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As Hillary Clinton Readies 2016 Presidential Run, Progressives Await Answers


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For what it’s worth JonnyJames, I think you’re exactly right, and I have been paying attention to Robert Reich for some time now…


Obama deserves a special place in hell because he betrayed so many young people, poor and minorities. Most of them won’t be fooled again; they are done with the political BS.


From the article: "Among the key issues are Clinton’s stance on the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the corporate-friendly trade deal which consumer watchdogs and liberals in Congress have slammed as “NAFTA on steroids.”

She actually has come out FOR the TPP (big surprise, huh?):



The fact that any “progressive” could be “awaiting answers” regarding a Hillary Clinton candidacy and ultimate Presidency shows just how effective Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have been in their presidencies to both transform the Democratic Party ( current power center) into one whose core constituency is now corporate, and to transform the supporters of that New UnDeal Democratic Party into “progressives” who are in reality far to the right of Reagan Democrats.


“The Progressive Change Campaign Committee has launched a petition calling for all candidates to embrace “big, bold, economic populist ideas” such as debt-free college and campaign finance reform. It has been signed by 5,000 people, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.”

And no mention of the fact that she is a war-mongering sociopath who supports the racist, apartheid regime in Israel. But of course, these aren’t issues which concern so-called Progressives these days. As long as a Democrat is bombing the shit out of the world, that’s okay. And hey, if it can be a female Dem, even better.

This is a person who should be on trial in the Hague, not being touted as a “progressive” or “populist” anything. What a sad commentary on the state of progressive thinking in this twisted country.


Which Hillary will run. Hillary, Wall Street’s favorite or The “progressive” Hillary?


Because perhaps “progressives” think Godot will show up. Better to vote socialist.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


I’ll be voting Green and not the lesser evil.


I would vote for a Democrat or even a GOP candidate if I thought they “won’t change anything” since the best the 99% can hope for is that things don’t get any worse, and not changing anything is the only way that will happen in today’s Amerika. Unfortunately, both parties have a track record of changing a lot of things, nearly all of it in favor of the 1% at the expense of the 99%.


In today’s political environment Raygun and many of his GOP predecessors would be considered too leftist to be considered for the Democratic Party nomination. The GOP would probably deport them.


Reagan is the corporatist Jesus.



What is there to wait for? Everyone under the sun knows she is going to pander to progressives and populists; and everyone under the sun should know there is absolutely zero reason to believe she will actually mean any of it.


Sure… because it’s the U.S electorate–rather than the 1% donor caste–that serves up American dynasty AS choice.


True, until the pendulum jerks in the opposite direction which is inevitable and explains how the 1% gaining control of so much more of the economic pie also necessitates the massive beefing up of domestic armed forces in efforts to subdue the population and maintain the engineered war & graft & corruption AS unchanging norms. The physics of metaphysics don’t allow for power to remain fixed in place… the tension of The People rising in opposition to their chains is as inevitable as night trading places with day.


Quite a few disgruntled ex-boyfriends and husbands refer to their girlfriends “who moved on” as whores. Does that make them whores? By taking the misuse of the word Progressive (as the Tag Team members LOVE to do and have been corrected on this propagandistic device many times before) and using THAT as the metric for the meaning of said term, you do the propagandists proud. But that IS your job description, isn’t it?


Notice that on Obama’s “watch” Black citizens’ voting rights have been dangerously eviscerated, prisons continue to fill up with a disproportionate number of persons of color, and angry racist police are “out of the closet” when it comes to open season on gunning down young Black males.

What this suggests is that when the Presidency is handed to Hillary, instead of women’s rights advancing, there will be more talk about " legitimate rape," and less access to safe birth control and abortion, and slim to little progress on women’s equal rights and/or equal pay.

Looks like the elites are using symbolic tokens to sway mass opinion away from the obvious. It’s a diabolical ingenious game of providing the illusion of progress while taking it away through a brutal rollback on liberties that too often is depicted by the MSM as singular events rather than a strategy that’s moving at a very rapid pace.


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