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As Gwich'in, We Will Never Stop Fighting for Our Land

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/27/gwichin-we-will-never-stop-fighting-our-land


Time to do a Ladakhi pushback movement! That remote area, too, was invaded by Western influences when India built a road to it in order to strengthen its position vis a vis Kashmir with Pakistan and China. With access to a hitherto untouched market, global corporations swarmed in with its monoculture, overwhelming the culture. However, this does have a fair ending. The people fought back, with the help of some Westerners who have broken the Matrix.
The land belongs only to Grandmother. We humans only have permission to live here. She provides all we need. But certain human cultures became greedy, forgetting where they came from, and now we use 135% of earth’s resources a year, almost all of it to fuel our ravenous Western ways of consumption. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that soon Earth will no longer be able to support us, and we will die off.
This is one of our last chances to allow Her to rest and heal. The rich who would profit from this “development” already have way more than enough to live on. Time to derail their gravy train.
I love Starhawk’s statement from Dreaming the Dark-Let those who are affected by a decision be the ones to make it, understanding that they will then accept the consequences of that decision. That eliminates the global mega-corps from “development”, giving control to us. The Gwich’in have made their decision; the US should honor it.


This is a powerful message that brought me close to tears. I pray that there is a way that these lease sales can be stopped. I trust there is strong legal activist support.


The Global War on Nature must be stopped!


Keep up the fight. I have always loved how the First Nations peoples name the places that are important to them. They are beautifully descriptive and demonstrate both humility to nature and reverence for it.


Me, too.

And I find the euro-cultural habit of naming everything after “great white men” to be very, very weird.


This that “Dominator” model at work and the belief that white men were granted Dominion over all by the one they call “the creator”…

It weird and rather sick. It worth pointing out that in many creation myths the first nations people have the one that created life is seen as a “she”.


I had a good conversation with my bff today about how white culture always attempts to ascribe the power of Nature to its own creations, like saying that the constitution is a “living document.”

No, it’s not. We also have “self-healing” cutting boards. Go figure. They go back together without an obvious cut. But they don’t “heal.”

Even when you power up your computer and windows comes on, what do you see almost all the time? A gorgeous natural landscape of some kind.

Mary Shelly was all over it. It’s humans wanting to be god-like.

It is so weird. Just bizarre. WTF?


The one that gets me is the claim that the “Free market” is natural. The other that the concept of “private property” is somehow a gift given MAN by the creator and not to be messed with. Now I am a getting older white guy but I tend to agree that this kind of stuff is pretty prevalent in white culture.

It stems from that so called “holy Bible” IMO albeit the Patriarchy well in place when that “holy Bible” written to justify the patriarchy.

God said we could go in and kill the Canaanites and take all their lands because we are special is just over the top bizarre.


It is so weird.

The cognitive dissonance is terrifying.

What weird people.


One has to realize that Trump is NOT the real problem. The problem is that the system is Trump. In addition to all other actions people need to purchase an electric vehicle if it meets their budget or needs. Saying “war is not the answer” or “hands off ANWR” is not going to cut if you drive a monster SUV that gets poor mileage. If you drive such things war is the answer and so is drilling in Alaska. Switch your electric provider to one with a renewable portfolio such as Green Mountain Energy or Arcadia. Good for the environment and for health and it keeps money out of the hands of lobbyists and politicians representing this the coal,oil, nuclear and gas industries (remember the Koch Brothers and Bob Murray? ).


Me too! I am an Alaskan resident and my Native American spouse is related to Bernadette Demientieff and this is personal!


Very nice post.

This area is so sacred to us that we never step foot there, even in times of extreme famine.

If the BLM wss really the Bureau of Land Management they would agree with the Gwich’in people but that is a misnomer they should really be called: BOM…the Bureau of Oil Management.

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