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As Haiti Death Toll Soars, Relief Efforts Muddled By Legacy of Foreign Aid


As Haiti Death Toll Soars, Relief Efforts Muddled By Legacy of Foreign Aid

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

At least 572 people in Haiti were killed by Hurricane Matthew, according to new figures released Friday as remote regions cut off by the storm were able to resume outside contact.


Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.
How can that be?
It is the fault of US policy over the past 100 years.
The Hillary Clinton Foundation did zero, nothing, nada to improve the living conditions in Haiti after the earthquake when compared to the work that has been done by Sean Penn.
What the Hillary Clinton Foundation did manage to do after Haiti's earthquake was to enrich itself by billions of dollars.


damn shame I can only "like' this once, brother johnson.

Haiti's neoliberalism on full, sordid display every time a natural disaster hits.

Nearly a thousand dead and counting! That's a policy failure of the worst order.

Meanwhile, on nearby Cuba, lots of destruction. Few, if any, dead. As always.

A stark lesson on how governments and their ideologies matter to ordinary people. A lot.


Exactly. I almost vomited when I read hrc's message about the hurricane. Tragic.


The successful slave revolt (1791–1804) put Haiti on every imperial power's shit list. Haiti hadn't just been one enormous slave plantation itself, it was also one of the largest slave markets in the New World.


How many is it going to take, Pharaoh?

You stand up and tell me.


If you like the way Bill Clinton fixed Haiti, turning billions of dollars in aid into thousands of dollars of relief efforts, you'd be happy with Hillary turning our economy over to him while she concentrates on war.


US animosity toward Haiti, French extraction of reparations FROM Haiti for loss of income from slaves surely did nothing to help Haitians cope and prepare against earthquakes and hurricanes.


Battered by the 2010 earthquake; increasingly susceptible to the ravages of the intense hurricanes we will see more of because of global warming; and an unemployment rate around 50% - Haiti does need some effective help.
Commentators above have mentioned the ineffective work that the Clintons were involved with - but I would like to find a good non-profit doing work in Haiti that is effective that I might donate to. Imhotep mentions the Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization and I know that Habitat for Humanity does some good work there (also sustainable housing seems crucial with the constant hurricane threat). Other thoughts?


Compensating slave owners for their "loss" was standard imperial practice.
Reparations to former slaves?
Of course not!

Slavery Abolition Act 1833

The Slavery Abolition Act 1833 (citation 3 & 4 Will. IV c. 73) was an 1833 Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom ..

The Act provided for compensation for slave-owners who would be losing their property. The amount of money to be spent on the compensation claims was set at "the Sum of Twenty Millions Pounds Sterling".[15] Under the terms of the Act, the British government raised £20 million (£69.93 billion in 2013 pounds)[16] to pay out in compensation for the loss of the slaves as business assets to the registered owners of the freed slaves. The names listed in the returns for slave compensation show that ownership was spread over many hundreds of British families,[17] many of them of high social standing. For example, Henry Phillpotts (then the Bishop of Exeter), with three others (as trustees and executors of the will of John Ward, 1st Earl of Dudley), was paid £12,700 for 665 slaves in the West Indies,[18] whilst Henry Lascelles, 2nd Earl of Harewood received £26,309 for 2,554 slaves on 6 plantations.[19] The majority of men and women who were awarded compensation under the 1833 Abolition Act are listed in a Parliamentary Return, entitled Slavery Abolition Act, which is an account of all moneys awarded by the Commissioners of Slave Compensation in the Parliamentary Papers 1837–8 Vol. 48.[20]

In all, the government paid out over 2 separate awards. The £20 million fund was 40% of the government's total annual expenditure. In the Cape Colony, where farmers had loans estimated at a total £400,000 (£1.4 billion in 2013 pounds)[16] secured against their slaves, the Dutch-language newspaper De Zuid-Afrikaan first campaigned against abolition and then for a compensation package to enable farmers to pay their debts.[21]


No mention in the article of how the Clinton's used the earthquake disaster to enrich themselves and their friends. And, unbelievable as it might seem, Bill Clinton has tweeted a message about how you can help.....you guessed it. By donating to The Clinton Foundation. No disaster that can't be turned into a profit.


This is front page news-what the Red Cross did(or really didn't do)along with the Clinton Foundation,and this disaster should bring what happened into focus. How many people are dead today because of the empty promises of these two organizations??????


Very true.Hurricane Hillary hit first.


It was only recently that Haiti finished paying off France for the "loss" that French planters suffered from the loss of their slaves because of the revolution. As far as I'm aware, France hasn't done anything to give the money back.


A casual observer could be forgiven for suspecting that the "Fund" to rebuild Haiti from the Earthquake has benefited the Bank at least 10 times as much as it has Haiti.

A not so casual Audit of all the Earthquake relief would probably uncover rampant Fraud, Theft & Abuse of the donations since there seems to be No Evidence that anything was ever "Rebuilt".

With the noteworthy exception of a few Politician's Mansions and vacation homes in the Bahamas.


Bill Clinton used that money to build luxury accommodations for his cronie criminals who are opening sweat shops all over Haiti to get anything made for just 35 cents an hour. No lunch breaks, no bathroom breaks, no benefits! So bill and Hillary Clinton as usual have enriched themselves on the backs of the poorest of the poor in the western hemisphere? These are DISPICABLE scumbags! Hillarys broth is also robbing the Haitian Gold mine, where he had been anointed to manage. It's purifying how slimy these monsters are.


I cannot believe I am going to say this, but, F**K the Clintons.


Again, F**k the Clintons.