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As Hurricane Dorian Threatens Florida, Gov. DeSantis & Trump—Who Haven't Curbed CO2 Emissions—Should Resign

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/31/hurricane-dorian-threatens-florida-gov-desantis-trump-who-havent-curbed-co2

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While I agree that the despicable Republicans that ignore climate change should be held accountable it is the height of absurdity to point your finger at them and ignore the inaction and obvious stonewalling of the Democrats. The establishment parties walk hand in hand ignoring the onrushing climate disaster we are facing and the sooner that is spotlighted the sooner there will be serious action taken. What you are doing, Mr. Cole, by pointing your finger at DeSantis and Trump is to give the impression that they are responsible for this and that is simply untrue. It is the corporate owned system that created this mess and that is who must be called out.


The headline bothered me and so does the rest of the article. It akin to writing “Trump should care about sexual harassment” or “trump should be a nicer guy” or “Trump should care more about the plight of the Native Americans” or “Trump should be more welcoming of refugees”. He is none of these things and he will do none of these things. He is not a “nice guy” , the Office of the President generally does not have “nice guys” garnering that position.

He is a self serving racist and fascist twit interested only in fattening the pocketbooks of other racists and fascists. He is what he is and all these “what he should dos” accomplish nothing. He will not do any of these things. There will not be an Epiphany on the road to Jerusalem.

If you want a President who will do all these “Should dos” then elect one that is committed to those principles and no it is not another Barack Obama or a Joe Biden. They championed or will champion much of the same causes that Trump champions.


Historical US Oil production. Note it was increasing steadily under “Climate Change believer” Barack Obama.

The increase in Natural Gas production also increased dramatically under the Obama Presidency with the USA becoming the largest Natural gas producer in 2009 in the world.


I’m looking into the issue of forecasting skill, which turns out to be hela complicated. Those of us watching the icecap notice frequent squabbles between the two most authoritative forecasting models: EURO & GFS, way up north. Along comes Dorian, and now M$M meteorologists struggle to explain why we can’t figure out where Dorian is headed (which is inconvenient, at this time), and they’re complaining about the same two tools, by name. My thesis is that climate destabilization may introduce unexpected factors so rapidly that the models have trouble keeping up.

As to year-over-year tracking of forecasting skill, I’m told skill has consistently been on an upward trajectory, because of gains in computing power. It seems like an arms race: more computing power versus more complications to compute, as the jet stream wobbles more wickedly all over the place. 100% of this is far beyond my pay grade as a rank amateur – but I have not yet heard it raised: Could the Climate Catastrophe turn forecasting models to shit? If so, it might be happening right now, and this is a situation where uncertainty could be lethal.

Then I glance down and see another one blaming it all on Orangeman. Oh well…


Reminds me of the ubiquitous ‘Obama should’ and ‘Obama betrayal’ headlines that proliferated especially in his last couple years in office. When, of course, he never once betrayed those he was there to serve.


Coles numbers about hurricanes in this story are way off, he needs an education on the subject. A cat. 4 storm is no where near a 500 year event, Katrina (2005), landed as a cat. 3, but had been a cat. 5 shortly before land fall, and still landed with a storm surge of 28 feet. Camille (1969), landfall as a cat. 5, with 25 foot of surge, Frederic (1979), landed as cat. 4 with15 feet of surge. The northern gulf is a few degrees above normal, but even at normal it would still be above the 80 deg. mark and would feed any storm. Keep in mind the gulf waters get pulled around the tip of FL. and sent up the east coast by the gulfstream, this is normal. Quite frankly, the fact that northern FL. hasn’t experienced a major storm in many, many years, is an anomality, and not normal with the amount of waterfront land that is exposed. I’m not disputing climate change, or that is has an effect on storms, but in this case it’s not abnormal, and certainly not a 500 year storm.

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A new $500,000,000 super computer is being built in Illinois for weather data collection and analysis. suggest this investment may, just may be expandable to collect molecular data - parts per million and even billion for CO2, CO, methane, and particles such as soot from aircraft. We can install instrumentation on passenger planes worldwide, some military planes, and land based.
We have been at satellite weather watch for way over 44 years.
I do not care one whitt about beachfront homes being damaged by wind, ocean surge. There is a home in Galvaston that will survive, intact, any huricane.
Get a building code !!
Or …
FEMA should not reimburse for damage to these ‘second’ week end homes.

An ASIF chum recommended a book about the historical development of weather forecasting which I’m totally enjoying. It’s called The Weather Machine, by Andrew Blum.

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Thank you.
We have an old black and white photo of 30+ foot waves on Lake Huron crashing over the entire ore boat midship taken from porthole at aft toward Pilot house which is three stories…

If climate change is really occurring due to fossil fuelburning, and I too believe it is, then maybe we are all a bit to blame. Everybody in the world, as soon as possible, wants to, “Get a car.” Many wanna drive a great big gas guzzling pickup truck, mostly hauling nothing and mostly all by their lonesome. I’ve got nothing against any of this but maybe its not so good for our climate. Some of us have found pleasure in getting back into bicycling for our shorter trips. I got a nice comfortable men’s bike with gears, fenders, back carrier and pant guard for less than $300 at a big box store. I like it very much. Provided we are careful and don’t have accidents we will live a longer and healthier life. And we’ll save more of our money than the average automobile addict too.

