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As Hawks Urge Obama to Send Weaponry to Ukraine, EU Officials Push for Peace


As Hawks Urge Obama to Send Weaponry to Ukraine, EU Officials Push for Peace

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Even as some U.S. and European officials urged the Obama administration not to provide weaponry and further military assistance to Ukraine—among the options being weighed by the White House—the second-highest ranking U.S.


"In the west, Ukraine—along with ISIS—is being used to revive the doctrines of liberal interventionism and even neo-conservatism, "

Thanks Mr. Milne for a voice of sanity. I would however change your expression of “liberal” to neo-liberal and “neo-conservatism” to conservatism. The respective former are products of ruling conservative’s war on liberals and liberalism.


Boots on the ground here, boots on the ground there, boots on the ground everywhere. Until there is a universal military draft based on lottery selection there is no end to this insanity in sight.


There is no way in h–l that Russia will sit by and allow THIS. So… go ahead… do it already, light the match…I’ll call this bluff. This should be interesting. If we push Russia far enough, our fun-time Nintendo pilots we laughingly call an “Air Force” might actually have to take RISKS for a living instead of killing people who can’t fight back (Russia could provide Syria, Iran and Iraq with anti-air weapons).


I believe Rewqski is a paid troll on this board. He’s just doing his job. Guys like us comment on this board out of our personal conviction. He does it to make a living.


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Extremism in the defense and propagation of capitalism is insanity. Neolibs and neocons be damned. Profit from the weapons and profit from the cleanup. Bomb the capitalists.


After disasters in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan do we need another disaster??


The US, England and Poland are sending hundreds of military trainers to train the Kiev Nazi Regime. This is a direct violation of the Minsk 2 agreement. The link article reports, Isis elements are in Ukraine
fighting for the Kiev Nazi Regime.


Most US citizens don’t know they already have roughly 1 million military personnel in nearly 1,000 foreign bases world wide. Your Pentagon/NSA/CIA tax dollars at work destabilizing countries everywhere.

Since WW2 the US has invaded or engaged in other hostile destabilizing actions in the majority of UN signatory countries. Many were “allies” or simply countries that dared elect governments the US didn’t like, but were otherwise non-threatening to the US.

These smaller countries often restricted US corporate access to resources and markets, but as for ever invading or otherwise attacking the US? None even tried.

Still a proud American patriot? Fighting for US$ hegemony world wide.


If the US foolishly adds gas to the fire, it will most certainly get burned. It seems the dead beats in congress, you know the ones who egged on the separatists in Kosovo, have changed their tune and don’t have the same desire to see the Novo Russyians have a similar right of self determination. Funny isn’t it? Or maybe just it’s just gross hypocrisy!


“Seamus Milne might be a “voice of sanity,” but the Guardian has been doing its best to promote the most virulent and shameless anti-Russian, anti-Putin propaganda…”

Is this anti-Guardian propaganda?


Should you send more armaments to Kiev, they are stupid enough to use them. Where does that put you?


In that case rewqski, your “opinion” counts for little. Painting Russia as a “failed state” and somehow economically weak is not supported in the facts. Compare Putin’s 85%+ approval rating with Obama’s, Bush’s, Clinton’s or any US President in living memory post-JFK. Russia’s debt/GDP ratio is about 15%, and the US’s in excess of 100% ( a higher debt/GDP ratio is BAD, and the US’s is in 1929/Great Depression range).

The Dem/Rep divide has become irrelevant in all practical terms, a fake-choice for US voters. Citizen’s United gave unlimited power to money in elections, 100% control of the media, the Parties, and the major candidates.

If there is any failed, undemocratic state, it is the US and far too many NATO ones as well.

The US/NATO media is the least free, with journalists and whistleblowers prosecuted and persecuted for speaking truth to power. The vocal free press “advocates” in Russia are mostly proven US-backed NGO/colour revolutionaries/5th Column types, subversives who should be jailed or executed as traitors.

The US was once the world’s largest oil producer, so qualifies as one of the first corrupt oil regimes to fail. The US is one of the world’s largest debtor nations, but refuses to admit it outside of the financial pages. It has delayed and slowed that failure by covertly/militarily conquering other oil-rich countries. Tell us how honourable, moral people the US Robber Barons and their progeny have been. Tough sell that one.

Trying to hang recent assassinations/“suicides” on Putin is BS writ large. He has no need of such self-defeating machinations, which have zero impact on his domestic popularity. Russian know who the enemy is, as does the Rest of the World.

The US routinely and widely is chosen as the greatest threat to world peace, not Russia, not China. Even war criminal Kissinger agrees, and he would know, having done it for so many decades from inside a line of corrupt US administrations.


I agree. We are in the Zionist bankers pockets.


BINGO! Reminds me of the old school saying: “LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!” Demonization of the people that really do love American ideals, but not American foreign policy that supports the economically elite, has been the modus operandi of the 1% for at least the last 100 years.


I hope Milne is overly pessimistic about the cease fire. It seems to be moving in the right direction, and Germany and Russia latest proposal to double the number of observers is positive. Securing peace is hard work and requires toughness, although critics are quick to call working for peace a weakness. Of late, America seems to see its foreign policy as punitive, to always punish our adversaries. Failure after failure since the end of the Cold War seems to have taught us nothing.


I am happy to see that the EU has leaders with some sense in their heads and not devoted to an industrial military complex.


Awesome response, I loved every word, fuck fascist and Zionists they thrive on sucking innocent blood.


Obviously the US doesn’t care about winning in Ukraine or anywhere else, the pentagon needs enemies to justify their already bloated military budget and to consolidate fascism and corporate religious tyranny in the US.