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As Harvey Inundates Texas Coast, Groups Demand Nuclear Plants Be Shut Down


As Harvey Inundates Texas Coast, Groups Demand Nuclear Plants Be Shut Down

Jon Queally, staff writer

As record-breaking rainfall and unprecedented flooding continue to batter the greater Houston area and along the Gulf coast on Tuesday, energy watchdogs groups are warning of "a credible threat of a severe accident" at two nuclear reactors still operating at full capacity in nearby Bay City, Texas.


Wake up, you idiots! Whatever made you think that money was so valuable?
Kurt Vonnegut


Hey, the traders and speculators gotta have uninterrupted power to buy, sell, and hedge! A windfall (no pun intended) like this one doesn’t come around often.


Good old Kurt! I sure miss him! Also Howard Zinn, George Carlin, Gore Vidal and Dick Gregory, and many others. Boy could we use their wisdom and humor now!


(I’m not going to be very popular around here for writing this…)

A little research shows that the Colorado River near the plant at Matagorda is expected to crest at 9.1 feet above sea level. All safety-related system’s in the plant are flood proofed to 41 feet above sea level. There is a 25 foot high dam on the river further upstream near Bay City, so the river will crest above this dam at as high as 47 feet. - Bay City itself is safe at 50 feet. A scenario to consider is the dam failing catastrophically as flood crest is reached. This would send a huge flood wave, initially almost 47 feet high, downriver - but on the flat coastal plain below the dam, the flood wave will attenuate rapidly and be nowhere near 41 feet at the power plant location.

Note that after Fukushima, all US nuclear plants went through a reevaluation and if needed, additional flood proofing - particularly of the emergency generators.

Therefore, the plant is safe.


Actually, the industry-bought NRC never required U.S. nuclear plants to implement the recommended changes post-Fukushima.


It’s good that these groups are calling for the shutdown of the Bay City reactors. But even if that was started right now, it would take many months and the reactors would, of course, still be highly radioactive for centuries. That’s the nature of nukes. They’re not very compatible with our Grandmother Earth and the many species she spawns.

But when the wonderful TEPCO folks who just dumped hundreds of thousands of tons of radioactive water into the Pacific, they assured us that tritium is not dangerous. Clearly, politicians, “leaders,” corporate-owned "scientists, etc. will be lining up to tell us how safe Bay City is. Oh well, maybe the radiation and transuranic wastes will kill the fire ants, snakes and other vermin swimming around East Texas.


I thought you were joking until I saw your reply to tigress2. This level of ignorance and denial of science and facts is suicidal. Glow on.


People like to scream and panic, but at this point the risk or lack of risk can likely be pretty well assessed.


Thanks! One less thing to worry about. Never apologize for stating truth and facts. These matters are too serious to worry about being popular.


I’m for shutting down all nuclear. It’s all risky. Its never safe. The waste is ridiculously high and long-lasting and deadly. It adds low levels of radiation to large amounts of water in an age where clean water is disappearing.


Nuclear power is perfectly safe…
Until it isn’t…


If something fails upstream catastrophically and the plants go the route of Fukushima, well then maybe Trump can go there with his entourage and market more of his “Make America Great” hats etc. Its gonna be great!


You mother fuckers, do YOUR fucking JOB!!! Take your garbage power plants and shove 'em up your ass!!!


Your argument may hold ‘water’ but without a doubt nukes never hold their ‘fallout’. The amount of energy needed to eventually shut down all 700 of these monsters will overtake our ability to produce that energy without a new Manhattan Project, and we’re way behind in starting anything viable.


Yes, I think George Carlin told us exactly how the elite powers think about the rest of us. They are probably enjoying the suffering of Harvey as the plot how to take economic advantage in the aftermath. Remember Katrina?


yea, but according to Tigress2 - the “truth and facts” Yunzer stated were in fact not “truth and facts.” When it comes to nuclear power and nuclear anything - I think all we get is misinformation piled on misinformation. They don’t want us to know they truth. We might do something if we knew about it - or likely not. What are “we” going to do?


Oh yes, I remember Katrina!

George Carlin and Dick Gregory were so much more than comedians. They were deep thinkers who saw the horrid face of our systems and structures of power and control behind the masks. Comedy was their vehicle to teach people while giving them something to laugh about.


FUKUSHIMA DIACHI , TEPCO, those three missing coriums will continue to contaminate Pacific Ocean and spew radioisotopes into atmosphrre for many centuries.
TEPCO is part of group that has contracts in Texas Nuke program, they have an office where White House is visible.
From Fukushima the US removed over two hundred metric (200) tons of weapons grade plutonium, an illegal act by Japan of internationalvlaws.


US nuke plants did not review, Did not!
Hillary Clintons State department immediately shut down all public available radiation monitoring stations andbeven International sea monitoring ones as well.
Guaranteed Japan couldvecport foods to US that were hundreds of times higher in radiation than was legal for domestic consumption
She and her Clitonista buddies had EPA raise allowable limits of irradiated foods for consumption.
Fact: Japan had but a three month curtailment in industry by shutdown ofball nuke plants andbtodaybis at full production without them!