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As Hermine Strengthens, Experts Warn Climate Change Could Worsen Effects


As Hermine Strengthens, Experts Warn Climate Change Could Worsen Effects

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Sea level rise caused by climate change could mean the damage wrought by Post-Tropical Cyclone Hermine will be even greater than previous surges, scientists warned this weekend.


Conservatives see opportunity in chaos. That's why they cause so much of it.

Florida Governor Rick Scott's wife will make a bundle on spraying for Zika mosquitos breeding in the puddles left by Hermine that was in turn caused by Global Warming related to conservative GW denialists.


Perhaps, if it hits Washington really hard it will scare those deniers that are keeping us from serious changes. They won't let up till it affects them personally.


You have to wonder what deniers think when time after time they see things worsen because of climate change. Higher storm surges, droughts, super floods and record heat coming one after the other year after year. You know they must believe it is all real but refuse to say so because of political issues. Climate change is for liberals and it is just a cycle for conservatives and so forth.

But you just have to wonder what the deniers really think when they are alone in front of the mirror. Do they know but just hate having to admit they were wrong?

Meanwhile... What the hell will it all be like in twenty years (or even ten)?

The present becomes science fiction. Who knows what the future will be?


A big part of the problem is these sports arena size mega churches ( Evangelical Christians ), as in Texas, who preach that these are the end times signs, the rapture. That climate change beliefs are beliefs of the non-believers. By the way, this evangelical view point is all across the country, and there is almost no reasoning with them, if any.


There is a certain Irony that Hurricanes which used to be a Florida problem have, instead, been mostly Bypassing Florida over the last 10 years and heading for New England,

Who said Climate Change doesn't occasionally have Benefits?

Although, Florida still has problems with that Sea Level thing.
We're going to have to decide whether Florida's coastal cities would be better off emulating Holland or Venice, Italy.
Dikes & Windmills or Canals & Gondolas, people?
Or maybe Canals, Gondolas & Windmills?


North Carolina bill number 819 makes it illegal for any but the state to suggest there sea level rise or to act on potential sea level rise.

Hermine is BREAKING the law! People witnessing flooding should contact the state and make sure the flooding is legitimate and approved by the State. These sea level rises have not been approved by the States Coastal Management Commission and are thus a violation.


Unfortunately, the climate deniers won't be able to connect climate change withthe hurricane. Some may even be looking forward to judgement day when us "heathens" will be relegated to hellfire and damnation while they go to their eternal life in heaven. It's a difficult situation for most sane people to handle.


The weird part about wishing for and expecting judgement day is that Armageddon signals the death or conversion of every Jew on earth.
But that's not the weirdest part.
The weirdest part is that Netanyahu and the rest of the Zionist's support this crazy Evangelical Christian (Republican) thinking.
What's up with that?


The future will be Hell On Earth... and those that are of the conventional religious orientation... will hold out as it being the second coming... not physics... and environmental degradation... due to greed, power mongering ... and etc...


Extremely weird.. .and ironic... the only thing I can think of is how money... or becoming financially stable enough to have a "secure" future... is common to many in the religious communities... they really view the ability to make money as a "spiritual' responsibility ... and they do not see the connections to how our current civilization... oppresses, subjugates, demonizes, enslaves, degrades, dehumanizes, kills, maims and imprisons others, in order to "make money".....


In other words, hunter gatherers, stone age people, did not "hoard" supplies, over many years... there culture was much different... they collected only for the coming winter... every year was a new cycle...
It is sad that the human race... has become so PHOBIC... that we began to collect supplies... for longer, then we invented "money" which made it worse, then we decided to use symbolism for exchange for goods and services... so money was invented... in the form of sliver and gold... which gave those metals symbolic value over and above what they are worth... and now, we reap the consequences of that with mining for both... and now our monetary system is based on another " valuable" resource... OIL..


If they haven't come around to "correct" thinking by J day; Burn em!
Extreme religeous (and most political) conservatives, no matter what Judeo
Christian religeon seem to beleive: " Its my way or the highway (their
Hell)! :japanese_ogre:


Purely opportunistic. Since the crackpot Rapture Right in the USA believes that supporting Israel helps bring on the Rapture, the Eretz Israel Right in Israel is happy to take their material support, knowing full well that the Rapture Right is crackpot and that no Rapture (nor any mass conversion of Jews) will take place...

Of course they are both playing with fire, and global war may be the result, even though no God cares about either of their crackpot ideologies / theologies...


My friend who grew up in Florida says she always looked forward to hurricane days, when everything shut down but life itself continued...


