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As 'Gruesome' New Details of Khashoggi Murder Emerge, Trump Obediently Bows to Saudi Crown Prince

As 'Gruesome' New Details of Khashoggi Murder Emerge, Trump Obediently Bows to Saudi Crown Prince

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As "shocking and gruesome" new details surrounding Saudi Arabia's alleged torture and assassination of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi continued to trickle out on Tuesday—with anonymous Turkish officials telling the press that the prominent dissident was beaten, killed by lethal injection, and cut into pieces by the head autopsy doctor of the Saudi defense forces—U.S.


If you think the USA is going to bite the hand that lubes it with cheap oil, you’re dreaming.

Want to realistically assess the odds of dealing with reining in GHG?

Watch this whitewash unfold and the oil spigots keep on spewing the filth.

US policy remains pimpin’ for pumpin.’
And the bonus is that Israel gets to stomp Palestinians with impunity.


Actually only about 9% of US oil imports come from the KSA. Most of it comes from Canada.

I think it’s mostly the arms exports that worry the US right now. Even tho, apparently, the KSA is not really making good on that $100 billion of purchases promised.


Face facts, the electoral college put a President in place that is using this office to further his business interests and his interests of ruling the world with other billionaire dictators. They will combine militarizes and how long before our military revolts? or his so infiltrated to treasonous traitors.

The Russian Mafia owns New York’s cab companies. The Saudis own everything else in America. We passed corrupt like a bullet train but we can’t actually have a bullet train, a bullet but not a train. Botswana could have a bullet train and we could blow it up for Jesus but we couldn’t actually have a bullet train we would not want to blow up for Jesus but we do like bullets. Amen.


And so Mr. Pompeo has met with the prince and has left the building…he did leave the building, didn’t he…?


There is a little more to it. The U.S. has either it’s hands, or it’s eyes on the whole oil rich region. Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan’s pipeline, and others.
I will never forget the giddy, cherishing smile GW Bush had on his face while holding hands with the Arab leader he was visiting in SA.


Dump as the liar in chief is just the latest in a long line of liars controlled by the demonic imperialistic US warmongers. So happy to see Russia standing up to these murdering pigs in Syria. I also believe that fixed elections have been nearly perfected as the common peoples voice means nothing to these evil bastards.


I don’t know a lot about this subject, but I wonder if were being played. Anyone else read this ?

Don’t know who to believe now.

I couldn’t read the link, but Trump is kissing the prince’s ass right now, who is propping up his DC hotel. We don’t have the guy’s tax returns or any reason to believe anyone in his administration. Meanwhile, the Saudi’s have loads of cash and an army of well-paid lobbiests working for them.

Just the above makes it more likely, not less to me, that Trump’s wealthy patron may have murdered a dissenting journalist. The extent of his dissent may be debatable, but he was certainly no longer aligned with the current Saudi regime.

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Maybe, maybe not. Remember how everyone was talking about some pipeline thru Afghanistan 15 years go? That never really happened. Oil is more or less passe.

Trump butt kissing the Saudis?!! Trump has been kissing Mid Eastern butts for so long that he is now in "perma-pucker!!!

Can we all agree that no World leader should be allowed to have “hit lists?”


Please include our own POTUS on that list. Let us not forget Obama happily drone killed American citizens without due process of any kind, then had his press spokesman (who now works for Mickey D’s) tell us that his 16 year old son should have picked better parents when we blew him away. Never forgive or forget.


Sott.net says the Saudis sent the video to Washington already.


I don’t doubt that he’s dead, but the author of the link I posted claims Khashoggi didn’t have the opinions that western media claims. Kind of baffling.

Don’t know why it won’t open for you, it works when I click on it. The point of the article claims he didn’t write dissenting views about Saudi Arabia. So I don’t know. Please go to consortiumnews and read it, maybe it will make sense to you.

Moonofalabama.org has the most detail from what I’ve seen.

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No, currently the Sauds are not making good on that promise. They will, though, if Trump has his way:- http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/50450.htm The current focus on Khashoggi’s death will allow Trump to force the Saudis to spend more on arms.

Yeah…I’ve read the links, including Helen’s from before today. Head spinning…

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