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As Hopes for Trump Impeachment Persist, New Warnings of a President Pence


As Hopes for Trump Impeachment Persist, New Warnings of a President Pence

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Pence is the inside man of the conservative money machine," writes Jane Mayer for The New Yorker

Vice President Mike Pence at CPAC


Yes, this warning is important to keep in mind. These are traitorous conservatives pushing reduced services for actual citizens. They want insecure Americans who will work for whatever they can get while serving royal owners of tall buildings.

Imagine living in a country run by grinning conservatives who support regime change wars and foreign nation building by a bloated homeland government using huge federal debts to pay for war during global climate collapse.


Pence the Pious will go down with his role in the Russian collusion as he was the grand poo-bah of that squalid campaign. He knows all the filthy secrets and surely orchestrated or rubber-stamped same.


Even though, in my opinion, the fact that Pence was selected by Trump tells me all I need to know about Pence. But having said that, Trump needs to be impeached NOW! And if for nothing else to send a message to Pence.


It still amazes me that right-wing guys like this can really be Christians. There’s nothing Christian-like about wanting a slim government that doesn’t help the less fortunate, repealing the ACA so the rich can get a tax break, republican-democratic militarism, etc etc.


Isn’t it amazing what a dollar bill will do? You can buy men’s souls, over-throw governments and lay total waste to a Planet. I guess there is some honor being poor, my soul is in tack, my mind is free and it is a good day to die.


The LOTE voters on the left amuse me. When it comes to an election, we are supposed to vote for the establishment/war-mongering/Israel-firster/Wall-Street ass-kissing corporatist vs. the principled politician who reflects our values, since the establishment/war-mongering/Israel-firster/Wall-Street ass-kissing corporatist Democrat has the better chance of winning vs. the evil establishment/war-mongering/Israel-firster/Wall-Street ass-kissing corporatist Republican.

But when it comes time to talk about impeaching the authoritarian, Fascist, racist, Constitution-shredding dumbass Trump, those same LOTE voters are all “no, we must just put up with him, because he is far better than the evil Pence, who we assume would be even worse once in power.”

And yet they STILL don’t see how Lesser-Evilism simply continues to lower the bar and push it rightwards inch by inch by inch.


Is there any possibility that pastor pency and the reptardicon terrorists will see trump jong-un’s impeachment as “if they did that to the prictator, they could do it to us”? I have long believed that pp is every bit as caught up in the Russia thing as the prictator so I figure pency will be impeached with the prictator, but it’s always good to have a ‘plan b’ just in case ‘plan a’ doesn’t pan out.


According to the Constitution… We, THE PEOPLE, can throw the whole lot out… DonnyBoyo and all this thugs.
The President, Vice President AND ALL CIVIL OFFICERS of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. The Constitution, Article I, Section 3: The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments.


Ah yes, Little Big Man – my dad left this veil of tears that way; he had gone in to take a shower and simply slumped down on the chair in the bathtub and was gone … not really a bad way to go.


If you live correctly, any day and every day is a good day to die. I try. Thanks for your comment.


The one plus that Trump had in the primary over Ted Cruz is that Trump was not a theocrat and Cruz is within the top 10% of US theocrats.

Unfortunately Trump picked Pence for VP, a second to none theocrat who makes Cruz look moderate by comparison.

A POTUS Pence will be a Murkin Taliban Party Ayatollah, likely taking voting rights away from anybody who is not a white Christian male on top of all the destruction that will result from Corbett’s warnings.

At best Pence or #2 successor Ryan will be no better than Trump for the 99% in Murka and abroad. At worst…I don’t want to ruin your day with such thoughts. Women do not want to think about what will happen to them if they are caught with contraceptives if Pence takes over.

The permanent smirk we see on Pence’s face confirms that he is confident that he will occupy the White House. Francis Underwood never even looked that confident.


If Trump is impeached the Republican brand (including Pence) takes a serious hit in public opinion! All Republicans would scramble to mend bridges and attempt to portray themselves as being as far apart politically from Trump as possible! The Republicans would not easily recover respect after an impeachment, especially this one where there are a lot of skeletons in a lot of closets that would see the light of day! Let’s not forget Mueller’s investigation either. This impeachment would not be about an infidelity but corruption and possibly even disloyalty if not treason.


Pence the new Agnew

Destination same

This stewpot has a LOT of Criminals


I was hoping the article would provide a fresh argument to those on the left, myself included, who believe that dealing with Pence would be easier than with Trump. Sure, Pence is allied with evil forces, but he can be fought on rational terrain. His consistency on issues means that campaigns could be mounted against him. Whereas Trump is mercurial, Pence is a stationary target.

Is there any realistic basis to believe that Pence could be impeached at the same time as Trump? I haven’t seen substantial evidence for that yet. But then we’d be looking at Paul Ryan. Ouch.


That sounded great when it was written. The founders thought they had made a fascist or oligarchical government impossible with the built in checks and balances in the Constitution. Quite a few of the founders, and many others, warned about the banks using their money to take over government and empty the till. We had plenty of warnings to be on our guard.
*I don’t think it ever occurred to them that the wealthy could buy and control all branches of the government. Well, they did and they do.
*Both parties are in thrall to such as the Koch Brothers, AIPAC, and various powerful Wall Street CEOs.
*The bills of impeachment are to come from the multi-millionaire Congress which, with a few exceptions take their marching orders from the Oligarchy. The actual trial for impeachment is one hundred billionaire Senators who take their marching orders and emoluments from the same gang, and don’t want to upset the apple cart.
*So, unless the Oligarchy feels that they would have a better deal without trump, it will never happen. If they feel it will be advantageous, then trump will be history, by whatever means necessary. Then they will have Pence, who fits right in with Wall Street slime and treachery. He may be their boy, to continue destroying the government and pocketing the proceeds.
*There seem to be a lot of people today who feel we would be better off in a Theocracy, ruled by church and covenants. Pence is their boy, too, for a Theocracy is what he desires, just second place to Armageddon which he keeps hoping for, and will then have the ability to bring about with the press of a button.
*I’m afraid that the “interesting times” have just begun, but may end abruptly.


If only I’d invested in the company that makes Teflon (the kind with which they coated Reagan, and then applied to frauds like Don ‘n’ Mike), I’d have the same success as the Republican Party.


I tire of the “Lesser-Evilism” argument. Far too many on the ultra left like to push this tripe as if some humans are not evil. If a human harbors no evil, then he is dead. We need representatives who push for at least some good ideas as opposed to awful shit.


Right. Good thing that our dollar says “In God We Trust.”


…is that spelled “gawd”?