The scum of the Earth are the "Disaster Capitalists" as personified by Rick Scott's wife. Naomi Klein wrote in 2007 in the "The Shock Doctrine":

It certainly seems that ever-larger portions of the globe are under
active reconstruction; being rebuilt by a parallel government made up of
a familiar cast of for-profit consulting firms, engineering companies,
mega-NGOs, government and UN aid agencies and international financial

When the Empire ran out of populations to subjugate and colonize, it capitalized it's conquests.


2015 wasn't the hottest year on record worldwide?
2016 isn't going to be hotter then 2015?
"Record ice and record cold?" On the planet earth?
Record snow and record rain storms are caused by the increased moisture in the air due to global warming.
Why people are stupid and greedy ("second homes on the beach and large carbon footprints) is something that you might like to reflect on?


Hey MM,

The North Pole Melted. All that moisture has to come down somewhere. What did you think, that trillions of tons of ice just vanished? It has migrated down from the higher latitudes and moisturized the mid-latitude troposphere.

Also, the theory of Global Warming never said that the entire globe will experience hot weather. Just that our nice stable temperate climate will give way to wild temp swings, like has happened for most of the Earth's history.

Go to college and take Earth Science. Your mind is a terrible thing to waste.


Everyone except Faux News viewers knows that the Earth is 1.5 degrees hotter above baseline and that it will result in drought and flood that will displace further millions.

The CIA believes in Global Warming, as does NASA, NOAA and all 40 Academies of Science all over the world. The Pentagon called it their number one security threat due to mass migrations.

But you with your dipshit rectal thermometer are going to tell us they are all wrong. Sorry, many of the world glaciers are gone and it's typically 15 degrees above normal in the higher latitudes. This is the hottest year since records have been kept. Hundreds of cities have flooded this century, but none of it makes it to Faux News.


I am quite willing to engage you in serious debate. However when you make generalized statements like >>>

Then you need to back such a claim with quotes. Et al, no less? Please cite an actual example of some prediction falling through that has been made by an accredited scientific source. Without an actual quote then you are simply stating your opinion or belief.

You mention a hurricane not touching down (?) here in seven years like that is a significant event. Perhaps you recall the three simultaneous super sized storms in the Pacific that blasted the Phillipines relatively recently. An awesome photograph to see the three gigantic storms following one after the other across the Pacific from space. My point is that you cannot talk about global warming by using local weather. Global is global!

Moreover you keep saying predictions whereas scientists are careful to point out that they cannot predict the weather specifically but only that general trends are observable. For example, a graph of the recorded average world temperatures for the last century is not a scientist's prediction but in fact shows a consistent warming trend that is plainly obvious to the objective observer. It is hard to deny the recorded temperatures since no one scientist nor group could possibly falsify recorded measurements from across the globe for over a century of record keeping. Please note the rise in temperature for the last 16 years and in general for the century.

I somehow doubt that you are an expert on scientists owning beachfront property lol. This is pure silliness on your part. Lol However, on the odd chance that you actually could back up such a claim please cite your sources for this statement. Also you seem to be confusing very wealthy industrialists who have private yachts and so forth with relatively underpaid but well educated scientists doing research. In short, you must be joking to think these scientists are rich (considering the tens of thousands of scientists involved no less) but once again >>> if you could possibly cite some source for this statement other than that you want to believe it to be true.

Assuming I understand your question, you only have to look at what you can observe yourself. All around the world the climate is rapidly changing for the worse. We have years of drought in the western USA as well as in the Midwest which is causing great problems for farmers who are forced to drain underground aquifers. Our former Sec of Energy did make a prediction that California is becoming so dry that it may not be able to grow the foods that so much of the US depends on in another ten years or so. They are literally running out of water, draining underground supplies and suffering a year long forest fire season. This is not secret btw. The rainfall patterns have changed. Similarly, as to warm winters in North America. Were you napping these last two winterless winters? Yes there are snow falls here and there but in general, the US saw extremely mild winter temperatures and weather. The recent flooding in Baton Rouge is not something that was normal however it may become more normal in the future. Sea level rise is also something that can be determined by using the permanent scientific record. My point is that while deniers want some sort of simplistic off/on switch interpretation of climate change, the reality is that it would be unpredictable locally but quite predictable globally. Which is what is happening.

You say record ice and snow but that needs some proof on your part. Alaska and the Arctic are having record warm winters of upwards 15F increases in temps as well as summer temps which are warm enough to defrost the permafrost across Alaska, Canada and Siberia. All of this information is readily available from independent sources. If you are not aware of them it is only because you (like many deniers) choose to believe what you want to believe rather than deal with the facts which you could research yourself quite easily.

You choose not to believe facts and pretend that thousands of scientists are all part of a conspiracy to do what? Think about it? A conspiracy to do what?