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As Haspel Faces Senate, People Tortured by CIA Have Some Things to Say and Questions to Ask


As Haspel Faces Senate, People Tortured by CIA Have Some Things to Say and Questions to Ask

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

With Gina Haspel, President Donald Trump's pick to head the CIA and known participant in the agency's post-9/11 torture program, testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday, some of the people abused by the agency are doing what they can to make their voices heard.


Jesus H Christ

Are we really having this discussion?


We are so far down the rabbit hole, I don’t recognize this country. And that’s saying something, because I already thought I didn’t 10 years ago. Imagine what it will look like 20 years from now??

I pray I am dead by then.


The way things are looking, everybody will go with you at the same time.


Why pray?
You could make yourself dead all by yourself. Today if you wanted.


It’s not as though the CIA torture program has stopped. The issue on the table, sadly, is not whether the US is to continue torture abroad.

Bringing Haspel home to run the CIA means bringing torture home in a way that must be high-profile within the organizations–within the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the various branches of the military, the Republican and Democratic parties. It would appear to be a response to the series of all-domestic leaks that have revealed and hampered MIC and deep state operations. It sends a message to people within these organizations that their Constitution and their service will not protect them or their families.


Thanks bunches Obama, Pelosi, Feinstein, et al ad nausem.


Watching Gina Haspel, now. Whoa, she is one slippery little bottom feeder. Gives me a real sense of dread that I’m in a foreign third world country and the sycophants have joined the ugly shuddering dark corner dwellers. This is the slippery slope to fascism. She isn’t the image of John Kiriakou, Valerie Plame of Malcolm Vance. This is the extension of Bolten, Miller, and Trump. Filthy and corrupted. Creepy, frightening, not the America millions have died for.


No doubt this topic was discussed in the Third Reich. Welcome to the Fourth Reich!


With the already lack of ethics and morality that has defined this administration from the very beginning, adding Haspel to the mix is like “adding flames to the fire.”


Many of us will be gone in 20 years.

Let’s not rush the inevitable.


In my opinion this country has always been this way but more covertly and surreptitiously in the past, so that many did not recognize the US, fascist empire. Even now, there are millions today that do not recognize they are being brainwashed even though so many government lies have been exposed like: the lie of Vietnam, where 58,000 of our soldiers died, not to mention an estimated 2 million Vietnamese, for the lie of the Gulf of Tonkin; WMD’s in Iraq; 9/11 which gave the US the excuse to attack Afghanistan. And too many more to list.


We were too used to being told we lived in the “greatest” or “best” country in the world! As a youngster I believed what I was told, until I realized that when one labels oneself the “greatest in the world”, there’s something wrong with that. Now it’s obvious that our arrogance and exceptionalism goes WAY back. I think it’s time to find a place that understands empathy, compassion and humility.


I agree. Well said!


The sad and brutal reality is that the majority of Americans don’t give a damn. Torture? Yawn. CIA? Yawn. Perpetual war? Yawn. Most college students can’t even answer basic civics questions that high school students 50 years ago knew. Dumbed down and dumber and dumber. A perfectly ignorant citizenry ripe for tyranny, long past the turning point, doomed like a bunch of rats on a sinking ship. Oh well, what’s on the boob tube next comrade?


Your actually right about that, we are not the brightest people on the planet, and yes we are losing ground on intelligence. There are different ways to measure IQ though… Being able to adapt to change is as important as basic intelligence, being able to generalize information and that is becoming a lost art.


You are so on the button. I just talked with a 35 year old who did not know the difference between mainland China and Taiwan. I asked what kind of history they were taught in school and the response was “You have no idea how poor the schools are!” And this person went to a “blue ribbon” award school in PA. The poor quality of education plus the general lack of inclination to learn and investigate the world at large is causing the demise of the country where your and I live. The propaganda of mass media and the belief that this country is the greatest ever is rarely challenged by most people.


Oh in Texas where my sister’s grands are in school CURSIVE WRITING is not taught. How can someone sign their name without learning cursive ???


Rather than softball questions in front of the Senate, Haspel should be facing questions in front of a tribunal in the Hague.


The “exceptional nation” mantra runs at the core of this matter. If I have to kill a roach, I will do so with great alacrity–not torture it–and I am the exceptional one in my home. I shall never understand these psychopathic behaviors in any meaningful sense. They exceed all of my empathic potential.