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As Hundreds of Thousands of Students Prepare for Global #ClimateStrike on March 15, Here's How to Get Involved

As Hundreds of Thousands of Students Prepare for Global #ClimateStrike on March 15, Here's How to Get Involved

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In 92 countries and counting, hundreds of thousands of students are planning to skip school on March 15 as part of the "School Strike 4 Climate"—a growing movement of young people demanding that policymakers worldwide take urgent and radical steps to battle the climate crisis.

Catastrophic climate change is expected and it will chronically reduce crop yields on Eaarth. This is level 1 of real versus whatever the ad agencies make up. We’re there. I’d like a retirement plan that includes three meals a day, please. What do you mean I can’t have THAT?

Level 2 is what we can do about climate change if we plan. The closest that we as a species have gotten to planning how, specifically, to respond is the book “Drawdown”. “Drawdown” is a start but it’s notably unspecific and fuzzy. In my view as an inventor the book is particularly weak on the entire process of developing new inventions. What, specifically, are specific governments and specific committees going to do to displace fossil fuels in certain specific areas, to sequester carbon, to head off runaway Arctic and other natural greenhouse gas emissions that will swamp our planet, and to protect millions of species from extinction?

I see that sign in the picture, “we want change”. I want change too. I want specific change, something with teeth. Some politician’s fake-face change isn’t going to be good enough.

There is Nothing more important, Nothing. Except maybe going to the bathroom when you have to, maybe sleep, maybe eating…maybe because if we don’t do something now we won’t be doing those maybe’s. Get It.

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WOW! The fossil fuel industries better take notice how young these organizers are because they are the future and they will only get stronger in the future. Climate change and climate devastation, deniers your greed and pollution days are numbered!

Seriously! Big Oil is terrified, I’m sure. How many times do we have to read about these Climate Rallies that yield no results? These Organizers will never wake up. Sad that these kids will exist in a catastrophic world after all of us here are gone.

It will be sad if you are correct, but the

I was referring to the same thing. The Future. Since neither of us have a Crystal Ball, the Future, in itself could be irrelevant.

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I always wondered if it is possible to predict the future …based on our current trajectory it doesn’t look good ! However suppose the future is created by all of us ,some kind of collective consciousness free will of all off humanity going on …Our FATE

Wow that gives us a chance no predestination in the universe me thinks it’s malleable created as we wish. Perhaps we are the magicians in all this using metaphysics unconciously if you will !
Perhaps the universe is like a giant CD with all the possible scenarios already there just waiting to be selected ? That means we get to choose ,but surely our choices would have most benefit ifwe worked together as One Species and for the highest good of All.

Just imagine what we could do using It consciously with intent and focus.

Perhaps a mass intention experiment would produce faster results .

Just putting something on the table from the for what it’s worth department .

Humans are really one big family you love members of your own family well we just need to widen that circle.
Fastest way to do this is unite !
A one world government sharing the worlds resources ending all military spending saving trillions . Ending poverty and starvation worldwide and the rest of the nightmare existence that so many of our fellow humans are experiencing needlessly on a daily bases .

Ending all reliance on fossil fuels for once and for all.

It’s a dream …

I almost wish that I was a student again.

nice to see youthful enthusiasm, but adults know how complex problems really are, that there are serious downsides even to “clean” renewable energy, there are disagreements about the role of nuclear power, the role of aviation, population growth…
It would also be nice if the “strike” included, for that day, not using fossil fuels - no plastics, no straws, no cars, no meat, sweaters rather than central heat…

There is often nothing complex about most “adult” problems at all, it just usually tangled up in greater amounts of delusion and greed.
Need, generally being humanity’s most pervasive and destructive delusion.

Man, you left yourself wide open with that one.

Yeah ,Imagine you lived forever …what then of Need .
The truth will startle humans to realization make real that our basic instinct is not survival.