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As Heat Wave Seizes Iraq, Thousands Demand Water, Electricity, Sustanence


As Heat Wave Seizes Iraq, Thousands Demand Water, Electricity, Sustanence

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

As temperatures in Iraq climbed this week over 120 degrees Fahrenheit, thousands of people took to the streets across the country to protest dangerous power cuts, water shortages, poor living conditions—and the government corruption and theft they say is to blame.

Prominent media personalities and academics put out the call for a Friday mobilization in Baghdad's Tahrir Square, and thousands took heed, marching, carrying signs, and at one point shutting down traffic in the Iraqi capital.


That’s really horrible. Ordinary Iraqi citizens are suffering, thanks to the United States Government’s illegal, stupid-assed and wrong-headed sanctions and war on Iraq, a country that had nothing what. so. ever to do with 9/11. Imho, the time for the United States to quit acting like the top cop for the rest of the world and to start cleaning up its own back yard is long, long overdue.


As the Pentagon has admitted, the wars of the future will be fought over the results of Climate Change, when your dying of thirst, a cup of water is worth a lot more than a gallon of oil.


Some parts of the United States already do look like Iraq, or even Beirut, Lebanon.

  • Recently read that for African Americans, it is like living in a war zone, given how trigger happy American police are. Something like 15% of murders in this country are committed by police with the approval of D.A.s and judges and politicians.


Nazi Germany had its SA, the US Fourth Reich has its cops. The major difference seems to be the armbands and the color of the uniform. The guns and arrogance seems to be about the same.


Iraq should go to the Hague and sue Bush and Cheney for reparations.


What you’re saying is not only true, jhoj72, but African Americans here in the United States are absolutely in a no-win situation overall, if one gets the drift.

Not only do African-Americans more often come in conflict with cops and other law-enforcement people for no good reason, get followed around in stores, etc., but they are the least safe of all, due at least in part to the above-mentioned reasons, plus African-americans are not safe in many of the Blue-collar urban White Ethnic enclaves, but they’re not even safe in their own neighborhoods, as the very high crime rate committed by ordinary young African-American men against other ordinary young African American men (from their late teens through their mid-30’s), indicates.

Inotherwords, African-Americans are the least safe of all.


Why, THE NERVE of those ungrateful extremists! They want clean water with no DU weapons Uranium in it??? That’s a threat to the Seven Sisters and their Iraq Oil Field control!




Call PNAC. Call Darth Cheney! Call the Bush Crime Family! Let’s liberate them all over again (from electricity and indoor plumbing.)



Just ask Southern Californians. While Fracking and Big Monsanto Ag suck up 80 percent of the water, nobody can wash themselves or drink water at a restaurant without begging. Locals are smuggling water in their pickup trucks. The War on Drugs has a new contraband: Water!


But Jeb Bush says, he’d invade Iraq also, just like his twisted brother from hell GWB. Then he claimed he didn’t say it.


What you write is true as far as it goes, but it is the Pentagon’s business to “admit” their views on the future of war. We need to organize, whatever the Pentagon thinks.

Our job it seems to me is to end war, including the human war on the Earth. Do you think it’s inevitable to devolve into resource wars on the disintegrating Earth?


Yes. Cheney and the Bush family…not just “W”, as many seem to think. The Iraq war began in 1991 under GHWB, and was continued with brutal sanctions and regular bombing by Mr. Clinton…to soften up Iraq for the final takeover in 2003.

Irag’s current water crisis?

“The Secret Behind the Sanctions: How the US Intentionally Destroyed Iraq’s Water Supply”
-by Thomas Nagy, Commondreams, September, 2001.


Good Post. But the Gulf War really started before Sept 1990. I know; I was in it. I was a B-747 pilot conscripted to fly troops and supplies into “the sandbox”. It was a Top Secret Operation which was later blown by a TWA flight attendant who sold a photograph of the troops all lined in front of a TWA 747. That flight attendant sold the photo for $2000 dollars to USA Today who put in on the front page the next day announcing we had arrived in a forward base on the border of Saudi Arabia and Iraq. He was fired for this.

Also, Dick Cheney’s Halliburton was awarded the no-bid contracts to rebuild Bagdad for billions, especially the water system. I heard there’s no evidence that they installed anything at all. But what else did we expect from the former “Nixon Gang”: (Bush, Cheney and Rumsfield?)


…and when do we get it that our country’s political structure has completely fucked over the rest of the world. We don’t conduct a ‘war on terror’, we ARE the terror. Why has half the rest of the world adopted to even dress like us, because we are the 800 lb. gorilla, just a kickin’ ass as we occupy the rest of the world with our guns, thought control and insistence that we are the best the world has to offer. Such utter bullshit.


Here’s the big problem, Lorenzo_LaRue:

The American Electorate, at large, fails to get it. As long as the American Electorate at large continues to elect leaders into office who represent our present and broken system, things are never, ever going to change.


This article cant be right. Is this to suggest that our great idea of Democracy didnt work? Only a defunct gov’t would let infrastrucure fail. Oh wait, our own engineers have rated our country with a D. So, i guess my new question is, how is Iraq failing compared to America? If our infrastructure is failing, then how can we expect someone elsesto be better?


This of course all has it its roots the Yinon strategy which than led to the “Clean Breakout Strategy” followed by the PNAC documents , with the intent to break the region into smaller fueding and dysfunctional states so as to allow Isreali expansion and ultimate US Hegemony in the region.


as the “big” boys and girls buy up all of our water and the systems to deliver it.


So where does the obvious reality of manufactured consent fit into your analysis?