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As Haspel Nomination Reopens CIA Dark Chapter, Liz Cheney Leads Pack of Torture Apologists


As Haspel Nomination Reopens CIA Dark Chapter, Liz Cheney Leads Pack of Torture Apologists

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President Donald Trump's decision this week to nominate Gina Haspel—an intelligence official civil libertarians argue "should be in jail" for her prominent role in overseeing the the Bush administration's torture regime—as the next CIA chief has illuminated something of a spectrum of torture apologists among America's political elite.


It’s okay Halprin, Feinstein has your back.

She will soon be sharing with everyone the CIA’s official defense of Halprin, and will not do anything to resist her nomination.

I would be happy to be proven wrong.

And Trevor Trimm’s recognition of the CIA shell game is exactly correct.

And Feinstein’s published “Key Finding’s” are a crucial part of that shell game.

Ooops, I almost forgot. She and the CIA had just the worstest squabble and everything.

And also, I almost forgot that Feinstein really really really wanted it all declassified. I mean, her and Obama were really really mad at each other on this.



Liz Cheney, Dracula’s daughter. She make’s papa so proud.


Watch Out if she gets a shotgun in her hands.

Like Father, like Daughter.


Sociopathy runs in families. She’s always been like her dad.


Liz Cheney comes by her manifest evil honestly. She is, after all, the daughter of Darth Cheney himself. As far as the other torture lovers, they are degenerates, all!


It ain’t ALL her daddy’s fault – Liz’s mom ain’t much better . . .


Waterboard Dick and find out the real culprits of 911.


The real culprits are generally already known. But then digging deeper meets a brick wall of national security military blowhards.


This Cheney woman is so trying to get daddy to actually accept her as more than a draft deferment. And as for the SERE program, none of those people lost their lives. The same can’t be said about the CIA’S torture program.


“As Haspel nomination reopens CIA dark chapter”
Sorry Jake, I have to stop and disagree right there. The CIA has never been open. A few distorted rays of light occasionally are filtered out. That is all. The press evidently is allowed to talk about waterboarding, in two or three locations.

Chapter? As if the other elements and periods of its existence are bright and sunny?What a joke.


Time for real Democrats to take a stand. They can’t allow this war criminal to dance through the process. She must face justice, bring the torture victims into the Senate. Let them talk. Amazing how the women who are supposed to be morally superior to men just love this torture. Just pathetic. But from Clinton to Feinstein the war criminals and their enablers are women on both sides. Somehow one expects more from them and one is disappointed. Democrats need to speak up and get rid of the corporate Democrats and Israeli surrogates. This is the USA. If you are supporting Israeli policies to “keep Israel safe” time for you to leave and find another Homeland! Torture is directly tied to Wars in The Middle East. Both the need to create them and justify the Most extreme positions make torture desirable because you can prove anything you want. That is perfect. Intelligence in the post fact era, anything you want is the truth. You cannot claim to be smarter, morally superior, more compassionate, and reasonable if you aren’t. And if Democrats can’t say that then it’s 4 more years!


Alternative headline:

Liz Cheney Openly Invites Our Enemies to Torture US POWs


“Following orders”, now where in the hell have I heard that phrase before?


Here’s the poison - "on the grounds that she was merely “following orders.” " There you have it - a culture so stupified that obeying orders is elevated to a patriotic and heroic act. American freedom, values and individualism? lol


God, shut this nobody up. Last thing we need is a an apologist lesbian daughter of a man who should be in prison for war crimes. As a gay person, my animus for this author of “My Turn” is high enough to wish ill on her. I won’t, but she’s going to be damn lucky if somebody doesn’t. Nobody cares what she believes. She is in the same class as the Kardashians, she obviously is too stupid to figure it out…


Darth Vaader’s daughter needs to read a bit more about the CIA torture programs. Many experts have stated that they returned absolutely no useful information. Maybe they simply did it because they enjoyed it and could get away with it. Especially people like Bloody Gina who knew there would be no blame cast her way, ever. Never mind that we hanged a lot of Nazis whose defense was that they were only following orders. Now we have a lot of people who have committed the most vile crimes using that very same excuse.


I think the second daughter is gay. Not Liz.


She knows this. Her tweet was simply a Ministry of Truth clinic demonstrating how many talking points could be crammed into one post with Twitter’s recently expanded character count.


Sorry, I have confused the two. You are correct. And I really despise this daughter. Everything else I said applies. Rarely have I ever seen anyone quite like this-she pushes her way into national dialogue continuously. A Kardashian of Wyoming wealth.