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As Hurricane Laura Batters Louisiana, Massive Chemical Leak Spews Toxic Smoke Near Lake Charles

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/27/hurricane-laura-batters-louisiana-massive-chemical-leak-spews-toxic-smoke-near-lake


Here is an example of the consequence of the trump regime reducing (roll-back) regulations and health, water quality, air, soil and other protections for all people from polluting deadly industry to serve profits above all else - you, your family and kids, everything - then they claim you can live free the way you want. Live free and Die is the trump motto…


Our worst fears…they–cops and racists in and out of uniform–just don’t give a damn about black lives, now do they? And they have found more ways than one to kill them. And of course, this toxic cloud will not just stay in the black community, climate and ecological collapse affect us all in the end.


Yeah, let’s go back to the good old days of d-party rule when chemical leaks and oil spills didn’t happen.


…if youre White and have enough money for Lawyers


Correct. Just like when the Deepwater Horizon blew up in the Gulf of Mexico and Obama prostituted the Coast Guard out to protect BP as one perfect example. And then Obama heavily promoted fracking around the world. But everything wrong in the world has to do with Trump and the Republicans. I am so sick and tired of blaming one party over the other. They are BOTH to blame for the ongoing destruction in the USA and beyond.


For any not yet versed in the lingo of Mother Earth - a translation below:


Excuse me, correction:


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Yet only party one is deemed an existential threat by the d-party apologentsia.
Funny how tribalism works.


I would qualify that with ‘western political/economic’ tribalism. Tribalism that hasn’t been severed from healthy roots is actually darn close to the opposite of this.


It would be proper if chemical companies, by law, had to expect “acts of God” that are certainly going to happen. Your town’s building code probably requires that your house be able to withstand a certain level of hurricane-force wind gust that is typical in your area. Why not actual laws for chemical companies?

I don’t expect much environmental justice out of the Democrats. The current Republican party platform is “Drill Baby Drill,” the same as in 2016.


I’ll simply say that healthy roots are in the eye of the beholder. But I see your point.

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And we brain-washed humans in a “throw away” culture. (Well, exempting developing countries perhaps)

And as always the answer is a deafening “NO”

Just like with nuclear meltdowns which also will become more common as the climate breaks down.

Even here at CD the names of the chemical plants are never revealed. It’s always “a chemical plant”.

This is a hoax according to the peabrain party of STUPID Republicans. Also, I did not hear one word about this on Lamestream media. Funny in a sad, pathetic way how that works.

Well there one bit of good news out of this. Recently the City Council in Lake Charles voted to keep intact a Confederate war memorial statue that was erected in 1915.

The Hurricane blew the think over.

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I posted some months ago a link to a Barack Obama speech that he made to the members of the Oil and Gas industry during his Presidency where he boasted he was the best friend they ever had and where he claimed his policies had lead to record oil and gas production and record profits for the industry.

Those same persons that claimed he was “An Environmentalist” prior to my posting that link had no response worth noting.

This is the single largest problem with Party Politics. Members of a given Political party develop myopia and become so partisan they will support the EXACT thing they condemned another President for just because the existing President is from the Political party they support.

These double standards also happen at the international level where it suddenly ok to drop bombs on women and children IF you are deemed an ally.


Think about sea level rise in terms of the Fukashima tsunami when thousands of tons of toxins end up in the ocean. 10’ of sea level rise will wash all the crap from New Jersey and Louisiana and Houston into the ocean to feed the fish. Will anyone deconstruct Miami as the seas rise and move all the carpet and furniture and trash and landfill detritus, or will they just walk away from it and let it wash into the ocean. I always wonder about ‘family values people’ who let this happen and don’t really give a crap about what their children will go through…hello Republicans…hello Obama…hello Clinton…we know Trump doesn’t give a crap about his children.

Seriously, if I had a freaking alert from the government telling me to STAY IN THE TOXIC CLOUD I’d be throwing the kids into a damn car and doing 100mph to get the hell out of there.

Turn off the AC? As if houses don’t suck outside air in anyway?

The stupid it BURNS!!!

How about this? EVERY SINGLE investor of all these places including the board of directors etc etc shall be REQUIRED to live DOWNWIND of these poison centers and send their kids to the local schools. Bet that would change a few minds because even severe cognitive dissonance (or outright sociopathy) isn’t gonna want to do that…