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As Hate Crimes Soar Under Trump, White Nationalist Allegedly Had Plan to Kill 'Innocent Civilians on Scale Rarely Seen' in US


As Hate Crimes Soar Under Trump, White Nationalist Allegedly Had Plan to Kill 'Innocent Civilians on Scale Rarely Seen' in US

Julia Conley, staff writer

Just as a new report was released showing the continued rise of hate groups in the United States, federal authorities say they have thwarted a plan by a white nationalist "domestic terrorist" to begin widespread, violent attacks on President Donald Trump's perceived political opponents with the aim of establishing "a white homeland."



That may be the first time US authorities ever labeled a white man a domestic terrorist instead of “mentally disturbed”.
What he had planned must have been beyond horrific for that to occur.



Waiting for: “On the counts of Stochastic Terrorism, we the jury find Constitutionally Removed (not former) Ex-President Donald John Trump Guilty on All Charges.”



THIS is the face of terrorism in America. Not the brown women and children fleeing violence in South America.



I am so amazed that the guy was actually and correctly labelled as a terrorist. Now if the Bundys would be also get labelled as terrorists instead of receiving that presidential pardon…



… and we put children in cages.



To both you and Tarsus, I was pleasantly surprised at that as well, but was nonplussed by the use of quotation marks around the phrase “domestic terrorist.” Would those quotation marks be removed if he had actually engaged one or more of his targets? If he converts to Wahabbism??


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“The guy was a white nationalist, but also seems to view Trump as on his team.”

Where’s the surprise? The Tree of Life synagogue shooter thought Trump had betrayed him by not building the wall, and that Jews like George Soros were to blame for this. So Trump shut down the government over the wall, then declared a national emergency over it — for no other reason than to get people like the shooter back on his side. Evidently it worked. The Leader has his followers back.



Yet, I have yet to read or hear the word “terrorist” used see this killer, or the Charleston church killer, or that other foiled black-church killer in Texas.



Illegally impeached? That is something to think about! Trump’s white nationalists, who are his violent base, will never accept Trump’s impeachment because many of them consider Trump their Fuehrer. One has to wonder how many other Paul Hasson’s feel the same way in America. If Trump is somehow impeached, they could be so angry that their white, nationalist, leader in their view, has been " Illegally impeached " no telling what they might do!



An interesting turn of phrase, since impeachment, according to the US Constitution, is nothing if not a legal proceding. One could stretch the point and say that JFK was “illegally impeached,” but I don’t think that’s what the accused meant.



My point was that the term illegally impeached is an oxymoron, but to Trump’s violent base and other people like Paul Hasson, if Trump is impeached, they will never accept that decision: especially, if they call Trump’s impeachment " illegal".



SPLC president Richard Cohen sez:
Ending the growth of hate organizations “will take leadership—political leadership …”

Hmm. Sounds similar to protecting the henhouse through better fox leadership.



Understood, thanks.

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Let’s face it, eventually we will all become radically engaged to smite those of us with opposite views. If the divides keep getting wider it is inevitable.
As far as this right-wing-nut-job is concerned, I think I’m right in assuming that some here on CD see the shoe on the other foot, and some of us here think about the weapons being pointed in the other direction.



Frankly, it would not surprise me if we succeed in voting Trump/Pence out in 2020 that they will consider this an “illegal impeachment”. The role of the terrorist is to instill fear.



While I concur wholeheartedly with the sentiment, especially as an Oregonian, it was father and son ranchers, Dwight and Steven Hammond, who were pardoned.

The Bundy bunch tried to use the Hammond’s situation as the excuse for the 2016 takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. And, in all fairness, the Hammonds never wanted the association with the Bundy crowd, refusing to be identified with their actions.

The whole Bundy family, starting with papa Cliven, epitomize this anti-government mentality, and are, unfortunately, willing to ‘take up arms’ to act on it.



No, this monster is a reactionary figure who wants to take us all back to the days of chattel slavery and continued oppression of the rightful inhabitants of Turtle Island, the pushing back of women to their "functions"as incubators for the babies of such monsters and domestic slaves.



Obviously Mr. Cohen of SPLC was referring to Joe Biden, without actually naming him. If you watch the MSM, which has played no small part in creating and pandering to the racist Trump Adm. ( The Trump Doctrine ) the go-to-Joe- solution is the only sure thing that can save the country and unite us. How inspiring a thought.
According to the " influencers ", what the country needs is for the same people who created the conditions for this increase in " blowback " to jump back in and save the day. Thus saving the country by ( here it comes ) preserving the status quo of Neo-Liberal policies that are breaking the financial backs of most Americans. And, fomenting race and class wars, as a direct result.
There will no peace until there is justice. That means social, legal and economic justice. No more of " the beatings will continue until the morale improves " from failed political leaders.
Enough is enough from the 1%ers, telling the 99%ers how they must conduct themselves in a building that’s on fire. A fire which they ignited, btw.