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As Harvard Opposes Lawsuit, Students, Faculty, & Alumni Join Forces for Divestment


As Harvard Opposes Lawsuit, Students, Faculty, & Alumni Join Forces for Divestment

Jon Queally, staff writer


I applaud the students’ actions and hope, but with a whole lot of trepidation, that they find success in their legal challenge and in all their other stepsaimed toward bringing sanity to the way this society is currently operating.


Well, Robert, you seem to be a member of that army who has taken the oath: one voice makes no difference. Ever sleep in a room with one hungry mosquito? However tiny your voice, raise it; rage, rage against the machine.


Where do Harvard graduates go for work, Wall street of course.



Happy to say, your posting here is a meaningful, objective gesture with substantial real-world consequence. Thanks ever so much for making it!


What great citizens: the Harvard Climate Justice Coalition. Thank you and press on more bravely.
I would like to see a summertime college student’s project that:

  1. Teaches how to build your own solar panels.
  2. Lobbies for low income persons to have photovoltaic energy on their homes.
  3. Teaches every church how to have photovoltaic energy systems.
  4. Start a campaign for HEAP grants to use our tax dollar for photovoltaic units on all those flat roofs if more than 50% of occupants receive HEAP.
  5. All jails should teach to build and have photovoltaic solar energy.
  6. Educate your community. Each building should be it’s own power source. It is a matter of national security.
  7. Find an advocate or organization that will give a $5 million reward for that battery that keeps you off the grid!
    Oh the energy of youth. Solar power to the people.


Stanford Plan for 100% Wind Water and Solar for all global energy purposes by 2030-2050.

see (google) Professor Jacobson presenting at NASA:

7.5 million 40-year Jobs created in the US, replacing 3.5 million lost jobs related to fossil fuels
3% of GDP improvement due to healthcare cost savings from cleaned air.
Greatly reduces water demand
Bio fuels cause as many or more air pollution deaths than gasoline

50 Plans for 50 States


Good show, Harvard. About time. The Pentagon agrees with you about the hazards of climate change.