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As Guaidó Returns to Venezuela, Pence Threatens 'Swift Response' If Opposition Leader Arrested

As Guaidó Returns to Venezuela, Pence Threatens 'Swift Response' If Opposition Leader Arrested

Jake Johnson, staff writer

If Venezuelan authorities detain opposition leader Juan Guaidó there will be a "swift response" from the Trump administration, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence threatened Monday.


When will this crap end, and who will end it?
We did it in Iran in the fifties and got the shaw. Pulled the same crap in Vietnam, Iraq, and Libya. Fill in the blanks.
How do we protest this government overthrow crap?


Nobody in America will end this unless Progressives first overthrow the democrat establishment and gain a majority in all branches, something that cannot happen soon or overnight. In the meantime Fascism is the rule of the day and Democrats and Republicans alike are all for it, as are their respective mind control infrastructures, the media for democrats, and fox news, talk radio and the church tor the republicans. The right wing movement now infecting Europe too, is unfortunately also complicit, but not the rest of the world.


Washington DC wants a fight. We’re either with their Hate Fueled Military Aggression, or we’re Demanding Their Resigations.

There’s no middle ground here.


The short answer is, in my view, unfortunately, we can’t. I realized with the shocking, illegal and awful attack by Bush when he attacked Iraq, when millions of us protested in the U.S. and all over the world, alas to no avail, that I was living in a military, industrial, dictatorship that pretended to be a democracy.


The peaceful protests against American war in Iraq were the largest demonstrations in world history, and were present in major cities worldwide. They had no effect at all. Governments wont yield to popular demands when every available option in their national elections are united against the wishes of their populace. In such scenarios they have nothing to lose if you vote against them, because either way their agenda is fulfilled. Single party - two names.


Wrong. Without those protests more lives would have been lost, bodies broken and that slaughter could have gone on for years.

The slaughter is going on right now! Its the longest war in American history.


Just started this book.

Venezuela is how it starts, again.

Make a difference Adam.

Not disparaging comments about those who worked towards ending the conflict.

I have nothing but love for those who cared and tried, I protested myself, but the point is that the government is unanswerable to its population, and pretending otherwise is counterproductive


Why do thugs and bullies so regularly rise to the top and seize power and get so many to play along, to everyone’s obvious detriment?

We are so susceptible to bullshit, propaganda, violence, gangsterism. Watching the same horrible movie, over and over again.

Anyone seriously looking at facts and history can see through this shit in an instant, but here it goes again. Blatant propaganda and lies about “the President of Venezuela” and “a coup” that are literally the opposite of reality. They just blatantly make the most obvious lies and steamroll ahead.

And always, they find people willing to join the ugliness, and most others unable or unwilling to laugh at them and refuse to go along.

And right now, right at the historical moment of imminent collapse of the ecology, society, civilization, when we need mass shared understanding and focus, humility, dedication to solidarity and ecology.


Well, of course it is a proxy fight among the major nation states. What is interesting is that its occurring in America’s back yard, traditionally a no go zone for other powers like China and Russia. But we have a complete idiot as president, thus the other major powers take advantage. A little push here and there and American foreign policy comes flying loose at the seams. It’s painful to watch America getting it’s ass kick by two power who actually don’t care whether they win or lose in Venezuela. They are just keeping America off balance.

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The US is trying hard to install another one of their beloved ‘military-imposed democracies’…


Guaido is a right wing extremist. Look into his background.

MSM stop the whitewash. Stop claiming Guaido is popular in Venezuela. He and his party have very little popular support.


Oh he has support among the upper and whiter class of people. The MSM never counts the poor or the people of Color when making their pronouncements.


Thanks Adam. No pretense here.

We are not the government.

We are the People.

To pretend that We have no power over our governing bodies, is a dangerous admission.

This Uni-Party that We allow to govern us, has made far too many of us, totally reliant on it for things we should have more of a say in. Too many of us trust a system bent on aggression and oppression. That’s a mistake.

I will never make this mistake again.

However, it’s a “free” country, or so they tell us.

The choice is ours.

At least, for now.

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It’s obvious that we need an organization big enough and strong enough to make a difference. It is the way it is played out through history. Oppression until people get pissed enough to rise. Then the shitty bickering and fighting begins. Who knows how our internal conflict will end, or if it ever will at all.

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As Guaidó Returns to Venezuela, Pence Threatens ‘Swift Response’ If Opposition Unelected Usurper is Arrested

Glad to edit for you.


Let me rephrase - We, the people, have no “control” over our government.
As to whether we the people have any “power” over it is questionable, and if its true, remains to be seen.

Here’s some facts:
Single payer has been the most popular health care option in the country for decades, but never has a bill been advanced suggesting it and clearly only a tiny minority of government favors it.

The Iraq war protests went without a government response or concession at all, and a vast majority of government on both sides of the isle voted for the war - hardly the model for representative government

Elections are fraudulent going as far back as Reagan and Bush’s arms sales to Iranian terrorists to avoid facing Carter’s “October Surprise” i.e. hostage release…

Candidates making promises during campaigns and not following through is so commonplace that nobody even notices anymore - yet those promises are why we vote for them - this is effectively lying to get elected, and therefore a fraudulent political process of sorts.

Wars involving millions of deaths are being fought around the world either in secret, or based upon false claims made by our government, an ongoing process that goes back so many years it predates electricity.

A broad majority of voters are confident that American government is the best one and that we lead the world in human rights and in representative government.

Constitutional law is a laughing stock.

The list goes on - are we in control? Do we as citizens have any power in this process?