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As Humanitarian Crisis Mounts, Explosion Tears Through Residential Area of Yemen's Capital



Looks like an American-made missile or bomb hit its intended target (or close to it)... launched from an U S Navy ship seated either in the Red Sea or the Gulf of Aden in the Arabian Sea or dropped from an American-made aircraft posted to an aircraft carrier in either body of water. Historically, the U S has had the propensity to prop up the corrupt brutal dictators (S. Hussein (Iraq), Shah Reza Pahlavi (Iran), Somoza (Nicaragua), Pinochet (Chile), Fujimori (Peru), Batista (Cuba), et alia. And, in so doing, fomented revolutions to oust these dicators and leaving the countries in physical and financial ruins as well supplanting any legal government operations with rampant corruption.

And the beat goes on....