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As GOP Spends Big Money Trying to Make Corporate Tax Cuts Popular, New Poll Shows Most Americans Still Smart Enough to Hate It


As GOP Spends Big Money Trying to Make Corporate Tax Cuts Popular, New Poll Shows Most Americans Still Smart Enough to Hate It

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As right-wing advocacy groups embark on yet another campaign to sell the American public on the GOP's corporate-friendly tax law that President Donald Trump insisted would sell itself, a new Gallup poll published Monday found that th


“President Donald Trump insisted would sell itself…”

…just like Stormy Daniels does.


Bah, throw in some bling (half naked girls) and a pickem up truck with USA,USA,USA on the side, and the people will eat it up.
Mission accomplished.


And if you had an MSM that trafficked in facts rather than faux “balance”, that ratio would be far larger, wouldn’t it just?


It would be a pleasant surprise if the Republicans’ arrogant cynicism backfired. They have assumed that the public is too stupid to understand that they are being manipulated. Distract them with a few pennies for a few years while the rich quietly bankrupt the country.


I realize that this is a simplistic reading, but the percentage of those that were undecided has declined by about the percentage of people that agree with that monstrous bill. It’s also worth noting that the media did, per usual, as bad of a job as possible in educating people on the bill and the Democrats, per usual, did an equally bad job of arguing against the bill or providing any real coherent alternative. Them being corrupt and benefiting from the bill too might help to explain that. Many Americans get fed propaganda by interests that benefit from that bill. So, Americans aren’t really being given tons of information to make an informed decision on that bill, and despite all of that, it is still deeply unpopular.

One thing I would say about that bill; if people wanted to critique it, they might want to point out that while it does give lots of tax cuts, those cuts benefit a small percentage of the population, they benefit the rich and corporations, and they are accompanied by the largest tax increase in American history. If we had a party opposing the Republicans that was worth a damn, and if we had a good media that wasn’t almost entirely owned by interests that benefit from their cuts, this bill would be about as popular as cancer.


Time for the Republicans to bring out their secret weapon; guns, God, gays, abortion, and of course, immigrants. The Democrats will stick with their losing strategy; talking like progressives, but acting like corrupt neoliberals, beholden only to their corporate masters, which are the same masters of the Republicans.
Personally, I think their corporate masters get a big kick out of watching the duopoly mud battles every two years. They’ve got their money riding on both sides, so they always win.


The scary thing is how high the percentages are in the approval column. Repug’s. in the 99% are dumb as shit.


I think those opposing the fatcat greed suckathon is at least 65% of the population.


When are people going to realize that it is not just the corporate tax cuts- it’s also the fact that the very rich make money passively off of capital gains, and those are taxed at just fifteen per cent!


They get paid out of the tax coffers of the people, and they do nothing. You’re right about the g-d, abortion thing- personal issues rather than political.


What is neede now is a socialist party led by Bernie Sanders - it is the ONLY way forward. The right wing extremists have had it their own way for far too long - they are few but we are many so rise up and be heard. Trump should be the spur for a sea change in politics because he is a dangerous lunatic and everyone knows it.


The GOP corruption is beyond comprehension. The latest poster boy for corruption is Elliott Broidy. He was the deputy finance chairman for the RNC but had to resign recently after it was found that Trump’s lawyer Cohen made a $1.6 million pay off for Broidy to a woman who had become pregnant during an affair. When you review the history of involvement in corruption of this man - no wonder the RNC wanted him on their team.


Fact checking and correcting. There are three tax rates on capital gains, 0%, 15% and 20%. If a person has more than about $420,000 in capital gains, they pay 20% on the extra.

As for “passively”, buying low and selling high is harder than it sounds.

I defer to someplace and time later for a discussion of how much the rich should pay. With a nod to Thomas Piketty, who proposes 70% (or higher) tax rates not to collect them, but to communicate to the able to not earn that kind of money.


and… Twice as many believe their Federal taxes will go down. (From the poll)

Disapproval of something is not “hate”

Many Dems/Libs disapproved of ACA. (Most polled did not approve)
Some because they realized that it did not go far enough (single-payer)
Some because they realized how bad it was and how it hurt most.