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As Hate Incidents Rise, Rights Groups Urge Trump to Denounce Bigotry


As Hate Incidents Rise, Rights Groups Urge Trump to Denounce Bigotry

Karin Kamp

Since the election of Donald Trump, an increased number of hate incidents have targeted minority groups in America, and the election results are having a negative impact on America’s schoolchildren, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).


Divide and conquer continues to be the easiest way to attain and sustain power. Dividing the 99% keeps them focused on bigotry and racial strife so the oligarchs can accelerate looting of the government and transferring wealth from the 99% to the 1% without illuminating those efforts.


Trump has seized on this white identity movement which is growing in the US and Europe. It is a way to gain political power. But it should seem clear the only way to have a peaceful country is through tolerance of others who are different. This movement is extremely dangerous and threatens democracy here in the US and in a number of other countries.


What the hell difference would it make for him to denounce these actions or groups? It is in his DNA to believe such actions are legitimately warranted due to his disconnection with the average society and his above average bigotry and loathing of those different from his Cheetoh pride. He can say all of the things you want to hear, but at the end of the day it's all a con. Remember, 'No new taxes'. These hate groups of cowardly scum feel it is their right to assault people as trump has, same cowards that would walk looking at the ground never making eye contact before the election. Little cowards finding unity because their all waiting for their balls to drop.


raydelcamino: part of the SOLUTION is SOLIDARITY: THAT IS, stand up aginst THE BULLLIES., THE WHITE SUPREMACISTS, THE iSLAMOPHOBES. NOT act like this stuff doesn't matter.


'he does not want to “energize” such groups.'

Yes, because the election is apparently over. But more than happy to be a racist all of his life.


Trump did denounce racism just a couple days ago - after riling that Cincinnati (a right-wing racist town) crown to a brown-shirted frenzy, Trump said that he had no tolerance for bigotry and prejudice. He was immediately greeted with a stony silence from the 10K rally attendees, so he quickly changed the subject and went on...

Trump is vile in many ways, but I doubt he particularly bigoted by (his past discrimination against black renters in his New York properties was a financial decision grounded in structural racism, not personal bigotry) but many of his followers are, and they represent a force that Trump unleashed and now cannot control.


These morons think the laws of the land have changed because the federal executive branch is now held by a master creep. Hate crimes are still felonies, and people who perpetrate them can squawk all they want that Trump was elected, that makes zero difference in the long run---unless Congress changes the law, and state legislatures make these behaviors okay. It is high time for the administrations of these schools to start having assemblies and explaining these things to their student body, because kids are generally pretty ignorant. I can remember as a teacher telling my students that fighting constitutes assault with intent, and that they could be jailed for attacking each other should the school or parents press charges. they were astonished and shocked to discover that they are not immune from prosecution, just because they're young.


You can't possibly be making an argument that the rise of White Nationalism shouldn't be countered are you?


White nationalism and all other forms of bigotry need to be countered post haste.

Although Trump has already "denounced bigotry", all the Trump denunciations in the world won't change the bigots' behavior. Trump's Attorney General must hold a press conference and unequivocally put all law enforcement agencies and all Murkins on notice that zero tolerance of bigotry will be enforced and federal funds will be withheld from agencies failing to enforce and bigots will be prosecuted.


I really am becoming totally disgusted by this construct of "1%" (aka "the elites") dividing and conquering the "99%". The "elites" are not dividing us on the left from the rest of the "99%, ideology is! This conspiratorial, idiotic, 1%/99% meme derived from the "Occupy Movement" has virtually no relation to reality and has done untold damage to the left.

There is no "one percent", there is no "99 percent" - there is only a triumphalist, post-cold war stage of capitalist ideology and economics and a wildly successful propaganda system supporting it. If we are going to talk about a 1 percent and a 99 percent, it would be the 1 percent of us (socialists) who can still see that another world is possible and need to educate the remaining 99 percent.

And what is so catastrophic about the 1%/99% meme is that it utterly robs the left of any agency and renders us helpless. Becasue if you really believe that it is actual persons in this "1%" that are the source of all the woes of the working class, then isn't the only solution to kill them all - 1789 style? Then, after we kill them, then what? That does not sound very practical at all.


And Trump's appointee for AG is none other than the White Hooded Jeff Sessions himself! In Sessions' pea-sized brain, hate crimes are those in which the non-white victims defend themselves against the blows/beatings inflicted by the white (hooded) sheriffs and policemen. The only "assaults" they recognize are the ones they charge against their non-white victims. Don't look to Sessions for prosecution of "hate crimes." Never happen during his tenure...any cases will be found to have "discrepancies' and then summarily dismissed. Or, prosecuting attorneys do not bring charges because the "witnesses and/or victims do not come forward" and we can all guess why that might happen....


Why would a known racist ( along with his deceased daddy denounce racism or bigotry? Goes against what he has been all of his life. Ask the people who applied for housing at their units in Queens.


Very good post. However, this ideology has been ingrained in the collective DNA for hundreds of years. The modern version is " the poor" the "middle class" welfare, public housing and trailer trash etc. In other words any label for anyone who does not fit into what they deem as main stream society. This is a good post however. There are also people on the left and the right who might fit into similar economic "classes" but maybe not the social. Most people again vote with their pocketbooks. Perhaps instead of ideology we need to think of practical matters. Many people in main stream society are educated and have a better chance at "climbing the ladder" so to speak. However, opportunities are dropping so dire needs situations become realties for educated and not so educated a like. In addition, there seems to be an "underclass" that illustrates itself in various ways. In some ways there are the lower wage workers who work none the less. That in itself is very different as we know than people who are adrift perhaps they do substances, or find themselves living on the dole without much ambition - living on the outskirts in RVs, trailer parks, and low rent apts or rooming houses or even shelters. I believe that unfortunately some low wage workers or people who got laid off, or even people who are at least trying get a bad rap when compared to people who have no ambitions or who use others even in a criminal manner.
It is true that the old capitalistic ways ( according to some economists not me) might not work anymore. More coops, higher wages, and no outsourcing for greed and any other suggestions.
I do agree that these per center terms should be null and void. They are meaningless, and do not really describe individuals life styles. it's like a bumper sticker. Also, what IS the American dream? The old American dream was to get ahead and have a nice lifestyle for yourself and your family- it seemed to be more materialistic, but of course it also related to opportunties as well. The "dream " period should be not to look down on people, help others who want and need to be helped, and realize that we are not independent- we are interdependent and we all depend on our home Earth. Just my opinion.


Sounds like you're a good teacher!


One morre thing: Sounds like you envision a strong central socialist government that would "educate" the rest of the ninety nine per cent. Come on- then that central government would be the elitists.


It's all about taxes? Thought it was Obamacare and bigotry.


Nothing new. It's been done forever to the "common people,"


Just wanted to let people know that Michael G. Flynn, the son of Michael T. Flynn and part of Trump's transition team, seem to like Nazis just fine:

And like his father, likes fake news:


There's even the suggestion that the media are trying to "normalize" pedophilia. Seriously. No, for real. I'm not making that up!

Don't underestimate the vileness nor the seriousness of these people. They're for real, and they mean what they say.