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As Government Refuses Treatment, Chelsea Manning Demands Her Right 'To Exist'



This article is ludicrous. Manning joined the United States Army as a man, he was charged and convicted as a man. And as far as I can see, he hasn't legally changed his gender. No one is denying his "right to exist". He exists.

You really want taxpayers paying for prisoners to get sex-change operations? Prison is supposed to be a punishment, not a reward. The problem is not just the cost of the operation, of course, but the logistics of a male/female prisoner that needs special treatment because you can't put him in either prison while he's transitioning.


That's just so 20th Century, John.


She is just sentenced to 35 years in purgatory for speaking the truth.
* I'm sure that other truth speakers will be subjected to the same by the Fourth Reich, if identified and captured.
* As Goebbels said, "It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”


Manning needs to write a book. He/she needs to describe his/her journey from an x/y chromosome "male" to the desire to become and x/y chromosome "female". As far as i can tell (and there are plenty of x/x chromosome females who have hair short enough to conform to even Ft. Leavenworth prison regulations by choice and not compulsion) failure of the army to allow Manning to have longer hair and perhaps to be given all the female hormones needed to begin to take on female physical characteristics will:

cause Manning to feel depressed
cause Manning to be angry and resentful towards the system that requires such
piss off those who make their living off of promoting transgenderism.

It will in no way physically threaten Manning's life. As such his/her complaint takes on the tone of whining rather than justifiable grievance. Perhaps Manning's book explaining why he/she so desperately needs such privileges would clarify this otherwise absurd complaint on his/her part.
If nothing else it would at least keep his/her mind constructively occupied for a while. As Johnny Mathis once sang about the 12th of Never, thirty-five years in Leavenworth is a long, long, time.


I watched that video that he released ... the one with the helicopter pilots killing those on the ground... with no guns... etc... he was the beginning of what SNOWDEN DID... he was the first hero.... THE FIRST HERO... or should I say SHE WAS THE FIRST HERO.... think deep...er...


The twentieth century was NOT ALL bad. So you cannot equate all your dislikes with the twentieth century. (I'm assuming your dislikes are of bad things.) You are committing a logical fallacy. Also, those in the twentieth century were happy not to be in the nineteenth.

The reforms of the New Deal of the 1930s were a great improvement, they were PROGRESS. That too many of those regulations have been dismantled, extending to the present, means that the twenty-first century is, so far, worse than the twentieth.


Humans can never change sex.

Manning is talking about his "gender identity" and his "gender dysphoria".

The entire "transgender identity" does not make a man into a woman, but into a surgical/chemical facsimile along narrowly defined gender roles.

Cait Jenner's quote, "The hardest part of being a woman is picking out your clothes", is a misogynistic, white male privileged delusion.

I am 100% behind Manning's release of information revealing criminal activities of our government. I do not believe he received a fair sentence but is being made an example for other whistleblowers. I am 100% sympathetic to that cause.

But, the entire "sex change" is bogus. Every cell in every body always retains XX or XY. That does not change. Ever.

I don't care what Manning prefers to identify as. I personally identify as the Pope and want all of you to call me Popalicious. I do care that he's in prison too long for doing something that is courageous. Those military helicopter snipers who killed journalists and civilians as revealed on one video clip Manning took part in releasing to the public - those are the people who need to be in jail.


I give a shit about the military's problems with logistics?

Some people just don't fit your nice little categories of gender, just as some people don't fit simplistic categories of race (they divide prisoners by race, too). It's only an inhuman system that can't work with such basic realities. You seem perfectly content with perpetuating it.