this Koch heir is shaped like a bulging money bag.

Wonder where the sweat shop producing the shirts is located ?

Perhaps this guy is really just a character from Robert Crumb’s Zap Comix ?


Ahhh, y’a’all jus jelus/ jesus ya jus wanna havta got onea dose money-bag t-shirts like I wanna a bit of swag an wear it roun da job… hope deres matching money-bag-t-shirts for my pardner (whad ever gener “they” appen to be or eggnod to be). I bet yur bozz wud like one two!!


Some peppermint tea can help that. But you are right this is probably causing a lot of nausea.


No amount of money will take away this oompa-loompa’s UGLY, which is not only on the outside…with him it goes all the way to the bone. His idea of tennis is to be on one side of the court with the automatic ball machine on the other side set to slowly lob balls in the direction of his racquet…that way he does not have to move out of his tracks, which it looks like the lardbucket rarely does anyway (move, that is). He is a ginger doppleganger of the debauched Nero. Mal y Loco is just the place for this warthog.


It’s good dude is rich as hell because apart from that he doesn’t appear to have anything, e.g., looks or intelligence going for him.


I like your comment …your unleashing of your anger…and then the bit of guilt for it and…etc… I do the same thing…it is very difficult are tomes to hold back that anger…