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As Guaidó Returns to Venezuela, Pence Threatens 'Swift Response' If Opposition Leader Arrested

This would be a great time for Congress to step in and say No, if for no other reason than to find out who the military will actually listen to: Congress or Trump. Could be very interesting.


Don’t leave out India, currently the largest purchasers of Venezuelan oil. Oh, and they pay in rupees.

Bolton falls back on the Monroe Doctrine. Wait until the petro$ is replaced by a multi-currency banking/trading environment. The small amount of attention paid to the Monroe Doctrine will fade to zero. All things considered, I’m start to enjoy the end of American empire being ushered in by the Trump regime.


Guess that leaves Maduro no choice but to execute the traitor then, what with arrest being off the table and all.

Many in the parties in opposition to Maduro don’t wan’t Guaido.


Short answer - No.

Speaking on the abandonment of petro dollars:



I’m terrified, and fairly certain that I wouldn’t like the answer to that question.

Actually the current war is longer than WWI, WWII, and the Korean war all added together, and still raging with no end in sight and no closer to winning than the day we started.

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This is ridiculous. The president of Venezuela has to be VOTED into office. This Guaido guy never got a single vote, because he didn’t ever run for president. I’m as much the president of Venezuela as this guy is.


You lack the necessary sense of scumbag entitlement to be an Oligarch.

Well said Adam.

We the People have enough power to overthrow this government within a day or two, if we wanted to. It’s all about being committed to it.

Not many here at Common Dreams want to listen to the fact that 95 to 97% of those who vote, in each and every election for decades, vote for these same two parties, who have been totally responsible for the wars, the fraudulent elections, the trashing of our Constitution.

95 to 97%.

I know many people in that group, and I know that you do as well.

With this kind of apathetic behavior, the people of this country are doomed to more of the same shit that politicians have been feeding us for decades.

I’m sorry to say that, my fellow Americans don’t want anything more than the corrupt government they consistently support at the voting booth.

They refuse to look past the Uni-Party. They refuse to work for a party that puts, People, Planet, and Peace before Profit.

They absolutely refuse.

If the Uni-Party gives us two more Corporate Candidates to vote for in 2020, I will never vote for either one.

People wonder why 100 million voters never go to the polls.

After 2020, that number will surely grow larger.


Yet another scheme to create a “situation” to be resolved by the United States’ military. Guaido should watch his back. If this doesn’t work to incite Maduro’s government Guaido is expendable to the CIA (he is a graduate of the CIA’s CANVAS program) and could also be used for a false flag attack by getting done in. The CIA has plenty of dupes to put forward.


Actually, I was expecting them to do something more war like over the weekend while our attentions were elsewhere. I kept looking for something in media outlets and saw nothing (almost totally nothing).
This, of course, is totally not needed and all (ALL) of the reasons the US claims for this interference in Venezuela (just another Latin American country to take over, coup away and otherwise wreck and run) - can be handled simply, modestly and peacefully with full cooperation.

The war on terrorism can never end because we keep creating more terrorists.
It’s war on a loop.

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They aren’t terrorists, they are our enemies, we are the terrorists!


I wish. Canada’s cold warrior foreign minister explained that her leadership of the pro-coup ‘Lima Group’ is based on Venezuela being “in Canada’s global back yard.” Maybe the Canadian stooge is just behind the times, but that sounds a lot like Monroe Doctrine, doesn’t it?

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Pence et al.: the modern form of gunboat diplomacy.

Note that TVVenezuela Noticias terms Guaido “the president (e)”, a sure indication that claims of Venezuela being a dictatorship are lies. Can you conceive of MSNBC calling Al Gore “Mr. President” during Dubya’s dubiously legitimate term of 2001-2004?

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This is a total crock of shit. The chickenhawks just want to add to their perpetual war and abscond with Venezuela’s oil. You know, like they did in Iran in 1953.


How right you are! And it engulfs European states. . I was in the UK when Bliar ignored the millions protesting the War here . . for now. However, there is more at stake for the people in the EU and US hegemony will cause this alignment to unravel, it is happening now. Yellow vests won’t let up on Macron, May’s gov’t is in chaos with Brexit, Merkel is done, Germany ignoring US on Nordstream, Italy will split off, etc. A dissolved EU, a failed euro currency, accompanied by another global financial meltdown, and today’s dramatics will soon seem quaint.

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Trudeau can use any convenient prop he likes to explain his role as a toy poodle of the US, but that will hardly add legitimacy to the Monroe Doctrine across the world. Meanwhile, Canadian companies are salivating over the prospect of getting some control over Venezuela’s oil. Same as it ever was.