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I haven’t seen storms compared by storm surge. Usually I read about the top wind speeds. But yeah, it is the height of the water that eventually will cover Florida and destroy it.

Has anybody heard that Epstein’s island is in the new path?
Has anybody heard that weather engineering is altering hurricane paths? Maybe drops more of the water into the ocean by seeding?

Ship breaking ships break ice. How?melting it? Coal dust from coal-burning factories lands on ice masses and accelerates melting. Companies cut and tow in icebergs to melt and sell for bottled water. Mining explorations melt to see what lies beneath the ice, and then they melt more to get it. What do satellites do with solar power up there? Are they using microwave and accelerating things for the mining companies?
Does your model consider these things?

Hi Helen,

I have to take your several points in order:

  1. Ship breaking ships… I don’t understand this part.
  2. Coal dust… Massive smoke from Arctic fires has blackened Greenland as well as the icecap.
  3. Companies… tow in icebergs… Do they?
  4. Mining explorations melt… Not likely yet. Pretty rough going, up north these days.
  5. Satellites with solar power… Some satellites have used solar power since long ago (artificial as well as natural satellites).
  6. Microwave accelerating things… Now we’re putting on tinfoil hats where there no need for them. I suspect fossil fuel predators of spreading wild rumors in order to discredit the totally credible and horrifying peril from greenhouse gases. Helen, please hear me: the Climate Catastrophe has been brought on by greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels. Do you deny this?
  1. Ice-breaking ships. Sorry, typo. They make channels for ship passage through ice.
  2. Cutting and Towing in icebergs to melt. I saw a documentary of a company doing this back before global warming was an issue. Don’t know if it is still ongoing. Was a company from New England.
    No, I am not a global warming evil-kanevil denier.
    I am curious as to why every global warming and ocean rising estimate comes up so woefully short. I am happy to hear about people working on better estimates.

I think that there is a lot of other stuff going on, because for some there are actually a few parties who see advantages to having things heat up.

You’re totally right: it’s an outrage that the estimates always come up short, and people should be asking why. But there really are weirdos out in Shasta County going around in tinfoil-hats saying it’s all from some plot or other of the gummint – and that’s just right-wing crap.

The “other stuff going on” is too much influence over the IPCC from governments. People think the IPCC is a scientific agency, and it’s not. The estimate of damage from past and current CO2 emissions is intentionally underestimated, I think, in order to buy fossil fools more decades to extract.

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Also, for pro warmers:
Mining is easier if there isn’t any ice.
Arctic shipping is easier for Arctic area shipments if there isn’t any ice.

For anti-disclosure of the facts, in additiom to oil and gas reps, we have huge real estate concerns, most notably the entire state of Florida, which prohibits employees from using global warming terms in public reporting or documents.

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He is doing nothing practical about the state’s carbon dioxide emissions, which are what cause sea level rise and warming oceans and monster hurricanes.

Actually, the CO2 emissions don’t cause the sea level rise or the warming oceans or the monster hurricanes.

CO2 emissions come from many sources, including MASSIVE combustion of fossil fuels.

Notice the word Combustion. Heat is the direct result of the same combustion that creates the CO2.

Human society burns about 1 cubic mile of oil, and 1 cubic mile of coal - every year. Creating heat inside a mostly closed system tends to raise the temperature. + there’s all that natural gas that’s burned.

I’m not disputing the fact of man-made climate change, just the less than factual way it is commonly presented.

Where the CO2 becomes additionally problematic is that it is like a Steroid for plant growth. Botany textbooks recommended CO2 levels of 389 ppm - 30 years ago.

30 years ago, any plant whose growth was augmented by CO2, was also tended by a gardener.

Now every plant on earth receives the same treatment & grows accordingly - but there is no one to water it. The plants (e.g. grass growing next to the highway) grow exceptionally fast while they have water. Then they run out of water in late spring/ early summer, and become potential fuel for the next spark.

So yes, the CO2 is important, but not in the way that it is commonly explained.

Come on Liberal Media, get your science facts straight.

Before blaming Trump and Desantas, lets look at the facts. Your blaming Trump and Desantas for Dorian being so powerful. So Which Hurricane is it tied with ? The hurricane of 1935! Let me see, that would be 84 years ago. (185 mile an hour winds, hmm who was president then? A Democrat, Franklin D Roosevelt, this man must be the cause by all the co2 he was sending out). Then there is the most powerful Hurricane Allen(190 mph winds and that was in 1980, I wonder who the President was then?, Whoops Jimmy Carter another Democrat! 39 years ago. Boy the climate was changing then! Then there is Hurricane Gilbert 1988(another cat five hurricane 185 mph winds). Well you have to blame a Republican for that the Gipper himself Ronald Reagen. Now can we be honest, All the presidents have been guilty in trying to build economy’s where American can compete with the world so people can work and feed there family here. The result of Industry causing pollution. And then there is the climate change summits where all the movie stars come in there private jets including Mr. Obama. Did there jets let out co2 or did they run on solar or wind power? Please think about the facts before you blame a citing president.